Obama to bypass Congress, Give $1.5B of your taxes to Muslim Brotherhood (updated)

He did it.

(Reuters) – The Obama administration on Friday formally released $1.3 billion in military aid for Egypt despite Cairo’s failure to meet pro-democracy goals, saying U.S. national security required continued military assistance.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton waived congressional conditions imposed late last year that tied U.S. aid to progress in Egypt’s transition to democracy following the ouster of longtime President Hosni Mubarak.

“These decisions reflect America’s over-arching goal: to maintain our strategic partnership with an Egypt made stronger and more stable by a successful transition to democracy,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said in a statement.

Clinton’s decision, which has been criticized by some U.S. lawmakers, took note of Egypt’s progress since last year’s street revolution, including holding parliamentary elections and preparing for a presidential election in May.

Front running post before it happened below.

via Obama Bypasses Congress, Gives $1.5 Billion to Muslim Brotherhood.

During a trip through Colorado in December of last year, President Obama spoke of his intention to implement his economic policies with or without the approval of Congress. Said Obama, “And where Congress is not willing to act, we’re going to go ahead and do it ourselves.” It now appears that such a mindset applies not only to economic matters but to the distribution of foreign aid as well–in particular, foreign military aid for the Muslim Brotherhood, who now hold the reigns in Egypt.

Congress has restricted and, in fact, halted military aid to Egypt until and “unless the State Department certifies that Egypt is making progress on basic freedoms and human rights.” After all, Christians and other practitioners of non-Islamic religions have had a tough go of it there. And of course, many Egyptian officials harbor such hatred toward the U.S. that one of the candidates for the Egyptian presidency has openly referred to America as the “infidel country” in media interviews.

Nevertheless, the news breaking now is that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will soon announce that President Obama will “resume funding for Egypt’s military, despite Congressional restrictions and objections from human rights and democracy advocates.”

Even Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (D-VT), a man with whom I’ve never agreed on anything, sees the foolishness of this endeavor: “I believe [sending the aid] would be a mistake. The new [restrictions were] intended to put the United States squarely on the side of the Egyptian people who seek a civilian government that respects fundamental freedoms and the rule of law, and to clearly define the terms of our future relations with the Egyptian military.”

Who knows; perhaps the Obama administration can also circumvent Congress and give the Iranians some nuclear materials or give Hamas some advanced weaponry? I know both ideas sound crazy, but they’re no crazier than giving $1.5 billion in military aid to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Not sure how many of you actually contact your elected officials and not even sure that has any affect any more with The Ascendence Of Sociopaths In US Governance.

29 thoughts on “Obama to bypass Congress, Give $1.5B of your taxes to Muslim Brotherhood (updated)

    • I would prefer that he is “hanged” from the nearest tree. He is a traitor to our country and any other country that wants freedom. The true Americans in office should fight for this. He is a true Moslem at heart. Do you remember that we use to use moslem but now we use muslim? I guess they want us to use their formal title. Peace to all non-muslims who still call them moslem, which they are.

  1. …I can believe this, is this a joke ?
    The US are giving taxe payer money.. to an Organisation link to 9.11 ??

    ..And The Muslim Brotherhood what they gonna do with all that money in Egypt ? Feeding the poor ? Or prepare war with their Hamas friends in Gaza ?.. and what ? The US Coming to help Israël afterwards ??

    Good Lord !!!

  2. Obama? A traitor? Hell…he’s a “straight-up” imposter!!! Why are “WE, the people…” allowing him to remain in the Presidents seat??? He should have been “removed” from office the moment we discovered he is NOT qualified to be President!!!

    There is no reason for an “impeachment”…as he is NOT qualified in the first damn place!!! He NEEDS TO BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE IMMEDIATELY AND SENT TO PRISON FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE!!! PERIOD!!!


  3. Obama is a traitor who is financing an enemy sworn to the destruction of the United Staes Also, the Muslim Brotherhood is killing Copts indiscriminately and destroys any concept of Human Rights

    Lets bring him up on cha rges of treason and aiding an enemy

  4. Everyone reading this note, start a volly of e-mail to McConell in the senate and BOEHNER in the congress to IMPEACH OBUMA THE IMPOSITER now. Also VOLLY YOUR representitives with your e-mails and phone calls with the same message, KICK THIS DAMN TRAITOR OUT and charge him with FRAUD against the U S A. LOCK AND LOAD.

  5. The Mujiheedeen in Afghanistan was aided by the Reagan administration against the Soviets. We know where this led to…Osama Bin Laden and the likes. No cry for impeachment then!

    • “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Those were A) different times and B) entirely different circumstances. Back then, the great enemy was the Soviet Union, not a bunch of ‘backwards towelheads.’ The Afghanis were being invaded by the Russians, presumably for their oil. Because we feared the Russians far more than the Afghanis, we made a deal. There was no impeachment because everyone (well, MOST everyone) thought it was a good deal. They had no idea they were giving weapons to someone who would, eventually, become a bigger enemy than Russia.

  6. This man is a piece of work! He was doing all of this before he was elected but the media would not report it! Obama is One Big Ass Mistake America and we need to get him out before he destroys us!

  7. Seriously, what does this man have to do, stand up on the 4th. july and say: “I’m going to bring this country down, and make it an islamic republic, allahu akbar?!”

    Everything he has said and done has been in favour of muslims; he’s flooding the country with his muslim friends; and even on FOX news people who should know better speak well of him. (With the exception of Sean Hannity, who alone shows some guts.)

    And now, he says he’s going to give American taxpayers’ money to his muslim brotherhood buddies (thugs) and to hell with all of you! Words fail me.

  8. Who needs congress when you have Obama!

    I have been watching GOP Primaries with interest. Although Americans should know their reasons for supporting whoever, Newt Gingrich, I believe, is the man to deal with the muslim problem.

    I haven’t heard the others say anything about it.

    Guess it’s not a top priority for them! Shame!

    • Absolutely correct, Newt is indeed the ONLY one who seems to know what’s going on, and the only one who seems to be awake regarding the useless, whining, dirty rabble called palestinians.

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