Two Americans killed by Muslim in Afghanistan as Obama apologizes over Korans

Dhimmi in Chief. via Two Americans killed in Afghanistan amid protests – The Hill’s DEFCON Hill.

Two U.S. soldiers were killed in Afghanistan Thursday when a man wearing an Afghan uniform “turned his weapon” on the soldiers.

A U.S. official confirmed that the two International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) soldiers killed Thursday were American, as widespread protests continued in Afghanistan for the third consecutive day after Qurans were burned at a U.S. air base Tuesday.

NATO said in a statement Thursday that two ISAF soldiers were killed when “an individual wearing an Afghan National Army uniform turned his weapon against International Security Assistance Force service members in eastern Afghanistan.”

Thousands have protested at the U.S. Bagram Air Base and throughout the country after Qurans and other religious materials were found burned at the base. Seven Afghans were killed on Wednesday in the protests, and AFP reported at least three more were killed Thursday.

President Obama sent a letter to Afghan President Hamid Karzai this week apologizing for the burning, which he called an inadvertent error, and said that those responsible would be held accountable.

But the Taliban, which has begun negotiations with U.S. officials in peace talks, issued statements Thursday calling for violence, urging Afghan soldiers to turn “their guns on the foreign infidel invaders.”

The sheeple will allow Obama to be re-selected.

18 thoughts on “Two Americans killed by Muslim in Afghanistan as Obama apologizes over Korans

  1. they are giving us proper koran disposal squads and best practices like bomb disposal units and their handbooks. why is htat americans have to die even when obama apologizes or when obama does not looks like obama has zero impact even on afghanistan

    • YOU have an idiot for a president;he is nothing but a fundraiser and an entertainer………he should have went to Motown……no offense to Motown intended……thats for certain.The Moslems in Pakistan are pavlovian -trained to react like killer bees………perhaps they need some real killer bees.Then there is alway.RITALIN.

  2. Gosh! I am sick & tired of islame! I pray to my Lord Jesus Christ that he returns soon to straighten these evil creations out! Only HE who is the WORD can do it! These 7th century throwbacks are like cockroaches. The more you kill, the more that appear to eat their fallen brotheren. Gosh! I hate eeslame!

  3. Islam has found a sure way to finish west. Muslim clergies visit our jails and convert first most criminals to Islam.
    Islam a religion, who is all out to finish, hates western culture and other religions.
    Now these converts in jail and then a common man are getting convert to Islam by paying them funds or job etc.
    Soon we will have many converts in west and they will take an agenda to destroy convert west to an Islamic nation step by step.
    This way Islamic nations are going to take over west without sending any soldiers.
    What a beautiful and sure way to finish the enemy.
    They can convert you to Islam but you can’t convert them its pure suicidal way.
    Wake up west.

  4. These cave dwellers can’t help themselves to be what they are so, get out of that dessert and leave them as they are and start looking after ourselves. What upsets me the most is we are sacraficing lives and NOTHING is going to change. Bring out troops home and if they come over here and attack us then turn them all into a burning melted rock.
    Obummer apologizing when 2 of our troops are killed isa disgrace and it shows whose side he is on. Voters……you put him back in and you will be responsible for a war of mass proportion.

  5. Just when you think you can’t become
    any more infuriated, leave it to our
    apologizer in chief! Apologizing to these animals. Not one more of our guys should die
    in that rat hole. Let em all eat each other
    for all I care.

  6. 1. Make no mistake, there are no more moderate Islamics today than there were moderate Nazis 80 years ago. We are repeating history. These Islamics are as nasty, prejudiced and murderous as their Nazi model was. The Koran , in the event you have not read it, is full of hate, prejudice, violence and intolerance for infidels, primarily Christians and Jews. Islam does not want to be only another religion, Its objective is to REPLACE all other beliefs and to make all other people subservient to Islam

    2. The West appears to have forgotten the incident, about 8-9 years ago, when Islamics took over the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem , occupied it for about a month. used pages from the bibles as toilet paper. Is this desecration less than burning a holy book?

    3. The West has forgotten the mutilation of 2 Israeli soldiers. about 6 years ago, who had made a wrong turn and ended up in Islamic-controlled territory. These soldiers were inviscerated on the second flood of a building and their bodies thrown to the ground from there.

    4. Was hanging and burning the bodies of civilian contractors in Iraq no desecration? How about the beheading of Christians- is this not desecration of humanity? How about the signs they created in England bragging about killing infidels and which bragged about Islam becoming the only acceptable religion, thru violence?

    5 I suggest you talk to Robert Spencer or Daniel Pipes–they could give you a more complete analysis of Islam and its practices . They have been studying Islam for a long time and can give you a more complete analysis than I can, and more rapidly.

    6 It is time we realize that the stated goal of Islam is to rule the world and that there will be no appeasement. They only understand force–we must be strong and let the Islamics know we will not be pushovers. We cannot continue our prexent approach to be nice to them–then (we hope) they will be nice to us. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. I believe our Muslim President is the best thing that ever happened to Islam—he is doing a very good job for them.

  7. In the 50’s and 60’s my grandfather had an out house on his farm,

    The Koran would be perfect in the out house replacing the sears catalog.

  8. How many did we murder when they burned the american flag> None.
    That’s freedom of speech. We need to have a national burn the koran day soon. How many of them are already here? How many are coming everyday?

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