Muslim juror refuses to take off veil, excused rather than charged

This is how it creeps. Want to avoid jury duty, just put on a veil. via Muslim juror asked to stand down for refusing to take off veil.

In a first of its kind ruling, a veiled Muslim woman was barred from serving on a jury in a London court by a judge who wanted her to remove the face cover as it concealed her expressions.

In an extraordinary ruling yesterday, the judge said she could not sit on an attempted murder trial because her full face covering, known as the niqab, concealed her expressions, a media report said today.

The woman was about to take the oath in the case at Blackfriars Crown Court in London when the judge interrupted to ask if she was prepared to remove the garment which covered her whole face, apart from a narrow slit through which her eyes could be seen.

Judge Aidan Marron, said it was “desirable” that her face was “exposed” during the trial and asked her to remove the veil.

When she refused, she was told to stand down and a male member of the jury pool was sworn in in her place, the Daily Mail reported.

In the presence of the rest of the jury, Judge Marron said, “I wonder whether I can address the lady who is veiled. Would you prefer not to remove your veil in this particular case?”. The woman replied “Yes”.

“I entirely understand that, but in this particular case it is desirable that your face is exposed, so I’m going to invite you to stand down. I hope you understand,” the Judge added.

The ruling, which is thought to be one of the first of its kind in Britain, has sparked outrage.

“This is totally unacceptable. I really can’t understand why facial expressions could have any impact on the judge, the judgement or anyone else in a trial. It has no relevance. I’m speechless that you can exclude someone on the basis of the way that they dress,” Massoud Shadjareh, chairman of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, said.

“It’s very worrying that a judge is being prejudiced against women wearing a veil,” he added.

Official guidelines state that veils can be worn in court although senior judges should decide on a case-by-case basis.

We can agree that it is totally unacceptable. Laws for Muslims and laws for everyone else. She should been told to remove her veil or be charged in contempt.

10 thoughts on “Muslim juror refuses to take off veil, excused rather than charged

  1. evidently muslims do not underswtand the word ‘ assimilate’, all they understand or accept is their way; wake up folks to the real world. political correctness is out

  2. There is no universally accepted agreement among Muslims that the
    koran requires a female to wear the niqab. It is a custom of choice. It is not a religious dictate. It is a phoney excuse used over and over to be seen as an assult on the Muslim religion. This constant apologetic stance taken here and in Europe willl be our end.

  3. The identity of a person is relevant such as it is known to the court. The potential for abuse by stuffing a jury with people then preventing voir dire from discovering jury tampering is real.

  4. The Koran says to “LOWER YOUR EYES,” not “cover your body from head to toe.” This means MEN should not stare at women too. But Muslims, being the female hostile religion it is, turned it into a female burden. This is not correct.

    THere are many reasons why this woman should not serve on the jury – the first being identification. Forget facial expressions, what if each day another member of her family was hiding under the veil? How would the judge know?

    And yes, facial expressions are relevant. As a criminal litigation attorney, I am always looking at the jurors faces. During juror selection, I need to know if someone is laughing or stone faced. Same thing goes for the trial – it determines my trial strategy!

    This woman and those like her, have NO PLACE on a jury if they are not willing to bend to the rules of the system. But she should be charged with contempt for refusing a judge’s order.

    • Couldnt agree more with you more Greg…you are right on the money… it’s pretty obvious that the muslims abuse the ‘freedom’ they ‘enjoy’ in free countries…they’ve been raised to cause chaos wherever they go…break a country down by this abuse…it’s soooo sad..and our future is very frightening if our gov’ts dont stand up no matter what the bleeding hearts say.

  5. i wonder if the judge could tell if she was sleep or awake during a trail, pretty hard to tell with a niqab . Or was he concerned that she could be listening to a ipod.. hmm who knows

  6. Are you sure this juror was not a man , I heard that men dressed as women in a burka walked through the security at London airport.

    When are the ‘elected’ politicians going to realise they will not be elected again if they do not listen to the people and do what is needed to be done.
    The general public know what is needed to be done why are the politicians ignoring the obvious.

    Send all muslims back to their countries of origin there is no place
    in this country for the likes of them.

  7. I knew HH Judge Marron when he was at the Bar. A sensible, uncomplicated practitioner. Clearly, the Establishment inculcate “special rules for minorities” in the Judiciary. I find it odd that they will tolerate discriminatory on their part effectively against whites, infidels etc. he wouldn’t have allowed an English Christian to wear a face veil and sit as a juror but he would have threatened contempt proceedings to prevent everyone trying it on to avoid Jury service. Double standards, Judge!

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