Illinois: Muslims got mosque in residential neighborhood, now want gigantic minaret

This is how they operate. They bend and break zoning laws and get the pro-sharia DOJ to threaten lawsuits if local citizens simply try to enforce long-standing zoning laws.

In this case, the Muslims even lied agreed not to have a huge minaret but now that they got their mosque in the residential neighborhood they are reneging and want their huge symbol of conquest. Nice neighbors. Next they’ll be blaring the call to prayer five times a day. Residents will pay the price for the politically correct county officials. 

“The minarets are our bayonets; the domes are our helmets. Mosques are our barracks, the believers are soldiers. This holy army guards my religion. Almighty, Our journey is our destiny, the end is martyrdom.” ~ Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan

via Page board rejects dome and minaret for Muslim Educational Cultural Center of America mosque near Willowbrook –

The DuPage County Board today voted 14-4 to reject a proposal to allow a minaret and a dome on a planned mosque near Willowbrook.

Last March, the Muslim Educational Cultural Center of America (MECCA) won approval for a 47,000-square-foot mosque and cultural center to be built on a 4.7-acre parcel at 16W560 91st Street in unincorporated DuPage County. However, board members at that time voted down plans for a 69-foot dome and a 79-foot minaret.

MECCA officials subsequently returned to DuPage officials, seeking a lower dome that would peak 50 feet off the ground, along with a shorter minaret that would top off no higher than 60 feet off the ground. The group’s lawyer argued that MECCA could not realistically construct a dome and minaret that would be functional and true to religious custom while sticking to the county’s current height cap of 36 feet.

Today, residents of the nearby Timberlake Estates neighborhood noted that MECCA’s project lacks the greater setbacks that are required for variations to houses of worship that are taller than 36 feet.

“You have created a law to protect places of assembly and sensitive residential areas (that) clearly states the height of a building can be increased if setbacks are increased,” neighbor Pete Spencer told the board. “This…does not conform and is not eligible for this relief.”

Representatives from MECCA, however, complained that neighbors who objected to the mosque proposal last year were using the debate on the dome and minaret to continue their opposition to the mosque as a whole. MECCA planning consultant Joe Abel, who also is the retired director of the county’s development department, insisted that the likelihood of neighbors being able to see the dome and minaret was low.

“All these people stood up, and tell me one who said they have opposition to the dome and minaret themselves,” Abel said. “My professional opinion is you will not see the dome and the minaret because of the landscaping buffer. No one said, ‘oh, we don’t want to look at that obnoxious structure.’ You didn’t hear that this morning. We presented testimony showing that nobody is going to be able to see this from their decks.”

And MECCA board member Hani Atassi called the minaret and the dome “symbols of our religion,” and pointed out that other area religious institutions exceed the height limit.

“All you have to do is drive around DuPage County and see how many religious institutions have their symbols over 36 feet,” he said. “We just want to be treated like any other religious institution.”

Most board members were not swayed.

“I would think…people would really want to get along with their neighbors,” said board member Donald Puchalski, R-Addison. “They’re not opposing what (MECCA is) trying to do, they’re opposing the variation. My understanding is, (MECCA) didn’t meet the setback.”

Board member Michael Ledonne, R-Lombard, predicted that MECCA would make a great neighbor, but that the heights of the proposed dome and minaret would not meet the spirit of the county’s zoning laws.

“To me, it’s all about balance,” Ledonne said. “They do have the ability to build a dome, (and) they do have the ability to build a minaret, they just can’t build it as high as they want to. In my opinion, that’s not justification for going against our current zoning laws.”

That’s why we call it the “zoning jihad.”

25 thoughts on “Illinois: Muslims got mosque in residential neighborhood, now want gigantic minaret

    • One cold night, as an Arab sat in his tent, a camel gently thrust his nose under the flap and looked in. “Master,” he said, “let me put my nose in your tent. It’s cold and stormy out here.” “By all means,” said the Arab, “and welcome” as he turned over and went to sleep.

      A little later the Arab awoke to find that the camel had not only put his nose in the tent but his head and neck also. The camel, who had been turning his head from side to side, said, “I will take but little more room if I place my forelegs within the tent. It is difficult standing out here.” “Yes, you may put your forelegs within,” said the Arab, moving a little to make room, for the tent was small.

      Finally, the camel said, “May I not stand wholly inside? I keep the tent open by standing as I do.” “Yes, yes,” said the Arab. “Come wholly inside. Perhaps it will be better for both of us.” So the camel crowded in. The Arab with difficulty in the crowded quarters again went to sleep. When he woke up the next time, he was outside in the cold and the camel had the tent to himself.

      • Perfect, Isahiah, maybe that’s why camels rate higher on the scale than women, eh? I have no problem with the leftist, marxist dhimmis ending up outside the tent, but dammit, we’ll be out there with them!

      • My ending would have been a little different.

        It would go a little something like this:

        “In the morning, I being the Arab, was found cooking that camel outside the tent!”

  1. They twist the zoning laws against us the say we are freindly we just want to worship just as you do . Behind the veil is lies and deceit so that Illinois and the population was to lazy to stand up to them ,they just gave them another den to plot in.

  2. How long will it be before citizens take the law into their own hands as they are now doing in Europe? How long before the “orders” from on high to build these “houses of hate”are seen appropriately as treasonous?

    I would not want to be of the Islamic persuasion in the America of the future. The sickening of real Americans is happening all over the country now.

  3. Well, kuffars (those of you who approved the mosque in a residential area), what did you expect? Welcome to Americastan. Give the Muslims an inch and they will become rulers.

  4. We must stand up and enforce laws by which we have lived for many years. We must not succumb to changes solely to accomodate Islam.

    Islam must learn to live by and with existing law. We cannot change to accomodate them—and Sharia cannot be accepted here in total—only those portions that agree with our Judeo-Christian system.

  5. Why are we allowing an obvious “cult” to exist and expand within this country??? This is a “cult” by every definition of the word! It glorifies all the things that “WE, the People…” stand against! At what point do “WE, the People…” stand up and yell, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH???”

    “WE, the People…” does not anyone even “know” what that phrase means??? I guess not…as it is no longer even discussed in “Public Schools” anymore!!!

  6. Like a habit. The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken. The growing cancer is not felt until it is too late.

  7. Who is taking the muzrat moolah?? These kaffirs who are so keen on these abominations get money for greasing the pole!! They should be exposed, Michael Ledonne!!!

  8. according to Mohammed minarets are not HALAL. In fact he disdained grandiose buildings for mosques preferring tents for worship. The minaret thing and many other demands of Muslims are pure MYTH, dictated by their greed and need to dominate- like their made up crap about Jerusalem being holy tothem- it’s not and never was- their book says all the land east of Sinai is for JEWS – so their preachers are lying and not saying the Koran as written when they demand allt his crap- like praying times being mandatory- no they do have exceptions built into their own laws- and same for lving in OUR lands- they are not supposed to at all- they are to leave if the conditions are not compatible with ISLAM- so many lies by the world’s biggest liars—

  9. It must be frustrating for the ‘best’ people, according to mohammad’s god allah, to put up with the likes of us non-moslemites! We just do not get the message that human rights are for humans which we are not.

  10. Why in sam hill, dose America set around bitching about everything, instead of just getting it handled. I’m an American – Vet – Tax Payer – and I say just remove the problem (Muslims) ! All, — was that politically incorrect – or did someone get there poor little anti American feelings hurt ? THEN GET THE HELL GONE ! If you think for one minuet, the REAL American’s (not the panty waists) are going to stand for much more of this bull s___t, — your in for one heck of a shocker !!

  11. want more and then some more and then some more. they will not be happy till usa looks like all the other sh*t holes they came from!

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