Report: Head of CIA Counter Terrororism Unit a Muslim

Reported by Praveen Narayan via CIA: Countering Muslim Terrorism is a Muslim – International Business Times.

The man heading the Central Intelligence Agency Counter Terrorism unit is a Muslim convert. He is credited with suggesting and implementing drone attacks in Pakistan. He has been at the helm for the last six years and was a key player in the operation that killed Osama Bin Laden.

Reports did not divulge the name of the CIA agent, apart from the moniker Roger. An average student at school, he would get pulled up by teachers. He was initially stationed in Africa, where he sharpened his skills in the volatile environment. Tribal wars, ambush, emergencies and everyday bloodshed trained Roger for the top post countering the biggest threat to the world, terrorism.

Roger married a Muslim woman which many state was the reason he converted to the faith. Respected for his work ethics and demeanor, Roger sports stubble and is a repeat chain smoker, quit to pick it up again, according to the Washington Post.

“No officer in the agency has been more relentless, focused, or committed to the fight against al-Qaida than has the chief of the Counterterrorism Center,” said CIA Director David Patraeus, according to The Post.

Though a follower of the Muslim faith he does not keep a rug in his office room for offering prayers and the only association with religion are the beads he carries in his hand.

Under Roger the drone attacks increased considerably from 35 in 2006 to a total of 198 in six years.

Reads like first rate propaganda yet it’s worth noting that according to Islamic sharia law a Muslim woman can only marry a Muslim man – while a Muslim man can marry any woman – or four – at a time. Where is the wife from? Is she related to any terrorists or terror suspects?

And if true then the head of the CIA’s counter terror unit essentially submitted to sharia law for his Muslim bride, right?

7 thoughts on “Report: Head of CIA Counter Terrororism Unit a Muslim

  1. Well, he is certainly in a good spot to gather intel for Muzzies in America, huh? This is the good cop, bad cop thing – same as with the MB. Islamize them slowly with their own laws. Terror is an impediment to success of Islam in America and every real Islamist here knows it.

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  3. Your wife and daughters will look great in scarfs and forget about hot dogs at the bbq. We the people are in big trouble and I don’t know how we will escape. Wake up while we still can or we will find outselves in a foreign land without leaving the house.

  4. If he converted to islam, he is the enemy-simple as that. He must also be an idiot, because no one in their right mind would do such a stupid thing.

  5. Just because he appears to be effective does not mean he will do the right thing for non-muslamics when there is an opportunity to get the American muslimite network shut down. He’s been there 6 years and just when was binladen thrown under the bus? Still don’t trust ’em. If this is islamophobia, whatever that means, so be it.

  6. I don’t care how sterling his credentials may be, people who follow a religion that teaches them it is OK to lie cannot be trusted.

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