White House Welcomes Former Islamic Terror Leader And Accused Human Organ Trafficker

It must be Islamic terror week at the White House. Not only did the White House host the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, but this via The Jawa Report: White House To Welcome Former Terror Group Leader And Accused Human Organ Trafficker.

Joe Biden will welcome Hashim Thaçi to the White House this week. Thaçi is accused of operating a human organ trafficking crime ring that murdered Serbs and then harvested and sold their organs in the years leading up to the Kosovo War.

Thaçi was also the leader of the KLA – the Kosovo Liberation Army. The KLA (also known as UÇK) was a radical Islamic terrorist group accused of inhumane cruelty, rapes, torture, murders, and human rights violations. The media, at the time, opted to ignore these reports and instead focus on Serbian “concentration camps” that later turned out to be false.

The KLA was officially disbanded in 1999, but the group’s leadership is still very active in Kosovar politics.

Below the fold, graphic images of KLA atrocities.

A uniformed KLA soldier shows off his trophies. The young boy to his left is his son.

Other disturbing abuses committed by KLA and Kosovo militants HERE.

And Thaci was one of Bill Clinton and Wesley Clark’s comrades as seen in this photo:

KLA leader Hashim Thaci, Viceroy Bernard Kouchner, General Sir Michael Jackson, KLA commander Agim Ceku, and General Wesley Clark celebrate the victory of their joint enterprise; Pristina, 1999, credit unknown

31 thoughts on “White House Welcomes Former Islamic Terror Leader And Accused Human Organ Trafficker

  1. These pictures need to see the light of day. I guess there isn’t any hope of the MSM bringing this to light. I will never understand how someone could behead someone. They should die the same way they killed.

  2. Will somebody take a look at the roof of the white house to see if the star and cresant are there yet???? With all the MOSLIM THUGS BEING INVITED TO VISIT THE CLOSET MUSLIM I wonder if we have been taken over by this creeping CRUD!!! LOCK AND LOAD>

    • You are exactly right with your comments and what we will have to face in the next years is frightning! Obama is dismantling our country day by day. A liar that makes it sound so truthful-what is that person called??? The devil????

  3. Omega, your comment is uncalled for, I suggest some education on your part and non bias. Atrocities are made by all individuals of war, just look at reports on war crimes from the Amercians, British, Europeans all the way across the world. We in the west are ruled by a western media, hence we get to see only the good side of our nations and the bad of others. See everything for what it is.

    Any educated individual would not be against Islam but rather should be against Wahabism, they even go as far as killing other muslims.
    Now I suggest a good read on how Wahabism came to power, who helped them, who they are, how much they are worth, and with whom the their ties are with. Once this is all accounted for, then it would be a good idea to see who the real enemy is.

    • I would suggest that inviting anybody that sell body parts to visit the WH in totally wrong. Would it have been okay to invite Hitler to the WH in his day? Every country does have war crimes in the past. Why would you want to associate with someone like this?

    • All religion is the arsenic of the people.All religion is Satanic.It is all based of false premises;Religion must be exposed for what it is.;SATAN.Satan is the deceiver;he who deceives;all nature contains stealth …STEALTH JIHAD IS THE BASIS OF ALL RELIGION AND CONTROL OVER CREATURES OF NATURE INCLUDING MONKEY MAN.AS FOR ALL CRUSADERS WORLD-WIDE;YOU ARE ALL MURDERERS AND THEIVES;YOUR KIND MUST BE WEEDED OUT BY GENETIC NECROSIS.GOOD-BYE.BEAST-MAN.

    • any educated idiot would not be against Islam….right…perhaps you should read up on sharia law …and the supporting multitude of verses from the Quran before you support Islam

    • Souskueaizen, while there may be some merit in your comment, it seems to me you are confounding yourself. Yes, the wahabis are a cancer; but so is islam. As is the case with so many people who think they have a handle on the problem, the answer is very simple: READ THE QURAN, and then say: “An educated individual would not be against islam”.

      I have nothing against other races, religions etc. with one exception-islam. muslims are not like any other people on earth. No other race, religion, or even cult, aspires to take over the world and reduce it’s people to slaves or at best, dhimmis; only muslims. And no, I don’t want to hear the naiive nonsense about “moderate muslims”, a short look at a quran should convince you there’s no such animal.

      Omega may be excruciatingly blunt and to the point, but basically he/she has got it right, whereas you, my friend, are still too forgiving of a cancerous cult so bad I’m amazed the Western world tolerates it.

        • Peter76,:

          When someone who is not of a scholary level comes with the conclusion that “I read the Quran and look at what it says”, clearly identifies him self as uneducated. For most, one has to be fluent and have knoweldge of classical arabic, second one would need to understand when,why,and timing of the released verse. Who was it particulary aimed at and why.

          Give me a moderate christian,jew,hindu etc,??, seriously if you belived in humanity and fairness, then you would state the same
          about other religions and their actions. It would also be a good idea to learn the consitituion and how laws come about, how money and politics work, before going on a I hate Islam rant.

          Zionism? not a problem? corrupt politcians not a problem? elitist cor porate powers not a problem? Royals not a problem? or is just, better be white and follow white rule and then you are good guy?, just like how we took over American, killed the natives? just like our crusades?, just how we invade for oil and minerals in the name of democracy?, list goes on..

          Considering your concept, you want to try and change the belief system of other people? what makes you think you are right? Humans with out religion have been far more barbaric then those without. Your post is indirectly calling for murder and a wipeout of a certain group, yet you call Islam a cancer. The irony of your stupidy is embrassing.

          My comment is calling for education, most of them here are just angry posts from indoctrinated people.

          Did you just read the translation of a verse? have you ever read its meaning and “interpretation”? Check the books on this blog, read and learn the truth, instead of media bashing.


          Enjoy the bashing, learn or be a fool. I was like you guys, luckly my intelligence lead me to educate my self.

  4. They are visiting their hero and preparing for the take over of our country. On 9/11 there were 1200 mosque in the US. Today there are over 2000. I guess driving cab pays well. What is really scary is they are on welfare giving birth to US Citizens that will be trained to hate infidels which is US. They learned the ins and outs of our society and soon they will be in and we will be out.

  5. Did anyone ever here the comment in the past, during 1935~1945 – Oh he is OK he is a moderate Nazi!

  6. Perhaps he will become the offical supplier of body organs for the congress. There are many in the FEDERAL FAMILY that could use a new heart. (Brains too)

    • THE United States government is a CURIA OF ROME.Tenured family members of simony and nepotism.Pay your INDULGENCE TAX if you want a job.Obamas CURIO CABINET should have a lock on it………and yet have illumination so folks can see inside…what interesting relics from Egypt he has on display..obviously MR. BUSH was great fan of the GIZA also.

  7. They fit right in with the current white house usurper…

    The SS-audis who put him in there are laughing their asslifting butts at us because political greed and stupidity about islam put him in there.

    If he wins another election I doubt we will be able to keep our republic as Ben Franklin said.

    • neither a borrower or lender be…………but go print.It is not just Obama……he is a manufactured entity.like the corporation that created him.They who run the world are heading for a perfect storm of expert manufacture,THE SKY IS TURNING BLACK.BLACK AS NIGHT….ALL THE CAPITALS of the world are filled with fright.Nature will deal with these movers and shakers……..

  8. This is sort of off topic (only to a certain extent, though), but I saw something today that really bothered me and I can’t find an answer to my question.

    I was at a mall in a northern suburb of Atlanta and I saw two women in full, face-covering, hajib. I see women all the time with the head scarves without their faces being covered and I don’t give them a second glance. but the full hajib took me completely by surprise. Is that even legal in Georgia? I’m writing this in the off chance that somebody might be able to answer my question.

    Thanks a bunch!

  9. The term WAKE UP AMERICA does not even sink in anymore. The reality of of this is my children will have to pay this price. I am a combat veteran who is ashamed to of what our country is doing. The smooth talking muslim (our President) is tearing our beloved country apart day by day. Why is our congress and senate not fighting him tooth and nail. WE MUST VOTE THEM OUT. The time is coming my friends.if Obama gets back in we are all doomed!

  10. I read the Wikipedia article on Thaçi, who certainly seems to be a thug. I noticed a photo of Thaçi with George Bush captioned “President of US George W. Bush shakes hands with Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu(center) and Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi (left) during a meeting in the White House on 21 July 2008, after Kosovo declared independence.”

  11. Hell is too great an accomodation for this pathetic disgusting murderer! The community organizer surrounds himself with vile figures from the likes of Ayers, Dorhn, and every other fecal material from the Muslim brotherhood and the Egyptian Spring fallouts. The community organizer has one plan and he will steal, cheat, lie and murder to get another term for his complete destruction of America while the dumb lemmings who vote for him keep doing the unthinkable. Another 4 years with this man who hates America so much you can palpate it will definitely serve Putin our missle secrets in a flash to further weaken our already laughable Country. We have been the joke of the world for his first term and will be considered rendered useless by another four.

  12. You know, I think every one is getting a we bit over critical here about this great man. after all he is the first african american president and that alone means he is better that any other. Two years in , I’m feeling nostalgic, so I want to take a trip down memory lane….fade to dream sequence:
    Open hand invitation to dialogue with Iran’s Achmadinajob: FAIL

    Underwear bomber boards plane and barely misses exploding an airplane tanks to the help of one flying Dutchman: FAIL

    Against overwhelming public opposition and military advice, tries to close club Gitmo and try Khalid sheik Mohammad in NYC. Thankfully, FAIL

    Vacation, vacation, vacation vacation, while letting BP screw over the good people of the Gulf Coast, and doing nothing to prevent the oil from entering the environmentally sensitive marshes in the barrier islands of Louisiana: FAIL

    Oh: Shut down completely all deepwater oil production in the Gulf (This country only, the Chinese and other countries do not have the same restrictions) crippling the economy and livelihoods of the Gulf Coast and its inhabitants. FAIL

    Surrounded himself by incompetents (Geitner, Holder, Napolitano), Wacko leftist truthers (Van Jones), communists, perverts, race baiters (to many to remember), George Soros and other unsavory characters: FAIL

    Publically condemned a hardworking honest police officer “The police acted stupidly” before knowing anything about the case. Attempted to save face by hosting a beer summit. FAIL

    Nationalized 2 car companies and the student loan business: FAIL

    Turned airport security into a grope and peep session, while still failing all tests to prevent weapons from making it on the planes. FAIL

    8% unemployment? How bout 10% keep in mind that number does not include all the welfair queens or people who have simply given up looking for a job in a crappy economy! FAIL

    How bout that jaunt to Europe to impress the Europeans that Chicago should host the Olympics? FAIL – Same for sending Eric Holder to lobby for the World Cup: FAIL

    Michelle O’s $375,000 spanish vacation wasn’t enough, the Obama’s had to figure out a way to spend $200,000,000 PER DAY and send 34 warships to accompany these two to India. FAIL

    On the wrong side of history again, as Arizona takes on the job the feds won’t do to stem the crime waves caused by unchecked illegal immigration, Obama asks Holder to sue the State of Arizona, and applauds while Mexican president Calderon basically calls Americans racists on the White house lawn: FAIL

    Somehow passes an unreasonably long and complicated bill collectively known as Obamacare (but more realistically know as the nationalization of the country’s healthcare and a complete wealth redistribution scheme) and claims it is a great accomplishment? If so great why is it that no one had time to read or understand it, it had to be clouded in secrecy, and promoted in back room deals, and 70% of the American people are opposed to it? FAIL

    First civilian trial of a Guantanamo inmate who bought the supplies for an embassy bomb that killed over 200 people 284 out of 285 charges acquitted. FAIL

    Obama, you are so great, you are just the greatiest great prez we have ever had.. And that janet napolitano and erik holder: what crakups they are. Thank god some evil republican isn’t in charge. They would be stealing the condoms out of the nightstands of 30 year old law female women’s studies and law students!

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