Pro-sharia rags, Muslims complain about NY Post cartoon

They’ve rightfully earned the nickname The Associated (with terrorists) Press.

Gothamist called it racist although Islam is not a race. The author of that piece, Christopher Robbins, seems to be attempting a shake down of News Corp to put Muslims on its “diversity council.” Saudi influence isn’t enough?

The ultra pro-sharia law Salon called it abject bigotry. And they would know.

When have any of them infiltrated and disrupted a Muslim jihad plot or even investigated any of the many Muslim Brotherhood terrorist front groups in the U.S.? They vigorously defend Muslims rights to freely plot against the United States and deride non-Muslims, but that’s where it ends. They want to curb all speech about Islam and Muslims. And Muslims want to make it illegal just as it is under sharia.

One from our collection, the above to be added.

20 thoughts on “Pro-sharia rags, Muslims complain about NY Post cartoon

  1. Ian Madge, what you and millions of another citizen does not realize is that the Obama Regime and his alliles in the U.N. are pushing Iran into doing somenthing stupid like mining the Straits of Hormuz. The Europeans and U.S. government are seizing and feezing Iranian Assets in foreign banks which is intended to Provoke the Iranians into committing some stupid and reckless act and it is all being instigated by the Obama Regime in order to Promote Chaos in the Middle East and to Justify High Oil Prices which you and I are paying at the Pumps. And, it is not Coincidental that it is happening in 2012, which is an Election Year for Obama who will commit a New War just to try and stay in power 4 more years. It is no more complicated than this.

    • millions of Americans have their minds on frivality,not the important issues.In addition,Americans are not well-informed on any one issue except what’s on T.V. The powers that be will indeed continue to forge ahead with Pax -A-Mania .Unfortunate to say the monster has bit off a little more than it can chew,this causing a choking effect .Of course the choking could be caused by radioactive Barium from the CHEMTRAILS or CESIUM from Japan.Islam is just one factor in the Grande Scheme of things;TEH MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IS THE USUAL SUSPECT;E.C.O.N.O.M.Y.Just sniff around and see who is not affected by the turmoil.Looks like the Arab oil producers are sitting pretty no matter what;as well as their’s not really a racial thing;it’s a gang thing…………let’s see those colours.!!!

      • I knew from the get go that the Osama Bin Laden story was a complete and total fabrication and was nothing but propaganda intended to propu up Obma’s 2012 campaign and his image. It was all made for TV BS and Fox News and everybody else in the Corporate Media is part of the Propaganda Machine. If anybody truly thinks that FOX News is opposed to the One World Government Order which is being constructed, I have some Beach Property for you in Vail, Colorado.

        We have no Legitimate Media in this country today save for some of the internet sites, and all too many of these sites are nothing but propaganda machines themselves.

        AOL has bought out the Huffington Post now, so even AOL news is nothing now but a fluff piece filled with slanted information and so-called news.

        I started a book years ago called the End Of The Innocence which Started out On November 22, 1963 when JFK was assassinated and then covered up with the Lee Harvey Oswald Lie.

        I said in the opening of this book that that day would mark the End Of The Innocence for America for that was the day that our Legitimate Government Was Over Thrown and Taken Over by the One World Government Puppet Masters and that every POTUS since has been a Puppet, and yes, that does include Every President since, including the Republican Darling Ronald Reagan.

        Sad, but true. That is why now the MSM, The Establishment Republicans and the Establishment Democrats are working over time to bastardize and demonize anybody who is not in on the Scam and anybody who is not willing to Play their Part in the Dog and Pony Show Made For TV Democrat Vs Republican Politics which is nothing but pure and sheer Political Theater that has ZERO credibility or substance.

        That is why Voting for a Third Party or Not Voting at all is not a terrible thing, for when you continue to go out and pretend to do something worthwhile by voting for the National Politicians for POTUS or Congress, and you vote for the RNC backed Candidate or the DNC candidate, your vote is meaningless for whichever one wins, once elected, in the U.S. government, nothing ever changes, except the federal government grows even bigger and our freedoms are further diminished, and the Made For TV Political Wrangling goes on, and in fact, all the debates are totally meaningless as all the Deals Are Already Struck behind Closed Doors at the Direction of the Puppet Masters who Own and Control the United States Government.

        The only time your vote may count for something is in Local Elections where you might actually know the candidate and may have some way of holding local politicians accountable, but on the national scene, when you vote for the RNC backed or DNC backed candidate, you are pissing in the wind if you think your vote really matters for no matter which Puppet Is Elected, it will be business as usual. The TV media claim to support one party or the other, but they are all bought and paid for by the same folks who are the puppetmasters for our elected national officials. The Media is owned by the Puppet Masters. So, the bottomline is this and this is the point I made in my book: The End of The Innocence, and that is, “If you can murder a sitting U.S. President and get by with it and use a botched coverup and get by with it, you can do and say anything and get by with it from that point forward in history.” And, our entire history since that tragic and sad day in November, 1963 has been altered forever and that was the day that America as Founded died and was DOA when JFK was Pronounced DOA in Dallas, Texas and LBJ Seized Power of the USA and went to work for the Puppet Masters who have controlled this country ever since.

      • It’s always somebody else’s fault isn’t it, Jero? Whose fault was Muslim savagery prior to the existence of the US or Israel?

    • ABSOLUTELY!! Just think riots in the street what’s a dictator to do, but, to declare marshal law? Then declare the elections on hold until he finishes destroying the country. Then the mooslem brotherhood of goat f**kers can take over what’s left of the sheeple and herd them into settlements where they control them.
      Well, not in my lifetime, think what you want I won’t go passively, and I won’t go alone!

    • Can’t mine the straits…too narrow…too shallow…current too rapid…mines would simply be pushed toward the shore…this is why Iran has not done it…

        • And, this 750,000 dollar soccer field is yet but one more sign oft he Crony Capitalism which this government consists of. I work with wounded Vets daily and they tell me all about the Crony Capitalist Corporations that operate in Iraq and Afghanistan while they go out and get shot at and killed and bombed while the so-called Civilian Contractors sit back and Run the Chow Halls and other Cottage Industries in safety. This is what is wrong in the USA today. We have a Crony Capitalist Society Run by Bogus and Corrupt Polititicians who sell out to the Highest Bidders and our young men and women suffer with wounds and death as our government runs a Propaganda Machine Being Supported by Politicians of the One Party System, made up of Republicans and Democrats alike, and the Media. It is shameful, immoral and criminal. It is time to say enough of this Scam which we call the political process.

      • They have been mining that area for years… Our EOD kicks ass and has a lot of tools to find the mines before our ships go into the gulf. I was lucky enough to attend a classified brief re: EOD and was amazed. Suffice to say, that when I deployed to the gulf, I felt a lot safef after seeing what they do to keep us safe. Our Navy can be like a dysfunction, inbreeding family but when we need to get something done, we can get er done!

    • Actually we have been monitoring Iran’s assets for decades. This has nothing to do with the Obama administration. It started with Jimmy Carter after the embassey take over and as never stopped. Iran is acting up because it is ruled by religious zealots who are looking for a confrontation with unbelievers just like the Koran instructs them to.

  2. Good posts today. People are now catching onto the NEW WORLD JACK ASS’S and there bought and paid for press. There is one newspaper that tells it like it is, THE AMERICAN FREE PRESS, who are not OWNED by the ELETE TRAITORS of the world. You will find out who the one world BASTARDS ARE that wish to enslave the world under the U N. People like KISSENGER, ROCKAFELLER, BRADZINSKI ete, etc. THe builderburger, trilateral commision, Council on Foreign Affairs to name a few that need to be brought down hard so we can get back our REPUBLIC GOVT. again. LOCK AND LOAD.

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