Austin, Texas nightclub owners arrested, sent money to Hezbollah-linked relative in Lebanon

via Investigators link nightclub owner, associates to drug deals, militant Islamic group, homicide case. h/t Jihad Watch

Drug deals. Weapons purchases. Ties to a prison gang and a militant Islamic group and even a potential link to an unsolved homicide.

That was the list of allegations federal officials laid out against an Austin nightclub owner and nine of his associates in a dramatic hearing Tuesday.

Arrested last week on money laundering and drug charges, Yassine Enterprises owner Hussein Ali “Mike” Yassine, his brother, Mohammed Ali “Steve” Yassine, and eight others appeared in federal court and heard more details about the cases against them.

Mike Yassine, who owns eight Austin nightclubs, and the other suspects in the case face a variety of charges. Some are accused of cocaine distribution, purchases of guns to be used during drug deals and money laundering dating back to 2007.

Officials linked one suspect to the Texas Syndicate prison gang. They also said thousands of dollars were transferred to a Yassine relative in Lebanon who is reportedly connected to the militant group Hezbollah, considered a terrorist organization by the U.S. government.

Prosecutors for the first time also revealed that Mike Yassine is a “person of interest” in a case being investigated by the Austin Police Department’s homicide cold case unit. Austin police declined to provide additional details Tuesday, including the name of the alleged victim.

Mike Yassine might have also threatened witnesses, officials said, and is being investigated as part of a sexual assault case.

Judge Dennis Green denied bail for Mike Yassine and Steve Yassine. Bail for four others — including a third Yassine brother, Hadi Ali Yassine — ranged from $10,000 to $25,000. Bail rulings for the other suspects will be made at a later date, officials said.

Outside the courtroom on Tuesday, their father, Ali Yassine, said his sons are not guilty of the charges against them. “My boys … everybody’s innocent,” he said. “They’re very good boys.”

Also charged in the case are Marisse Marthe “Madi” Ruales, Karim Faiq, Alejandro “Cueta” Melendrez, Edgar Orsini, Nizar “Nino” Hakiki, Amar Thabet Araf and Sami Derder, all Central Texas residents who authorities say have various levels of involvement with the purported crimes.

During raids on the suspects’ homes and businesses last week, investigators said they seized more than 400 boxes of evidence.

They also report finding $200,000 in cash in a safe at the Yassine Enterprises offices on West Fourth Street, as well as cashier’s checks totaling $45,000 made out to a member of the Yassine family in Lebanon. That man is associated with Hezbollah, IRS agent James Neff testified.

The searches also turned up a bogus University of Texas diploma with Mike Yassine’s name, prosecutors said.

The American-Statesman has learned that businesses linked to Mike Yassine currently owe almost $600,000 in state sales and mixed-beverage taxes. His bank accounts have been frozen by the state comptroller’s office, his attorney said in court.

Yassine Enterprises, owns eight Austin bars: Pure, Spill, Kiss & Fly, Treasure Island, Hyde, Fuel, Malaia and Roial. They’ve remained closed since last week’s arrests and, officials said, will likely remain that way for the foreseeable future after the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission obtained a court order that blocks all eight nightclubs from selling or serving alcohol.

Mike Yassine is also part owner of Stack Burger Bar, which is still open for business. Its liquor license remains intact, according to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

16 thoughts on “Austin, Texas nightclub owners arrested, sent money to Hezbollah-linked relative in Lebanon

  1. Deport their arses and put them on the no fly list. Confiscate their businesses and sell them and proceeds given to swine breeders. A pig in every home!

  2. Better IDEA, convict them, confiscate everything they own, including there FATHER’S estate, and give the money to the TEXAS MILITIA for equipment and training to help keep this STATE and COUNTRY safe from the ISLAMIC THUGGERY that is permeating the world, then KICK THERE ASS’S OUT OF THE CHRISTIAN U S A and include them on the NO FLY ZONE and NO SAILING ZONE also. Send them back to the CAMEL ONLY COUNTRY THAT THEY CAME FROM. LOCK AND LOAD>

    • Omega2, Like the way you think. Make sure the wives and children go back as well. If they go to jail here, they will come out even worse. So let us save the Texans the cost of keeping them in jail.

  3. Sounds like these guys need their assets frozen just like Obama did to the Vatican. Freeze them and seize them and use the money to help the veterans who have been giving up everything to fight for the scumbag Muslims in the Middle East.

  4. Convict, freeze all assests, extradite entire family, one way, and place on international travel ban on them all. The sooner the better

    Donate confiscated property and bank accounts to families of our Middle East veterans and families. Alternately, set up scholarships for their children.

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  7. Wake up America!

    This is happening all over our great Country. We are not talking diversity here, we are talking survival of our American Culture!!!

    Read whatever you can “in their words” and you too will be convinced of their motives.

  8. Typical Muslims … having their fingers in all the criminal/pathological pies. It’s beginning to appear that, more than anything, Islam is little more than organized crime, rife with professional victim criminals.

  9. They’re probably already marching on the UT campus, chanting “Freedom for the Yassine Nine!”

    Well, maybe not, I’m sure the Travon Martin case is taking up most of their marching time.

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  12. Send them all back to their mother land. We need to stop all immigration for people from the middle east. There was a reason why immigration from the middle east was never allowed years ago and we should never have changed it. No way people from countries that hate us should be allowed in our country. It is time we stopped about others and take care to protect our country. And that means keeping the enemy OUT!!

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