Real Madrid removes the cross from logo for resort in Islamic UAE

via The Blaze

The logo on the left is the typical one used by the massively popular Real Madrid soccer team. It is still the logo seen on the club’s web site. The one on the right is the new, edited version that will be used to promote the new, billion dollar Real Madrid resort island being built in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Did you notice that the small cross atop the crown was removed?

Some reactions:

Walid Shoebat:

…in addition to costing $1 Billion, it will also cost Real Madrid something so small that hardly anyone will miss it. Unfortunately, it’s the perfect example of subtle dhimmitude.

Or not so subtle. Jihad Watch:

Anything for a buck. Islamic law forbids dhimmi Christians to display crosses.

@Shaqton may have summed it up best by simply referring to them as:

Halal Madrid!

7 thoughts on “Real Madrid removes the cross from logo for resort in Islamic UAE

  1. This is one more example of hatred, or perhaps fear of the symbol of Christ. The way Islam treats the cross reminds me of movies about vampires and the way they avoid the cross. Of course just as vampires, Islam also sucks the life out of it’s victims.

  2. Disgusting….but, then …keep a watch……that islamic world fades,,,,,and…only sand…..then they start all over…..story of being part of it. …..get rid of the pro islamic thought….like obama… idiot ….and his groupies……

  3. The attack of islam is world wide. I think they heard about the quote: “How do you eat an elephant? One bit at a time.” Hence the name creeping. Notice how their birth rate is creeping really fast and the newborns are US citizens who will be trained to consume us from within. Even our Prez is one of them. He will weaken us to the point where take over will be easy.

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