How We Should Talk When We Talk About Islamists (video)

A reader brought this video to our attention and although we posted it here in 2010, it is very much worth repeating as we continue to lose ground and need more politicians to stand up and defend the truth. This time via Frontpage:

Title this any way you want, but it’s clear that Austrian politician Ewald Stadler was not speaking solely about what some in the West refer to as Islamists and Muslims make no such distinction.

13 thoughts on “How We Should Talk When We Talk About Islamists (video)

  1. Well spoken. It is time that people who are fed up with this one-way B.S. stand up and be heard. Throw all these violent jihad, arrogant, muslims out of this country…..

  2. If all us “Good Guys” (clean shaven, pork BBQ eating, heros of the world) would start adopting piglets as household pets, and protecting these cute, affectionate, clean little guys, It could well force our non-conventional “brotherhoods’ out to the sewage disposal plants where they belong as the first step of flushing them away.

  3. That man is what the US and other countries that are having problems with the Muslim needs, he speaks the truth. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear the truth from an elected official? Thank you

  4. Wow! As far back as 1973 we had Turkish people employed on our artillery post. They were dismissed when they were found not rinsing the silverware and dishes thereby giving the soldiers the ‘shits’, etc.
    It is heartening to hear European politicians speak what the ‘man on the street’ has known for some years.

  5. I wish we could transplant this guys balls to some of our politicians. Our balls have schrunk to the size of bbs and the muslimes know how to use that to their advantage.

  6. We must stand united against extremeism and Islamists who try and come to our countries, take over, and dictate to us.
    They hate America, Canada and Israel. I cannot understand why they come here, because they already will not fit into our way of life, and values.
    It is deceptibve of our government to allow so many. The universities and medical schools are getting millions of dollars from the rich Arab countries, and so they come by the droves.
    This is not a good idea.

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