Fighting sharia with radio and billboard ads (video)

An update on the National Sharia Campaign story we broke followed by the month-long sharia campaign targeting Kansas City. A much needed counter-initiative – since those responsible for upholding the Constitution are neglecting their duties – is under way, details via Jihad Watch:

The Muslim Brotherhood-linked Islamic Circle of North America is beginning a propaganda war to whitewash Sharia, and AFDI/SIOA is countering it.

Pamela Geller has the details here. And here is the text of our forthcoming radio spot in Kansas City:

Subversive groups will tell you that Sharia is just private religious law. They’re lying. Sharia is a political system that contravenes American freedoms in numerous ways. Sharia asserts authority over non-Muslims. It mandates discrimination, harassment, and second-class status for both non-Muslims and women. It denies free speech, which we’re seeing in America increasingly under the guise of “hate speech laws.” How can anyone support Sharia when its undermines our fundamental Constitutional liberties? Look for our billboards on I-70.

Also see yesterday’s video Fighting Sharia in the Courtroom. Find an effort you can support and do so.

10 thoughts on “Fighting sharia with radio and billboard ads (video)

  1. If “WE, the People…” do not wake-up the rest of the people in our country and we go down…then the whole world goes down!!! I, for one, do NOT want and will NOT allow, my children to live in a country ruled by these fanatics!!! This so-called “Sharia religion” is NOT a religion at all…but simply a “cult!” At what point-in-time will our government recognize this cult for what it is and stop them???

    I guess never…when we have one of them as our President!!! OMG! We’ve been condemned to die!!! NOW we know why all those coffins have been stockpiled across our nation!!!!


  2. Hopefully the more Muslims push their pro-shariah ads, the more non-Muslim Americans (and other citizens of the world) will become acquainted with the real, violent, anti-freedom ideology of Islam. At the same time, let’s hope that some brain cells will be jarred to common sense thinking in the heads of Muslims. Or perhaps billboard ads need to feature the perverted lifestyle of their prophet to wake people up to the reality of Islam. If you want ideas, check out “CrossMuslims” on the Internet. This website illustrates very well the sick mind and deeds of Muhammad.

  3. I took the photo of the ICNA billboard in KC. We broke the story on the local level and are very pleased to see this campaign picked up by people with a larger audience!! This ICNA campaign was timed to coincide with hearings on Kansas HB2087, “American Laws for American Courts” which will, among other things, prohibit use of Sharia.

    For information on how you can help Kansas pass this bill click the following link to my site:

    Thank you and keep up the good work!!

  4. Time for a bilboard depicting the TRUE STORY and video of the 13 year old girl being stoned to death for being called a PROSTITUTE and letter it: SHERIA AT ITS BEST , Coming to AMERICA SOON. LOCK AND LOAD. PS, She was RAPED BY HER COUSINS!!!

  5. Commendable! However, with all due respect, start putting crime scene photos of “honor killing victims” up on those billboards. Maybe a still of the Pearl beheading might be appropriate. Why play soft-ball, when it s time for hard-ball? Respectfully, Yours Faithfully…slobo!

  6. When west will wake up.
    ISlam has found a better way to win west with out sending soldiers .
    Send mullahs and first converrt criminals in ja l to islam easy target use them in future for terror.
    . Convert locals to islam by marrying for green card and this way impose islamic values and laws iike sharia city by city and take over the masses and land without sending any soldiess.
    Only way to stop islama is Stop immigration from islamic nations. Islolate ISlam.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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