Top Muslim scholar says any one who insults Prophet should be killed, even Tweeters

 Feel the peace? via Reprieve unlikely for Saudi writer after cleric backs death sentence – Emirates 24/7. h/t Jihad Watch

A senior Saudi Muslim cleric indicated on Monday that a local young man who offended Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) and fled the Gulf kingdom would be executed after his repatriation from Malaysia.

Sheikh Saleh bin Fowzan Al Fowzan, a member of the 7-man supreme committee of scholars in Saudi Arabia, said it has been established in Islam that any one who insults God or the Prophet should be killed.

“Repenting will not work…any man who insults God or our Prophet (PBUH) should be killed,” he said, quoted by Saudi newspapers.

“But we should first verify that this man (Hamza Kashgari) did insult Prophet Mohammed in his article on Twitter…if verified, then he must be killed……many scholars and people are now demanding his execution.”

Obama and Clinton are working with Muslim nations to make insulting Islam a global crime.

92 thoughts on “Top Muslim scholar says any one who insults Prophet should be killed, even Tweeters

    • For this reason, why give the credence of the word “scholar” to this meddle? This is nothing more than a scripted, irrational hatred.

    • No one mocks Jesus. Believe in Jesus is obligatory for all Muslims. You are just confused and perhaps blinded by your hatred.

      • Muslims do indeed insult Christians for their belief that he is LORD or divine- so that make you a liar- and their actions in destroying churches of Chrsitains and kjidnapping and raping Chrsitain girls to “convert” them also proves you are ignoring TRUTH about ISLAM and Muslims. Worse you think that all the JEWISH prophets are retroactively Muslims- nice try- we SEE and we KNOW who and what youare

      • Your belief in Jesus is as a prophet…not as the Son Of God! Perhaps you are just confused or perhaps have intelligence problems due to inbreeding? BTW…Was your Mom’s name Molly?

  1. muahahahaha…….. I can’t help but laugh when I think of Mohammed…..

    its even funnier when Muslims try to defend him……..

      • Influential in what way?….Oh..I guess you mean that he conquered lands through violence…killing men and taking the women through force…letting them be your sex slaves…..yeah, I guess you would think that to be influential…you’re an islamamentian.

  2. Please take your false prophet PBUH (piss be upon him), and shove him up your Sheihk Sald been Frozen Always Frozen ass!

  3. If Jews and Christians reacted to real or perceived insults and blasphemies the way Islam demands that Muslims must, the entire United States would be a smoking heap of rubble in…a New York minute.

  4. So, kill any who talk bad about their so call god? Damn, better get on the stick. They have a hell of a lot of people to TRY to kill. I put out posters and letters everyday, that tell the truth about the so called prophet, mohammid. And he was a child rapest. And liked men best. Some prophet. Well, come on to Montana, USA, and see how that killing crap works for you. I try to live my life, that when my feet hit the floor in the morning, the devil says” OH HELL!!! HE IS AWAKE!!!”

  5. Why isn’t it an insult to name a child moohammad? But it is when you name a teddy bear moohammed? But then again everything is an insult to islam, maybe that is why everyone hates it. I insult the false prophet myself and will continue to until the muslims submit to our Constitution or islam disappears..Peace to all non-muslims who insult moo.

  6. Forgot to say. Did you notice that those that are saying this are the so called Moderate muslims? More proof that there are not any moderate one. Peace again to all non-muslims who insult islam.

    • The moderate muslim is the 21st century eqivalent of the unicorn. They are similar to all those ” good Germans ” present as observers to the Holocaust. They like the muslims cheerfully went along to get along and then were ever so shocked when Hitler beasts turned on them. We.have a similar group driven by self loathing whose religion is political correctness,diversity, and Multiculturism the sacred trinity of alinsky socialists. God save America.

  7. They already have their reward and I am afraid that it is more terrible than we can imagine. Let the dead bury the dead.
    It will be over soon enough.
    Our energies should be concentrated in defeating their Trojan Horse in the White House before he sends the whole country into nothing more than a carpet for the MB.

    Any religion or ideology that started with a murderous pedophile is doomed to distinction anyway. It is just sad that the brainless knuckle dragging twits who declare these fatwah’s are taking innocent lives with them.

  8. Any Arab who does this sort of act can face any penalty which they decide.Arab Islam is “for the Arab, by the Arab, of the Arab”.Its frame or canvas is Arabia only.Why should it be applied all over the world? Whole world is not Arabia nor all people are Arab.Founder thinker/philosopher of Pakistan Allama Iqbal had once made difference into Islam and Arab Imperialism. Let not the two get mixed up into each other, but exactly the same has happened.
    Islam and Arab Islam are two distinct things.The ancient great tradition of Islam goes far beyond Arabia. It is rooted in the great tradition of non-Arab Islam of non-Arab Asia which is Vedic, not Koranic, and its language is Sanskrit, not Arabic.Whole AfPak region is its birthplace.This great tradition needs to be rediscovered again today and reestablished.This tradition is the “REAL ISLAM”.This became victim of Medieval anti-Indian Arab/Muslim Imperialism and this whole region became converted to Arab Islam, but Hindu India did not surrender; resisted with full force and survived.Hindu word become the symbol of this great RESISTANCE.You won’t find Hindu-like word any where in the world.
    This is the reason I love to call the non-Arab tradition of Islam as Hindu Islam of non-Arab Asia.Hindu Islam is the answer to these problems created by Arab Islam.Hindu word is the KEY to deal with terrorism born out of Arab Islam.One day, whole AfPak will come under the banner of Hindu Islam.

  9. And after rereading the article, did you notice that he said “many scholars and people are demanding his execution”?

    The word scholar in relation to Islame is an oxymoron. You can be a “scholar” of Readers Digest if you read the same one often.
    I doubt if there is anything even close to smart, let alone scholar, in all of Islame.

  10. YO, muzzies, insulting islam, allah and prophet mohammed is my side business, if I had enough money to retire I will make it my full time business,
    fxxk prophet mohound, piss be upon him, now plzzzz try to kill me. ha ha ha

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    • Mike, you and I think the same! Along with a lot of others. I know there are a lot of ragheads here in the USA but, they are going to start something they are going to wish they had not started! I live in Montana and, WILL PROTECT my family! Free speach!!! I will say what I want when I want! And if telling others what the piece of pig crap, mohammed really was, hurts their feelings, (poor babies), come try to stop me! Mohammed, was a piece of pig crap. ALL of his so called writtings, were and still are lies! And as for the koran, I use sheets of it to start fires in our wood heat stove and wifes wood cook stove. Damn, bisquits and gravy, on a wood stone, can’t be beat. Take care Mike. Hope to be able to talk with you more. ” I live my life, that when my feet hit the floor in the morning, the devilsays ” OH SHIT!!! HE IS AWAKE!!!”

  12. Where is Obama? Where is Hillary? Why are we not negotiating with our “ally” Saudi Arabia to save this man’s life?

    • The only lives those momzers concern themselves with is their own.Michelle has competition from one hell of an old azz crone. No,no, not what your minds are thinking. She is getting ready to turn her coat once more and present herself to her Marxist buddies as the one who takes the anointed ones job come november.

  13. Sounds like what someone from SATANS religion would say. Funny how the muzzies can talk all kinds of shit about any religion, but is non-mussies say one word it’s death for that person.

  14. Screw him and the diseased camel (named Mohamed) he rode in on. The false “prophet” (actually a pervert and pedophile misogynist) of the delusion called islam deserves all the scorn and righteous indignation of the world and all her inhabitants. F*ck Mohamed.

  15. Makes me want a ham sandwich. I don’t think we can call islame a religion. I think it is a cult and they are dedicated to punishment and death. It is said that the greatest enemy of truth is not lies. It is conviction and the islamos really full believe all their bull shit and are willing to die for it. I just wish they would hurry up and leave me alone.

    • Jerry, have you ever even ventured out of your log cabin before? There’s a big world outside and lots of true information out there. See it sometime.

      • your arrogance and disdain for others shown by ridicule only reinforces the TRUTH about MUSLIMs like yourself. Youth think you are better, smarter more moral than anyone else and can dictate what others say and do- If you kept your ISLAMIC rules for yoursleves without demanding everyone else do so NO ONE IN USA would have a problem with you- and why we have had no problems with many other religions who do not beleive same as we do- (for example Hare Krishnas, Hindus, scientologists, etc) BUT seeing as how you cannot do that and keep demanding respect and giving none, how you continually demand that everyone else bow down to your “prophet” and his “rules” we do see you as a problem- your demands conflict withthe very BASIC RIGHTS granted by our GOD and protected by OUR LAWS and Constitution.

  16. “Top muslim Scholar”–now there’s an oxymoron! One would have to be an imbecile just to be a muslim–or a brutal bully, perhaps one of the reasons islam appeals to so many black American males; and if this comment offends some, well tough, because it’s true.

    • Those blacks you speak of who convert to Islam are not the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree! They don’t realize that blacks have always been considered slaves….even if they are muslim! They will be treated far worse than even a white dhimmi if Islam takes over! They won’t even be able to whine about how poorly treated they are and how they need compensation for it cuz it’ll be off with their heads!

      • Redneck Woman, you are exactly that. You have no clue about Islamic history or the condition of blacks. Please stick to making moonshine in your bathtub and smoking methamphetimine.

        • she has more than a clue- she has PROVABLE recorded HISTORY- in order to spread their ISLAM see 10th century Muslims rivals- who DEATH MARCHED women and children across the shara desert in CHIANS on foot and beheaded any who died and left the mepty chains as reminders tothe others to keep walking!!! they were taken to be USED as SEX SLAVES by Arab MUSLIMS.
          ……………….investigations in the Sahara, rather than West Africa, testified to the significance of the northbound traffic in African men, women and children. Although historians have tended to focus on the Atlantic slave trade, which accounted for the lion’s share of Africans forced into slavery, the size of its Saharan counterpart was staggering, nevertheless. It has been estimated that between 650 and 1900, a total of 10-14 million slaves were transported across the desert. During the mid-19th century, slaves represented half the value of all northbound traffic across the Sahara. As a result of the atrocious conditions they suffered during a forced march of 2,600-2,900 kilometres–which included rape, beatings, untreated sickness, starvation and dehydration–the mortality rate was 20 per cent.

          the last Muslim nation did not end slavery until 2007 Mauritania- and in practice Saudi Arabia and other MUSLIMS still take people as indentured servants – you can buy a woman or child bride for a small dowry in most Muslim nations-

        • LMAO! Yeah right I don’t know about islamic history or the conditions of Blacks! Slave markets are still in operation every Saturday morning in Instanbul! You can go pick yourself up a young boy or another wife of 6 or 7 years old. At least you know they’ll be fresh and you can be the first to deflower them!

          You sure are a mouthy little Islamamentian …so brave hiding behind your computer screen! You don’t know the history of Rednecks! I don’t drink moonshine, nor make it and I certainly don’t do drugs! One can tell just by the intelligence quotient…. Now you can take another hit from your Hookah that you have filled with goat turds!

          BTW….Don’t fuck with a Redneck! I’ll pull off your gonads and feed them to my Rottweilers. If you want them back you can go them!

          • YW RED and sorry for my dyslexic typing- I really do know how to spell I just type badly and didn’t proof it -should say:
            in order to spread their ISLAM see 10th century Muslims rivals- who DEATH MARCHED women and children across the SAHARA desert in CHAINS on foot and beheaded any who died and left the EMPTY NECK chains as reminders to the others to keep walking!!! they were taken to be USED as SEX SLAVES by Arab MUSLIMS.

          • isahiah62….

            I was able to read your posting and I don’t always edit mine before posting it. Sometimes the fingers have a mind of their own and get ahead of themselves! LOL! So…your typing errors are not a concern for me. I totally understand!

            Thanks again for the back up! :)

      • How clever. I’m sure it took you months to put that little word play together, and probably another month to type it out. Your hatred is a poison to your own soul.

    • Surely you under the allowable age for posting on this website. Please ask your parents permission before posting.

  17. I thought that Mohammed was merely the mouthpiece: he “says” that some archangel merely dictated stuff to him. he can’t be really important then, and could, being human, even have got the stuff wrong here and there. Is not that correct then?

  18. Oh, I can’t believe all the hate and vitriol here about the blessed Mohammed. We all know that he was given divine revelations to give his blessings upon young girls. He was told to spread the skulls of those that wouldn’t behold the joy that is Islam. Those today are simply wishing to join him in blessed eternity with their 72 virgin … demons in hell. Oh wait, they missed that part didn’t they. There is a reason they present their arses 7 times a day, its to get ready for the red hot pokers. It’s our duty to help them achieve their destiny…sooner than later. After all its the right thing to do.

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      • I’m sure Robert doesn’t need or want your prayers to Satan. BTW…have you gone to see your witch doctor for your problem? It seems you have Islamamentia and need electric shock therapy to get your brain cells re-activated…..better get it done soon as I can hear the last working brain cell in your head crying due to loneliness.

  20. Well? Where are you? Have not had any camel jockies, diaperheads, come after me! I think they know what mohammid really is. A pig loving, (sex with pigs), piece of crap! Had young boys around for his sick sex. Women are less then animals, in his teachings. And to kill any who don’t become muslem. I BELIEVE IN THE TRUE GOD!!! Not that dumb crap that you spew out of your twisted minds. Here, in the Land Of The FREE, you can believe any way you want. BUT, Don’t try to force anyone to your way of thinking! All that is going to do is get you into a world of crap. ” I live my life, that when my feet hit the floor in the morning, the devil says ” OH CRAP!!! HE IS AWAKE!!!” Nuf said!

  21. What this scholar dose not realize this is America NOT a ISLAM COUNTRY Please,please go back to your country so this little incidents wont happen again, 89% of this country is Christian. So please stop and go home (which is not here)

  22. I will stand in the truth; I’m not a violent man, but if you come after me looking to silence me for saying the truth, there’s gonna be another grave filled in your cemetary. Bring it on, ‘scholar’.

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  24. I don’t know what you have to say, to get my point across! Mohammid was a pig #fucker! Homo-little boy rapest. Rapest of young children and women! Their god is a piece of crap. I didn’t know they had locoweed back then. That is the only way anyone could come up with the shit written in the piece of shit book, koran! But, I still say, the koran I bought to read for my self, works real good in the outhouse. ” I live my life, that when my feet hit the floor in the morning, the devil says ” OH CRAP!!! HE IS AWAKE “

    • The combined IQ on this bulletin board couldn’t be over a 7. I call this a clear example of keyboards in the hands of infantile minds.

  25. Keep up the good work you are doing informing people of the truth. If you get a chance check out my blog, just getting started, hoping to build a following, will continue to follow your blog, thanks for being there for us!

  26. See ? The ragheads talk a fight, but don’t have the balls to do anything! Mohammid was a pile of pig crap, and they know it. Going to kill ANY who talk about mohammid? WELL, what in the hell have I been doing? They are so brave behind a computer screen. Or, when the are behind one of their young boys, that keep for sex. But, will never tire of telling the truth about mohammid! And the asswipe book, koran. Works better then Sears. ” I live my life, that when my feet hit the floor in the morning, the devil says ” OH CRAP!!! HE IS AWAKE!!!”

  27. Islam – a control freak – wife beater- caveman- head hunter – religion of hatred and murder- Screw any control freak who thinks he can control peoples opinions about their evil reliion with silly woosie death threats!!! Screw Mohamed and his evil killers from hell!!! They murder and torture with their evil book of Satan- the koran!!! Flea bitten freak woosies- come get me!!!!

    • Ken Delbridge.. Orange CA- im easy to find- and yes i have a right to have an opinion- come get me wossie Muslims. Lets do this!!!! BRING IT_ PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sounds as though the county mental health professionals ought to come and get you. Perhaps exercise will help you work off some of the hatred that runs so deeply within you.

      • I’m a Southerner and I wouldn’t give you, your family, your children a moments peace until you packed up your Muslim asses and left this
        country. Is that racist, not in the least? I don’t see myself better or lower than you, you Muslims are just corrupted from birth, your spoiling flesh from the time you enter this world smells up everything that is good and decent.

        Your filth destroys without remorse, and I do see you as a threat to this Nation, even the dirty converts which are American citizen’s have betrayed America by taking up your cause and they deserve all that will curse them as it will you Muslims. You are either murderers or you sanction it, then you come here to the US and force your monkey tree swinging godless BS of a nightmare upon the innocent.

        Don’t you dare treat these folks here as if they are the cause of your misery or suffering, that is your own doing. You sorry Donkey raping Muslims have put to ruin every city you have infected with your worthless presence and I would love to shove every word you have written here on this thread up your corn holster you jackass thumper humper…

        Muhammy was a pedophile, and at this very moment is a quite thirsty Pedophile. You Muslims have killed more of your own people than any other army combined that you have fought against…and, you stupid inbred and merciless swines don’t see it that way, it’s Shari’a, Allah’s will, I just wish the damn Allah Pebble could will you Muslims to kill your own a little faster so we can have some peace in our lives.

        I just had a thought that tickled my Southern, Allah is nothing more than a space pebble aye, a mere lunar deity you worship at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, LMBO, you poor bastards could have at least got a boulder to worship, but nooo, you got a little pebble, kinda shows how much your Allah means to you don’t it?.

        It also goes to show how lazy and inbred you are! By the way, I do hate Muslims, I despise you for what you are and stand for, I abhor you for the innocent lives you have put to ruin, you disgust me in the manner you treat your woman and own children and don’t you dare use the word peaceful, there is no such thing as a peaceful Muslim, or a Allah.

        And the echo that I have heard during your morning prayers, I finally figured it out, you have to place your heads just perfectly up each others worm tube ” Corn Holster” to get just the right pitch, now that is a pretty tricky feat, even for a brainless twat of a Muslim :9-)

        Wow man, that felt good, I’ll sleep like a good infidel tonight! See ya later you Palm swinging Sandmonkey! Try not to honor kill any of your children until they’re around 19? A dead Muslim, would be one less Muslim killing our Troopers, and I can’t see anything wrong with that at all…

        • LMAO! That’s telling the little kaffirophobe islamamentian! Well done!

          Bet you scared him and he’s sitting in the corner of his cave , sucking his thumb in the dark!

  28. I would just like to say that I am Muslim and I am startled at the appallingly low level of intelligent commentary. If you hate Islam and Muslims, at least present adult-level argumentation. At present, this page is merely a crass joke, a type of Mad Magazine masquerading as informative discourse, posing no danger to the rapid spread of Islam in the US or in the west as a whole. If this is the best you can muster, your fates are truly sealed.

    • well you read selectively and entitled to your opinion which we care about about as much as we care for Mohammed as religious icon. But I am happy you present an example of a typical arrogant Muslim and admit that you are here in our nation th SPREAD your poison, the poison that has caused the intellectual and technological death as well as real human deaths into the MILLIONS (as in India) that always arrives with ISLAM when it visits ANY nation. Looking at each and EVERY Muslim nation that does nt have OIL or not supported by OUR MONEY you can see the TOLL, our book says : the wages of SIN is DEATH . And allthe ISLAMIC nations are pisspots and that’s why you come to OURS. If and when you succeed in turning HERE into THERE – where wil YOU go to escape the CALIPHATE? the fateof lving under totalitarian, draconian CRUELTY that is ISLAM- You gonna WISH and PRAY we are as easy as you’d like to just ROLLOVER to your DOGS of WAR- it is forbidden to youto even be here in DAR EL HARB unless for JIHAD so GTFO==

    • No shit captain obvious! We all knew you were an islamamentian! No one invited you on this discussion…you came of your own free will to belittle the infidels.
      My little troglodyte Kaffirophobe….your fate is truly sealed. Your in-bred sickness will never take-over the US or the West as a whole. There are way too many patriots who will willingly fight if you make too many waves and get too arrogant.
      Your cult of Satan may have been conquering Europe due to wussies who won’t fight for their country and their freedom but the US and the West as a whole is a big new problem for you! You have no idea how many have woken up to your lies and deceptions since 9/11, nor how many of us have the ability to usher you into the waiting arms of the Grim Reaper.
      You haven’t yet seen what our best is towards Islam….perhaps if you look at what happened to Japan during WWII and then take it into the 21st century, it will give you clue. BTW….ever hear of the “Star Wars weaponry” That the US has available? As of yet it hasn’t been necessary to use, but Islamic countries and their occupants could find themselves turned into little mounds of ashes….with no radiation fallout!
      So keep up your crap….the day is coming…..when Islam will be insignificant.

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