‘Saving Face’ – Acid Attacks on Muslim Women (video)

Roger Ebert titled his piece, ‘The heartbreaking truth of women disfigured by their husbands‘. Unfortunately he all but rules out Islam and sharia as part of the problem despite Pakistan being created by and for Muslims. Nonetheless, if you have HBO, it is an award-winning documentary that exposes some of the cruelty being perpetrated by Muslims even if it doesn’t say so.

If you don’t have HBO please check out National Geographic’s video on Honor Killing. It’s a few years old, back when journalists weren’t terrified to report that Muslims actually can, and do, do evil things. Today it’s essentially against the law to speak about the reality of Islam.


13 thoughts on “‘Saving Face’ – Acid Attacks on Muslim Women (video)

    • Please site examples of Hindu acid attacks and those of other (non-muslim) groups as well. Keep in mind India has a substantially large muslim population. Then we have the related phenonoma of honor killing. Can you provide any substantial statistics of non-muslim engagement in this horrifically inhuman practice?

      • While the vast majority of the acid attacks are done by Muslim men I did see a documentary about Hindu women set on fire by in laws over dowry disputes. In Hindu culture a bride’s family pays her new husband a dowry which can be very large. In the cases of the burned brides the husband’s family started demanding more and more money and when it wasn’t forthcoming they set the girl on fire. In Islam the only money that changes hands is from the groom to the bride.

  1. Reblogged this on DEXTER AMERICUS and commented:
    These atrocities happen everyday, are sanctioned by their religion, protected by their courts, and administered by family members. Where is the outrage? Well, here in America, it is focused on a radio personality over a WORD.

  2. Is anyone else getting this message when they try to post the link to twitter from the share button at the end of article:

    “Internet Explorer” has modified this page to prevent cross-site scriptting.”

    and the post won’t show up on twitter??

  3. The overwhelming number of acid attacks are by Muslim men. Sorry, but the few other denominations involved simply can’t be called equivalent. If we could stop the problem in the Muslim community, we could stop the problem.

  4. I was recently in a ‘sensitivity training’ at our city’s municiple bldg, done by CAIR. During a Q&A time, CAIR’s answer to female genital mutilation was met with a similar answer to one of the commenters above: that is was a ‘tribal’ practice, not muslim. And CAIR even went on to say that many tribes practiced this, even Christian tribes….

    I do not beleive this. And I welcome any credible information regarding this, unlike the propaganda CAIR spews.

    • I just did training on this. It is in the hadith not the Quran so saying that this is not in Islam is a lie… Ann Barnhardt has an excellent video on this. look it up on You Tube.

  5. I’m so glad that so many of these people have come to the US. We are running short on idiots. How many come here everyday?

  6. Interestingly, there is NOT A SINGLE MENTION OF ISLAM in the Wikipedia entry for “acid throwing”. It looks like somebody is trying to do damage control.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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