China: Axe-wielding Muslims kill 13 in attack on market

via Deadly knife attack reported in China

A group of knife-wielding men have attacked a market in the volatile Xinjiang region of northwest China, home to the mainly Muslim Uighur minority, leaving at least 20 people dead, authorities say.

Thirteen people were killed by attackers before police shot seven of them dead, the Xinjiang government said on Wednesday.

The motive behind the attack, which occurred late on Tuesday at the market in the town of Yecheng [also known as Kargilik, in the Kashgar prefecture], was not immediately clear. Xinjiang has suffered repeated outbreaks of unrest in recent years that the government has routinely blamed on separatists and terrorists.

“Nine violent terrorists suddenly surged into the crowd and stabbed to death innocent people with their knives, causing 13 innocent people to die and injuring many,” said a statement on the official information website, Tianshan.

“Police rushed to the scene, handled the situation with resolution and shot dead seven violent terrorists, capturing two,” it said.

The regional government did not identify any of the attackers or give their ethnicity. Nor did it identify the ethnicity of their victims.

However, on Wednesday a local police officer, who gave only his surname Tuo, told the AFP news agency: “At around …. 6:00pm [local time; 10:00 GMT] around a dozen rioters carrying axes appeared in the market, in an area that is mostly populated by Han people.

“Most of the victims were Han people, but some were Uighurs.”

The vast region, which borders Pakistan and Afghanistan, is home to around nine million Uighurs who complain of oppression under Chinese rule. The number of Han, China’s dominant ethnic group, living in the region has increased dramatically over the last decade.

Authorities in Xinjiang said last month they planned to recruit 8,000 extra police officers as China strengthens security in the run-up to a major leadership transition later this year.

The Chinese foreign ministry called the attackers in Wednesday’s incident “terrorists”, saying that they attacked civilians.

The World Uighur Congress, a German-based exile group, however, said only armed Chinese personnel were targetted in the attack.

In other words, the Muslim Uighur’s jihad is justified in Islam because according to Islam the armed Chinese personnel are not innocent. No non-Muslim is.

“The incident happened because Uighurs can no longer bear China’s systematic repression, and are using primitive fighting methods to resist,” a statement by Dilxat Raxit, spokesman for the group, said.

Ambushing innocent civilians in a market is resisting?

Citing local sources, he said seven armed Chinese security personnel were killed, and that three people were shot to death. He said that two more people had been killed, but did not provide any details about them, adding that 10 people were injured.

Keep in mind that Obama released all the Uighurs from Gitmo.

6 thoughts on “China: Axe-wielding Muslims kill 13 in attack on market

  1. Call it workplace violence. Obama does. Muslims killing others. Like the koran says. Workplace violence. Politically corrects cannot say islam and terrorist together.

  2. Funny that China knows how to handle situations like this and the rest of the world cowers in fear, the Chinese also know exactly how to handle hostage situations in an expedited way ….. My opinion is to look to china for the answer to handling creeping Sharia

  3. How are they going to blame this on America and israel? Oh, I see, it’s a Chinese Zionist Conspiracy. Muslims are a plague on the Earth.

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