Judge releases Muslim woman in North Carolina beheading plot on bail

North Carolina’s dhimmi media show nothing but sympathy for someone involved in a plot to behead witnesses who aided in the conviction of another Islamic terrorist case. Where is the investigative reporting? via Teacher gets bail in beheading plot – Wake County – NewsObserver.com.

RALEIGH — Nevine Aly Elshiekh was in a federal courtroom, accused of being part of a bizarre murder-for-hire plot, when she turned around and looked at her mother.

“Hi mama,” the 46-year-old special education teacher mouthed to her elderly mother several rows behind her. “You OK?”

That one portrayal of Elshiekh, a loving, caring daughter, a characterization echoed by dozens from the Triangle Muslim community, contrasted sharply with the description presented by federal prosecutors.

Elshiekh is accused of transporting notes, photos and money from Hysen Sherifi, a Triangle man convicted in a homegrown terror case, to confidential informants and Sherifi’s brother.

Elshiekh was in federal court Thursday with two high-profile defense attorneys appealing an earlier decision by a federal magistrate judge to hold her in detention without bail.

Who is paying for the two high-profile defense attorneys? Who paid for the million dollar bail? Why does a 46-year old woman live with her parents?

W. Earl Britt, a senior judge in the Eastern District of North Carolina, decided Elshiekh was not a flight risk, as the magistrate judge had ruled previously, and set bail at $1 million with several conditions for release.

Elshiekh will be under house arrest at the home of her parents, who moved their family from Egypt to the United States more than four decades ago.

Aly Elshiekh, 80, a retired professor who taught at N.C. State University, was gratified by the judge’s decision to set bail. He agreed to give up his computer so his daughter could comply with conditions of her pre-trial release.

“I appreciate what the judge did,” Aly Elshiekh said after the hearing. “I have confidence in the judicial system.”

If released, Nevine Elshiekh may not use a computer or phone except to talk with her attorneys on her parents’ house phone.

She may not have any contact with any of the co-defendants in the case or with any of the people involved in the case against seven accused of being part of a Triangle terror cell that conspired to wage war overseas and at home.

The judge also ordered the cancellation of her passport, a document that neither her family nor the FBI can find.

At a detention hearing earlier this year, federal agents asked that no bail be set, saying they could not ask for the confiscation of her passport because no one could find it.

The case stems from contentions by a federal agent that Hysen Sherifi, a native of Kosovo sentenced early this year to 45 years in prison, worked with his brother and a woman on a plot to have the witnesses against him beheaded and pictures taken of the corpses to prove the deaths.

The agent contends that $5,000 was exchanged with a confidential informant on two different days for one of the hits.

Shkumbin Sherifi, brother of the convicted man, also has been charged in the case.

Britt told Elshiekh he set bail for her out of respect for her parents.

What? Is the judge friends with the parents of the accused? Do other defendants get equal treatment based on their relationship with the judge?

“You must know that if you violate any of the conditions, you place their future in extreme difficulty,” he told Nevine Elshiekh before ending the hearing.

Is she permitted in the Montessori school near innocent children while on bail? Was she suspended from her job? Again, the media fails us on any question that matters.

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9 thoughts on “Judge releases Muslim woman in North Carolina beheading plot on bail

  1. Where have all the “judges” gone…..long time passing? Now we have judges who are Muslims or muslim ( _)_) kissers. If that was me that commiited just a little crime..I be setting in jail and key throwed away.

    • …when will they ever learn…………the flowers spoken of in the original song are on the graves of the Judges victims;he is an accessory to terror.

  2. Just another ASS KISSING JUDGE FOR MUSLIMS AND THERE SHERIA LAW. These JUDGES have to be removed now before they do more harm to the CONSTITUTION and OUR LAWS that we live by. LOCK AND LOAD.

  3. A head that ugly should be cut off. It just a matter of time before we the people will be a footnote in a history book. Slowly the cancer consumes the host.

  4. Unless we can have the Usurper in thief arrested, we best pray we are lucky enough to make it to the 2012 elections, without b.o declaring Martial Law. We will have to be lucky again to have him actually step down, at that point we can begin to dismantle the web of evil that our politicians have become, There is Nothing wrong with our Constitution, or the constitutional Republic that this country was founded as, the problem Is, that the Day after We became a nation, the politicians began a concerted effort to Bastardize it. Consider your vote VERY Carefully, There are only two that will fit the bill, and they are NOT Romney Or Santorum, Gingrich just barely gets my attention. Europe has begun to awaken to what Islam is doing to them, but unlike America it is probably too late. Leon Panetta has admitted to treason, and unless we do something about it, it is just a matter of time before the gun grabbers come for our guns, Unless you plan on dieing the day they come, I would advise hiding them OFF SITE, until you can re-group with KNOWN patriots Good Luck and May God Bless U.S.

    • Well said, Rip. I’ve been preaching the same sermon for many years, now. And, have said repeatedly that I wouldn’t put it past the jugearedjackass to declare martial law so that there is NO election – in which case, we are totally screwed. He never wanted to be the cic – or as you say, usurper-in-thief [I have used usruper-in-chief]. He wants to be king for life. Please God, let it NOT be too late for us.

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  6. “Britt was a federal judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina. Britt was nominated by President Jimmy Carter on April 14, 1980”. (Wikipedia)

    ‘Nuff said?

    Reposted with full credit

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