Top Model: Saudi Arabs Buy American Girls (video)


19 thoughts on “Top Model: Saudi Arabs Buy American Girls (video)

  1. The girl in a young womens body is on sex hormones(at their peak in adolecence & young adult hood) but it is all about looking pretty. These are my legs arn’t I pretty…
    At least she was smart enough not to be sold like an object. But she should try doing something eventualy that will take real effort and not all about her……………..
    Too much of the I am pretty thing really isn’t all that pretty…………..

  2. I have met a retired transport pilot in gunnison colorado who flew the saudi princes and their american women slaves worldwide. They are recruited by women in the usa. Passports are taken away once “emploed”.

  3. What normal American woman would want to be a part of it….Parents watch ya teenagers and young gals…cause those buzzards over in nomads land just don’t care. They promise young gals a plate of gold till they get them. And whoever is doing the recruiting (if caught) need to be placed under the jail…thats if girls are under age. Cannot do anything about the ones of age but then are they normal or just don’t care themselves…they see $ signs till they caught in trap.

    • ” Islam must be purged from America and other civilized countries ” You are 100% right, and if we fail to do that, then we are doomed and there is nothing we will be able to do once they are in power. Study where ever the muslims have migrated , what they have done once their numbers swell. Google ‘muslim demography ‘ Rich Arabs have been going to third world countries and buying young girls to take them back to their country,some times they marry very young girl ,and then take them back with them. Now arabs/muslims are trying their luck in America.

  4. The documentary appears to report on a TALE OF TWO CITIES;It was the worst of times it was the best of times;it all depends on ones standing economically .Double standards are common in the dictatorial world.Look at Kim jong recently deceased………..lived lavishly while North Koreans ate their babies for supper.Bin Ladin is still the key to understanding the uprising world-wide of Islam.His handler knows all.

  5. And John McCain, along with the Obama administration, wants to arm Syrian “rebels”. Anyone remember Osama bin Laden or is he already a distant memory?

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