Brother of French jihadist: “I am very proud of my brother…approve of what he did”

via Brother of Mohammed Merah says he’s proud of the killing spree | The Sun |News.

Abdelkader Merah, 29, was arrested as cops cornered crazed Mohammed, 23, in his flat and shot him dead.

The older brother is also linked to militant Islamic groups and is being held over alleged terror offences with his girlfriend and mother.

He told cops: “I am very proud of my brother. I regret nothing for him and approve of what he did.”

His chilling comments came as new pictures were released yesterday of Thursday’s raid in Toulouse in which Merah was gunned down by French special forces. Four cops were wounded during the 32-hour siege and one was shown being stretchered away.

Officials last night said an autopsy on Merah showed he died of two bullet wounds to the head and stomach — but was hit by 20 bullets, mainly in the arms and legs.

The terrorist staged a bloodbath at a Jewish school on Monday — killing a teacher, his sons aged five and three and the head’s daughter aged eight. The week before he killed three off-duty soldiers.

Muslims are not running from this killer who chased down and shot tiny children in the head. There have been no mass protests. Quietly, if not publicly like his brother, they are defending him. They are proud. Like Muslims who celebrated 9/11 and still celebrate each year. Why? Mohammad, like his namesake, killed Jews and soldiers in an infidel army.

L-R Toulouse victims Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, his two sons, Gabriel, 3 and Arye, 6, and Miriam Monsonego, 8

7 thoughts on “Brother of French jihadist: “I am very proud of my brother…approve of what he did”

    • Implimentation of the suggested Sarkozy Solution would see some results: deport to convicted individuals to country of grandparents’ origin. Cancellation of French citizenship/residency, and to include all intervening members/generations. Charged with cost of trial and removal to overseas location. Confiscation of any/all possessions No right of return. International on fly listing would help.

      This should see Sarkozy reelected. Why France could once again hold it’s head high after these tragic and senseless deaths.

      Other European countries might then follow suit. Think of the shift in their societies and change of attitude. Enough of mindless migration into Britain and the Continent. Close the gates to Islamification and the threat of Sharia.

      • I hope whoever is voted to head France will carry through with what you wrote. Has anybody done any studies on how much this is costing the French in tourists dollars? I hope our president will take a cue from the French. I wouldn’t hold the French responsible. It was a sicko that under the kindness of the French was given a home away from the hell hole they left and they paid France back with such a horrible act. They don’t deserve to live in any other country but their own. Everytime I see the pictures of those children my heart aches for them and their families.

  1. I have little doubt that the International Court in Brussels will fight this idea and put so much pressure on the French that they will simply give up the idea. Like many laws, this one makes far too much sense to be implemented. The Arab block at the UN will scream “Islamophobia” and the weak-kneed, liberal Eurotrash will once again hide under their blankets.

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