Michelle Obama & Hillary Clinton award foreign women (photo)

Cowardice awarding the courageous? Have you ever seen Obama or Clinton helping or giving awards to American women, much less smiling with them?

Never looked so proud

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (3rd L) and First Lady Michelle Obama (2nd L) stand with four of the ten winners during the State Department’s 2012 International Women of Courage Award winners ceremony. in Washington March 8, 2012. From left, Maryam Durani of Afghanistan, Mrs. Obama, Mrs. Clinton, Samar Badawi of Saudi Arabia, Shad Begum of Pakistan, and Hawa Abdallah Mohammed Salih of Sudan. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

Taxpayer funded of course.

18 thoughts on “Michelle Obama & Hillary Clinton award foreign women (photo)

  1. This picture tells you ALL you need to know about the administration. Loving Islamic terror – hating American values.

  2. Look, if anyone is going to be able to change the idiocy that Muslims are brought up with, it’s going to have to be the women – it’s the women who teach the children in their youngest years isnt it. If these 4 women are trying to do that, then more power to them. They are seeing over 1700 women murdered in Pakistan alone in the last couple of years, and I know that the woman in the picture from Pakistan is in very great danger herself from her efforts to stop such practices.

    Each of those Muslim women in that picture have been imprisoned or threatened with imprisonment, torture, etc. for trying to change the plight of Muslim women in Muslim countries, even going to the courts in Saudi Arabia to try to be heard. These women are NOT for honor killing or Sharia Law.

    Whoever put this picture up without that kind of information about the women in it, did a grave disservice to them. Those women are what everyone else is always yelling about “Why dont we ever hear Muslims from the INSIDE trying to put a stop to the horror?”

    Those women ARE trying, and they are very, very brave. And some of them will probably end up very, very dead for it.

    • The disservice is for you to totally misrepresent the post to fit your own benefit and for taxpayers to foot the bill for State Dept. folly, often benefiting Muslims and only Muslims to the tune of billions of US taxpayer dollars.

      And clearly they do support sharia unlike the women not pictured who were not wearing Islamic clothing.

      • I didnt represent anything to “fit my own benefit”. Im not a Muslim. I dont care for Muslims. I am completely against Sharia Law and the inroads it’s making into our society here in the USA. I also believe Obama is a Muslim and is doing all he can to destroy America through bringing in Sharia banking, etc.

        These women in this picture do NOT support Sharia, have you even bothered to check to see what each of them has been doing to try to STOP Sharia? Apparently not.

        These four women have been through hell to try to stop the horrible actions Sharia Law continues to put on them. YOU bring posts here the other day that show 1700 women in Pakistan have been “honor killed” and yet when someone shows you a Pakistani woman (one of the women in the picture) who is doing all she can to STOP that kind of crap to the point that she’s probably going to be killed for it, you accuse me of posting this information for my own benefit?

        No. Those women will probably end up dead for what they’re trying to do, but they’re doing it anyway. If you cant even be FAIR and tell the truth about what they’re doing (because Muslims standing up against the horrors of Sharia are VERY rare), then you shouldnt even be running a forum like this.

        Yes, castigate Muslims for the horrors they are bringing to the world, yes! But then dont complain that no Muslims are standing up against it, to the tune of their very lives being in danger, when there are FOUR of them right in front of you in that picture. You owe an apology. Go and learn what those women have been doing. Seriously, go and learn what they’ve been doing.

        • Don’t have anything against the four womern that are trying to change things. It’s the two ugly broads with them that i despise. They are the two biggest phoneys you will ever meet. Mooooochele and Hilary, the two biggest jokes ever.

    • But yet they still love the religion that is doing all of that. They are just being used to promote islam and it’s death cult. Islam is sharia law. Peace to all non-Moslems who can read between the lines.

      • Go and read what those women have been doing. Until then, you dont have any idea what youre talking about as far as those women go. They are an EXCEPTION to your “between the lines”. They are the Muslims you and others, including me, have been asking “where the hell are you and why arent you standing up against this crap and exposing it” Because that’s what these women have been doing, and they’re probably going to end up dead because of it.

        • Jules, perhaps you are misreading this; Creeping states at the top: “Cowardice rewarding the COURAGEOUS”, Seems to me he is referring to Clinton and Obama as cowards–which they are. Peace!

  3. Plain to see why Bill had a girlfriend. Mooochele has spent millions of your dollars with her international travel program for her and the kids. Too bad. The first and last black Prez

  4. I can understand where Jules is coming from – he’s trying to defend those who are working “within” the system (pisslam) – when, in reality, all their efforts will be for naught (whether or not they end up dead for their troubles) as long as the system they’re trying – unsuccessfully, for the most past – to reform is impervious to “reform,” as we would understand it. And, too, as the two smiling Western women – powerful and free – stand next to the four, all shrouded in body bags in one form or another, the contrast is stark! What would have happened had all these women donned Western gear when in the West at that State Dept dinner? Of course, THAT no doubt would have put them in extreme danger and exposed them – and the smiling ignorant broads next to whom they stood – to the ONGOING horrors and suppression that is – and always has been – pisslam. They seem to be saying one thing with their respective “work” and words, and quite another thing with those outfits that cover them up like blimps! On the other hand, women who leave pisslam, would never be seen dressed like that. IOW, they’re still very much oppressed – and seem to accept that oppression with broad smiles! Of course, keeping the traditional garb on for the photo ops not only makes Moochelle & Hitlery look good by comparison, but pleases the two marxists in their best UN-butt-kissing mode.

    • One addition, to show their real stance, let the two, Moochelle and Hitlery (too clever by far) don the body bags.

      Then, they would all look alike and all could see them for what they really are” shills for Sharia!

  5. Some of these comments are just so disgusting. FYI white people, this isn’t your country, its the natives. 2nd, You dont pay attention to ur history do you? That Americans killed the natives, that they killed 100,000 INNOCENT people in Iraq, and more than 5000 of their own people. You people buy in to what your government feeds you real good. What a bunch of morons you all are..

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