Muslim Gangs Terrorize Denmark

via Muslim Gangs Terrorize Denmark :: Stonegate Institute.

More than 140 Muslim gang members were arrested in Denmark after they tried to raid a courthouse where two fellow Muslims are being tried for attempted murder.

The Muslims — all members of criminal street gangs that have taken over large parts of Danish towns and cities — were wearing masks and bullet-proof vests and throwing rocks and bottles as they tried to force their way into the district courthouse in Glostrup, a heavily Islamized suburb of Copenhagen, on March 6.

Police used batons and pepper spray to fend off the gang members, who were armed with an arsenal of 20 different types of weapons, including crowbars, darts, hammers, knives, screwdrivers and wooden clubs.

The trial in Glostrup involves two Pakistani immigrants accused of shooting and attempting to murder two fellow Muslims who belong to a rival gang. Police say the accused used a nine millimeter handgun to carry out the crime in Ballerup, a Muslim suburb northwest of Copenhagen. The trial began on February 28 and is scheduled to run through March 28.

The immigrant gangs are involved in countless criminal activities, including drug trafficking, illegal weapons smuggling, extortion, human trafficking, robbery, prostitution, automobile theft, racketeering and murder.

Many of the gang members are ethnic Arabs, Bosnians, Turks and Somalians. They also include Iraqis, Moroccans, Palestinians and Pakistanis.

Immigrant gangs often operate or seek refuge in so-called no-go zones that are effectively off limits to Danish authorities. These “no-go zones” involve suburbs of Copenhagen and other Danish cities that function as autonomous enclaves ruled by Muslim immigrants, areas where Danish police fear to tread.

Muslim gangs in Denmark have been highly adept at leveraging the fear that Danish authorities have of Islam and of Muslim immigrants. They replicated the model that Muslim gangs in Britain have successfully used to wrest control over the criminal underworld in that country.

In an interview with a British newspaper, an Asian Muslim gang member named Amir put it this way: “The reality is that Asian gangs don’t give much of toss about religion, but with Islam comes fear, and with fear comes power. Religion is important to us only as a way of defining who we can trust and who we can work with. Young Muslim gangs aren’t worried about what Allah makes of their criminal ways — they don’t believe in it to that extent.”

Amir added: “Through religion we speak the same language, live in the same areas, go to the same schools and can even use mosques as a safe place away from the police or other gangs. If you f*** with a Muslim gang you’d better be able to run fast or hide well, because they will come back at you in numbers.”

Wherever Muslims are being imported (or “resettled” as the government calls it) expect the same to happen – including the United States.

18 thoughts on “Muslim Gangs Terrorize Denmark

  1. Deport them all. What is most distrubing is the “no go zones”, why are they allowed? It is time to put political correctness is put to sleep. You can not talk to someone who would really like to see you dead. The US and other countries need to wake the hell up and stop this scourge.

    • eventually denmark will be an entire no go zone. I am sure the left is proud of destroying this country. They are still in power, as well as in Canada too. Canada with its muslim members of parliment is opening the doors if you can prove you are muslim. Watch this country go down fast… Welfare, here I come with 21 children all needing medical attention, for which I will insist on a FEMALE muzzie doc. Which way to the mosque? Where can I get free burquas? Where is my free house and welfare check? Be fast! Where can I marry my 7th wife at age 6? Her name is Aisha, and I paid $300 for her. Where do my kids go to get into a gang? Hate is what I will have for all of you there.
      Am I a good refugee? Yes!

      • True words. I can see this happening in the US. How do countries afford them? I guess they go to the Bank of China as well.

  2. I agree, DEPORT THE CRUD out of the country and back to where they came from. But first give them a taste of there own MEDICINE. DEPORT THEM ON CRUTCHES AND WHEEL CHAIRS!!! LOCK AND LOAD.

    • We are losing American freedom each and every day and don’t even realize it. We are to PC. We don’t bow down to anyone. To bow down to Muslim is unacceptable. They honesty want to kill all “infidels” and that should raise the hair on everybodys neck.

  3. Denmark and the UK will continue to suffer unforseen consequences of their choice to give Muslims ‘special’ accomidations…legal, social and demographic.

    Am NOT surprised to see this snow ball effect. Am praying to God the US does not loose it’s fortitude like Denmark & the UK have. Sad to see CAIR has already hijacked many a ‘sheeple’ mind here in the US.

  4. CAIR/Saudia Arabia should be kicked out of the country; they are no better than those who were involved in the holocaust. CAIR is only a front and those sheep in DC are so stupid and believe all their lies. Time to vote them out and constantly bombard them with protests, etc. to get them to work for the American citizens, not the muslims who don’t give a damn what it takes to get control. Lying is in their DNA and they are good at it.

  5. Travelled through Denmark in 1960, loved the place, great people. Sad, but I have to say, if they let this happen, then they deserve it–and they are letting it happen.

    • And I guess your country is doing just the same, though i don’t know where you are from? You sound like a westerner? But then your people deserve it too, my friend – cause you as a nation/people ain’t doing anything about it no more than my country, Denmark – against this filth! It’s the same all over, if you hadn’t noticed – and if it’s not now, then it will be in a couple of years. I’ve seen it come in America – and it’s there now!

  6. I salute the Danish police, having to defend the courthouse with batons and pepper spray. They should have had machine-guns. GOD, I loathe pislam and this filth from these shithole countries. Destroy them all, turn tehran into a glowing blue parking lot, along with islamabad. You watch the arse drop out of them then. This is the ONLY language this filth understands.

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