Judge allows defendants in underage sex trafficking ring Muslim prayer breaks during trial

Muslim gang bangers who rape and violently force underage girls into prostitution get Islamic prayer time during the trial? Judge Dhimmi reporting for duty. via Suspects facing trial in sex trafficking ring that included Twin Cities – TwinCities.com.

More than a dozen people accused in a sex trafficking ring run by Somali gangs that reached from Minnesota to Tennessee are facing trial in Nashville.

Out of the total 30 who were indicted, 15 are going to trial this week on charges of conspiracy to commit sexual trafficking of children by force, fraud or coercion and charges related to the sexual trafficking of two unidentified juvenile females, who prosecutors say were ages 14 or younger at the time of the offenses.

Jury selection was scheduled to begin Tuesday, March 20, and the trial is expected to last about two months.

The indictment, which was originally unsealed in 2010 and amended by a superseding indictment in 2011, says the defendants, many of them from the Somali immigrant communities in the Twin Cities and Nashville, were members or associates of three gangs called the Somali Outlaws, the Somali Mafia and the Lady Outlaws The gang members are accused of forcing teenage girls into prostitution and operated in St. Paul; Minneapolis; Columbus, Ohio; and Nashville. Four unidentified female victims are listed in the indictment.

The indictment accuses the gangs of finding and recruiting young girls, some also Somali, for the purpose of prostitution in exchange for money and drugs between 2000 and 2010. The indictment lists instances in which a young Somali girl, identified as Jane Doe #1, was taken from Minneapolis to Nashville and Columbus to have sex with gang members and others.

The indictment says that another young Somali girl, Jane Doe #2, was told that using her for prostitution was referred to as a “mission” and other gang members wouldn’t be charged to have sex with her. Some of the victims are expected to testify during the trial.

Many of the defendants have remained in federal custody since their arrests in 2010 and all 15 are represented by separate defense attorneys. The defendants are Abdifatah Jama Adan, Ahmad Abdulnasir Ahmad, Musse Ahmed Ali, Hassan Ahmed Dahir, Faduma Mohamed Farah, Idris Ibrahim Fahra, Abdullahi Hashi, Fatah Haji Hashi, Abdirahman Abderazak Hersi, Dahir Nor Ibrahim, Abdifatah Bashir Jama, Andrew Kayachith, Fuad Faisal Nur, Yasin Abdirhaman Yusuf and Mohamed Ahmed Amalle.

All citizens of Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison’s state.

The trial could involve about two hundred witnesses, including many who are being brought from Minnesota. U.S. District Court Judge William Haynes is allowing the defendants to take scheduled Muslim prayer breaks during the proceedings.

Most of the defense attorneys declined to comment before the trial, but some said they expected this to be a complicated trial for the attorneys and the jurors.

A proposed questionnaire for potential jurors includes questions about opinions about Somalis, immigrants and recent protests over the building of mosques in Murfreesboro, Tenn., and New York City.

Surely everyone involved will say this has nothing to do with Islam, despite the Islamic prayer breaks that all jurors will likely have to witness. So why ask about mosques that were built despite zoning laws being violated?

This is the case the barely made it to trial due to the dhimmitude of a US attorney (probably on orders from Eric Holder).

20 thoughts on “Judge allows defendants in underage sex trafficking ring Muslim prayer breaks during trial

  1. Another MUSLIM BUTT LICKING JUDGE that needs to be removed POST HASTE. He is violating his oath ofd OFFICE. We need to stop this CRAP by the JUDICAL SYSTEM now. LOCK AND LOAS.

  2. Granting requests for prayer time while in custody could open the door for prosecutors to question the defendants attitudes relative to non-moslems.

  3. How the hell can a judge permit disruption of established court proceedings?

    I bet the pigs were’nt worried about praying when they were raping under aged girls.

    I just looked up how muslims pray – it’s so ludicrous it’s laughable. Ie; you must wash with water to be clean before prayer, but if you don’t have water use dusty soil – dirt Just make sure that the soil is struck with the palms first.

    • Yes indeed. Islam’s obsession with ritual purity, ie istinja, wudu, al- ghusl, etc, is definitely high in the “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder” scale of a ridiculous waste of time paradigm when one considers the whole 5 times a day prayer schedule they keep. Hell, if they so much as fart, they must wash their smelly ass-cracks with water (soap not necessary) or an odd number of stones (3 or more), and not an even number either, before they can pray or enter a mosque. No wonder muslims are so prone to fits of rage. They’re all so anal! Lol.

      For a religion who claims Jesus as a prophet, they pervert and insult his entire ministry on earth when you consider Christ’s work against these types of theological legalisms. His message of love to be replaced by muhammad’s twisted message of hate. Muhammad killed hundreds, sold hundreds into slavery, and ordered his umma to kill thousands. Since the 7th Century, they have killed hundreds of millions and they still enslave people such as these girls. What was Christ’s most violent act? Chase money lenders from the Temple.

      What does that tell you?

        • Along with the two mentioned inventions you speak of, don’t forget to add the condom, of which they fashoned from goat intestines, but never mind mentioning Western improvements to the device such as removing the intestine from the goat. It wouldn’t be politically correct to say so because it will discriminate against their “caprasexual” orientation and CAIR would open a new front to their ongoing litigation jihad seeing how a challenge to their patent rights would deprive Hamas of much needed revenue for terror activity, lol.

          Q) What is the Arabic word for rape?

          A) Baa!

  4. So did they swear to tell the truth on the Holy Bible?
    We must elect who ever will stand up againt Sharia Law.
    America bless God!

  5. Another pathetically dhimmified federal judge who needs to be casheered. For that matter, so do these muzzthugs and their evil pedo-slave racket of under age islamo-pimpery. It is hard to fathom that evil people like this would even have any “authentic” religious convictions. I mean, would we consider the religious needs of practicing satanists while on trial or behind bars? Well, knowing how left field many liberals are, my point is moot.

    Yes, the thought of this judge’s actions possibly having something to do with trying to avoid a possible mistrial upon appeal crossed my mind, but any jury that would see this issue as a denial of due process needs to be casheered too. And while we’re on this topic, lets definitely casheer the usurper administration on 1600 Pennsylvania AVE too!

  6. Want freedom? Don’t violate young women and treat them as abused sex toys.

    This is ridiculous, but let’s take another avenue with a case this big, every recess of course costs money/time/effort of the entire legal system. And a case this big with cameras and all rolling these constant recesses so these guys can “pray” to their demonic lord and let him know they are doing his work by treating women this way…. Could end up costing the tax payers millions.

  7. I am in awe of this country, I never believed this Islam crap would take hold in a God fearing land. I dont understand why the people in this country are not doing something to stop our country from becoming muslim. I am a Vietnam vet who thought the treatment of the vets was bad but NOW I believe this Islam bullshit is a 100 times worse. We the people need to put muslim Obama out next year, Including Holder who is no more that lacky for Obama. Remember these Judges who went against American laws and 86% Christains. Remember any elected officals who cowtailed to the muslims needs replaced now!

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  9. Were these stupids and criminal minds muslins praying when they forced the teenagers into prostitution??Were they in the mosque?? And this stupid juge…what about him? Where is his mind? The FBI MUST INVESTIGATE HIS LIFE….AND FIRST OF ALL, HE’IS THE AMERICAN AUTHORITY AND LIKE THIS HE MUST GIVE THE EXAMPLE. SO HE DOES RESPECT THE CIVIL LAW: ONE LAW FOR ALL !! Why give differents rigths criminal minds?! THE AMERICAN PEOPLE MUST WAKE UP!! ALETHEA RJ BRASIL

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