Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) selling $1.00 books on jihad and destruction of the West

The Islamic Circle of North America bookstore sells books on how to wage jihad. Many posts on ICNA here. via Vlad Tepes

Vodpod videos no longer available.

There are similar bookstores in the U.S. Will any television news reporter dare venture into one and report on their findings? We covered one of the books highlighted in this post: Islam wishes to destroy all states and govts anywhere on the face of the earth

15 thoughts on “Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) selling $1.00 books on jihad and destruction of the West

  1. If any of these books are in the book stores here in AMERICA they should be removed and destroyed now. Enough of this ISLAM CRAP AND THERE AUTHERS of hate crimes against our world here in the WESTERN WORLD. SCREW ICNA and tear them up with our type of JIHAD with the name of 30-06 driller. LOCK AND LOAD.

  2. We must all make our politicians aware of the danger of Islam, just as we must also make them aware that their alliance with Islamic organizations will not be tolerated! Many of these politicians have agreed to represent their ideologies due to the massive amounts of money the Muslim groups offer to their campaign finances.
    Our greatest threat comes not from America’s crushing debt,nor from high unemployment, but rather from Islam itself. This theocratic ideology which core beliefs dictate deception, destruction and death are the reasons for hundreds of millions of deaths over the last fourteen hundred years, making Muhammad and his evil religion the greatest mass murder of all time.
    Islam has already destroyed England and France, and our window of opportunity to stop this evil is closing fast. We must inform others of these dangers, and the truth of Islam, for it is not as so many would have us believe, a “Religion of Peace” but a RELIGION of HATE!.

    • John Daniels…. I think in addition to informing our communities, informing our leaders is right up there at the top of the list. We have to take into account the environment of political correctness they live in and the fact that this scourge is the opposite of the way our Western world works… you almost have to think backwards to understand it.

  3. That’s the terrible truth…..Muslim money tempts our politicians to accepts it for their political survial. Seems we need to have deep pockets and give even when it hurst, to politicians we believe still love their country.

    • Politicians love themselves;yu have to buy their allegiance if you want’s also called a bribe;congress runs on ‘favors’ or ‘BRIBES’.GO ON OUT TO DA LOBBY;AND GET YOURSELF A .”SNACK”

  4. Moderate muslim is an oxymoron. A facade to fool you into thinking some of them are good. They all read the same book and no other thinking is allowed under threat of death.

  5. O goggled the author and book title and sure enough, I was able to download a copy of the book. Following my military training-know your enemy-I will be reading this one.

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