Muslim kills daughter for having US actors on her mobile phone

Crickets from Hollywood and US actors. via Dad kills daughter for having US actors on her mobile phone – Emirates 24/7. h/t Religion of Peace

An Algerian man used a kitchen knife to slaughter his 16-year-old daughter after discovering pictures of American and Turkish actors in her mobile phone.

The man, identified as B. Majeed, sent his second wife and her children to her family so he could be left alone with his teen age daughter, Lidya.

“After finding photographs of some American and Turkish actors in her mobile phone, the father decided to kill his daughter and made plans for the murder,” the Algerian Arabic language daily Al Nahar said.

“When he was alone with her at home, he grabbed her and put the knife on her neck…he then slaughtered her like a sheep.”

The paper said the man, who had Lidya from his first wife, then phoned the police and surrendered to them

Meanwhile, in the United States, Muslims try to counter Sharia fear. (ps: disgust and dislike are not fear)

24 thoughts on “Muslim kills daughter for having US actors on her mobile phone

  1. they are sick sons of bitches; no love for their life or anyone elses.
    how pitiful is that? to think they are unable to think for themselves and see how muhammad was a degenerate, barbaric pedophile. they are sick.


  2. well….normal in the islamic society….however….for the american blacks that became muslim which was fashionable about 40 years ago…. Farrakhan…remember him…it is a culture shock…as blacks even those that were in the slave market were christian or pagan…it was the muslims that enslaved them in their original country…..Muslims were the majority slave traders…and they themselves had slaves….It reminds me of the Roots dude….anything to make a buck…and here we thought he was a slave….wonder about Oprah….wonder what her real story is….a muslim guy in drag..???

  3. Religion is slavery.30 pieces of silver.tracing the roots is the real way of ending the religions of slavery. Their minds are enslaved ;their souls are also enslaved……..and their’s all about slavery.since the beginning of time………..

    • They’ve got americans just as enslaved as any other culture. Just as mind controlled and manipulated. Wait til the food is off the grocery store shelves and watch how quickly people lose any sense of sanity and humility. We’re all brought up by these mainstream societies to be set on a hair trigger and ready to do the same thing this guy did, and just as thoughtlessly. The level of acquiescent servitude we commit to on a daily basis is the only proof we need to see it. I wonder, if or when, shit ever hits the fan here, how many people would be able to think and live independently from this system that we’re plugged into, and how many would just let that last nerve snap and start killing out of irrational, but in their own overloaded minds, totally justifiable fear and panic. It’s scary to me that we speak about other people being this way without being aware that they are, and never stop to ask if we are as well… The subconscieous mind is a dangerous thing if it’s surrendered to people who have no compassion for human kind…

  4. They are here and growing every day like a cancer which given enough time will be too late to operate. Just like the bermese python in the everglades that got loose and started reproducing and now is changing the eco system. Wake up now or not at all.

  5. Take this BASTARD OUT AND SLAUGHTER HIM LIKE HE DID TO HIS DAUGHTER. Better yet have him dig his own hole and then bury him up to his neck shave his head and poure honey on his head and let the ANTS HAVE HIM. Good old Indian way to deal with such trash. LOCK AND LOAD.

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  7. There is something seriously wrong with a man that can slaughter his own child. They must be possessed by many demons.
    Does the father get away with this? He should be judged, and he will be.

    • You are a fascist bloody hell if u are Christian you against ur thoughts if you are jew that is it your personality the since you most of you in this eart ever exist you are always driving this world in evil way go and read ur religion is all blood shed and hate so go wash ur eyes properly durty pig . Is none of your fucking business what we believe in this is us as we were and we will be forever . I’m Algerian and I’m broud of that and fuck u all go to the hell you are fucking germs

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  9. The Bible says,”COME LET US REASON TOGETHER” It seems many muslim men or most muslim men do not have the ability to reason. It is MUHAMMEDS WAY or I kill you. One less fertile young muslim woman capable of bringing more muslims into OUR world. Silver linings folks.

  10. You folks must be Republicans! Democrats are completely tolerant of Muslims and even think they should have their own laws upheld instead of US laws. REPENT!!!

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    • I disagree, the only sick bastard that is here right now is you. Your a spiteful man. If I had the ability to summon sharks and have them feed & chew on your bones; Hell yea I’d do it

  12. What I don’t understand is why does it say MUSLIM ? I may not be Muslim myself but why identify the man as Muslim ? Wouldn’t be more of Algerian man kills 16-year old daughter ? This just shows how bad Muslims are portrayed & I honestly think its disrespectful for any religion to be shunned. Also Muslimkiller ? I think you should be fed to alligators! Islam is a very beautiful religion but alot of times religion is misinterpreted. Algerians are known for being strict. ENOUGH WITH THE HATE, ISLAM WAS NOT MEANT FOR HATE. Also virginity is something very important in Islam, ALSO HERE’S THE FUNNY THING NONE OF YOU ASKED WHETHER HE HAS ANY MENTAL CONDITIONS ????!!! HAHA ALL OF YOU ARE SO IGNORANT, SLAVERY WAS SOMETHING THAT HAS BEEN AROUND SINCE THE FIRST CIVILIZATIONS CAME AROUND. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MUSLIMS BUT YOUR PURE HATE. HATE ON MY FELLOW UNEDUCATED AMERICANS, HATE ON!

  13. I completely agree with Goji, why hate ? Isn’t the world about love. We should first try to understand this religion. Education is something scarce nowadays even the theory of Evolution is in crumbles. EDUCATION IS THE ANSWER !!

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