Canadian teens being exposed to Islamic extremism in high schools

via Canadian teens being exposed to Islamic extremism in high schools: CSIS | News | National Post.

TORONTO — A newly released intelligence report warns that teenagers are being exposed to Islamist extremism in Canadian high schools.

In an Intelligence Assessment, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service says that in two recent cases, suspects charged under the Anti-Terrorism Act “appear to have been radicalized in part while attending Canadian secondary school institutions.” While high school years are a time of “exploration and idealism,” the report says “exposure to violent ideologies at this potentially vulnerable stage can set in motion a series of developments that can lead to actual acts of violence.”

The report focuses on “Islamist extremism,” a conspiracy-driven narrative that claims the West is trying to destroy Islam and that Muslims are required to respond with violence. The appeal of this ideology among youths is a key concern to Canadian counterterrorism officials, particularly since the 2006 arrests of the Toronto 18, whose members plotted truck bombings in Toronto and an assault on the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. Since then, a handful of youths have left — or tried to leave — Canada for Pakistan and Somalia to join terrorist groups.

The report says while Muslim high school students have a right to hold prayer services, CSIS is concerned “that individuals with extreme violent views could gain access to, or lead, these groups and thus help to radicalize others.”

The report, “The 4th ‘R’: Radicalization and Islamist Extremism in Canadian Secondary Schools,” was released under the Access to Information Act.

Groups like Muslim Brotherhood offshoots CAIR, ISNA and most likely the Muslim Students Association.

If anyone finds a copy of the report, please link to it.

10 thoughts on “Canadian teens being exposed to Islamic extremism in high schools

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    This has to be noted.
    We should not mix up Islam with Arab Islam which is a totally different thing. Hindu Islam is the answer to terrorism and violence. Pakistan will have to follow this Hindu Islamic tradition one day, otherwise it will face more problems.Bangladesh has come on line; it has renounced the very word Pakistan which makes no sense at all.
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    • When WILL you stop giving us this crap over and over and over again!!! We get the message Wakankar! Say something different or get off the site.

    • So according to Islamists, you are an apostate for straying from the path of the Qur’an. And if you use the Medina suras of the Qur’an, then you are no better than the Arabs. Funny how you say that your flavor of Islam is “non-supremist” while you deningrate the Arab flavor. No one on this board is buying your Islamic crap Wanker so stow it! Go away because no one here beleives that ANY form of Islime is acceptable!

  2. What this story fails to tell us is if these kids that were charged under the anti-terrorism act were in fact muslim ? Were they of any faith?
    Yes…unfortunately schools in Canada have also fallen under the Liberal/socialist spell….they have been for many years! They say they want parents to be involved in their children’s education BUT when the parents make known what they want their children to be learning…they are looked upon as being divisive and agitators….or worse and are banned from being able to even step foot on the school property, which includes the property of the school board!! Which in essence gags the parents from pursuing any sort of discussion! The educators will even go so far as to call in child services, all under the disguise of concern for the child’s safety but the truth of it is to scare the parents ( bullying them!) into shutting up!

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