FBI Attacks NYPD on Surveillance, Confirms Muslims Don’t Cooperate in Counter Terrorism

Islam, eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within. via FBI Launches Unprecedented Attack On NYPD Over Muslim Surveillance Tactics « CBS New York.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The head of the Newark FBI said Wednesday the NYPD’s monitoring of Muslims in New Jersey has had a chilling effect on the feds’ ability to gather counter terrorism intelligence.

In the annals of policing this is unheard of. Usually people in law enforcement hang together. If they have squabbles they keep it in the cone of silence.

Not this time.

“What we’re seeing now with the uproar that is occurring in New Jersey is that we’re starting to see cooperation pulled back. People are concerned that they’re being followed. People are concerned that they can’t trust law enforcement,” said FBI Newark Special Agent in Charge Michael Ward.

Ward said the NYPD’s spying on mosques and Muslim businesses in the Garden State has caused sources to dry up and made the job of gathering counter terrorism intelligence much more difficult, reports CBS 2′s Marcia Kramer.

“It’s starting to have a negative impact. When people pull back cooperation it creates additional risks. It creates blind spots. It hinders our ability to have our finger on the pulse of what’s going on around the state,” Ward said.

What is going on around the state? What plots have Muslims in NJ helped the FBI thwart? Name one.

We can name one Hamas-linked imam that NJ Governor Chris Christie helped to avoid deportation. Conversely: New Jersey: Muslim parents of jihad suspect blame FBI.

And Mueller grilled on FBI’s release of al-Awlaki in 2002

8 Responses

  1. I liked Christy on his stance with unions and taxes, but this is a big minus in my book. We need to care about Americans first for a change.

  2. Religions vs. Thugnotions: A Useful Distinction

    By our legal correspondent Oliver Sherlock Holmes


    thugnotion (noun): a doctrine concerning the supernatural, which is customarily imposed on people by means of violence or the threat thereof. (If the doctrine in question is widespread, then the definition of “customarily” must refer to all places where the doctrine is professed, and not merely to the jurisdiction where action is brought.)

    Etymology: from θυγνος (thygnos), which in the Lydian dialect of ancient Greek meant “compulsory belief” or “doubletalk”.

    Examples of the term’s use:
    1. “The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, but it is silent on the subject of thugnotions.”
    2. “At the time the Constitution was promulgated, thugnotions had not yet appeared on the territory to which it applied, or if they had appeared, had done so only to a negligible degree.”
    3. “Accordingly the Constitution contains no provisions governing thugnotions.”
    4. “Although thugnotions are not mentioned in the Constitution, they are dealt with in the Criminal Code under various names.”
    5. “There can be no such thing as ‘freedom of thugnotion’, because the concepts of ‘freedom’ and ’thugnotion’ are mutually contradictory.”

  3. To commisioner Kelly, keep on doing what you are doing to disrupt the MUSLIM BROTHER HOOD from corrupting your city of New York. To hell with the FBI and if they interfer with the NYPD then arrest them and escort them out of N. Y. Down with ISLAM IN THE U S A.. LOCK AND LOAD.

  4. If the FBI did its job properly, then maybe 9/11 would never have happened. Now the FBI is being ordered around by Muslim Obama and Eric the Red Holder. Muslims are our greatest threat to America. Why not face facts. Islam is an evil ideology and not a religion. If is a religion, then why is it being taught or forced down our students throats in Public schools? Why not teach Christianity if they want to teach about Religion in Public schools.

  5. The FBI is comprimised. They, senior muslim officials in the FBI are angry at any Islamic encroachment. Their investigations are done under muslim brotherhood working in the FBI anyway.

  6. “What we’re seeing now with the uproar which will always be as they continue to constantly encroach on the constitution intent on replacing it with sharia that is occurring in New Jersey is that we’re starting to see cooperation pulled back,as if any of these ever co operated. People are concerned that they’re being followed just because they carry guns and explosives. People are concerned that they can’t trust law enforcement, as they attend hate America sessions at the mosque, they need to be free to burn and destroy whatever” said FBI Newark Special Agent under Muslim directors in Charge Michael Ward.

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