America laying out welcome mat for jihad

via America laying out welcome mat for jihad.

In his foreword to Peter Feaman’s new book, “The Next Nightmare: How Political Correctness Will Destroy America,” Allen West displays his own succinct understanding of Islam:

“In service to my country, I have fought, first hand, the ideology of Islamic totalitarianism,” West writes, “and while all Muslims are not Islamic totalitarians in the same way that all Germans were not Nazis in the 1930s and ’40s, we cannot let political correctness blind us to certain realities: namely, that there is a percentage of Muslims, both in the United States and abroad, who actively seek the destruction of America.”

Would that the American president had the courage to say such, but that’s another discussion.

What we now know is that, yes, an unknown percentage wishes us harm, but fortunately, there are men like West and Feaman who aren’t afraid to say so. Peter Feaman is to be applauded for putting himself out there to warn his fellow citizens about the raging political correctness that has weakened the nation at least as much as the election of Barack Obama.

(It would also be easy to say that it is Feaman’s succinctness – the book is only 122 quick pages long – that is his greatest achievement, but in fact I believe it to be the power of his words, with which he doesn’t waste time explaining the ghastly dangers lurking if we don’t wake up.)

Early on, Feaman hits the nail on the head by telling us something too many of us didn’t know: “This book is a plea to all Americans of all religions and backgrounds reminding them that the fight has not ended [with the death of Osama Bin Laden] and informing them that the fight did not begin when most Americans thought it did.”


He also writes that “there is a monster on the loose” that the press, president, and largely, Congress, will not address. Feaman then makes a fascinating point, naming a whole host of countries where people are being murdered in the name of Allah: Kenya, Malaysia, Bosnia – this is truly a global jihad.

He provides thoughtful analysis. For example, after posting a headline from 2008: “Hamas Cleric Predicts Rome Will Be Conquered by Islam,” Feaman reasons that this same Palestinian terror entity is linked to the Palestinian Authority, and Barack Obama bullies Israel into negotiating with such deviants.

Worse, he worked with Hamas’ parent organization the Muslim Brotherhood and eventually ended up helping them into power and then inviting them to the White House.

Feaman also describes such groups as the Muslim Student Association, which supports and funds Islamic supremacists in the United States. He makes it clear that these groups use American tolerance against the very country that has given it freedom to operate. He rightly calls it “America’s Trojan Horse.”

In this era, we are in the fight of our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren, who we hope and pray will not have to face Muslim hordes at the gates of Vienna (or the Vatican).

Let’s also hope that despite all of West’s rhetoric, his votes for the Patriot Act and NDAA (indefinite detention) aren’t used to abuse our children and grandchildren.

14 thoughts on “America laying out welcome mat for jihad

  1. What is happening in Syria today will eventually come to America’s shores. America’s institutions and the other Powers That Be do not have the will or the courage to face the enemy because the enemy hides behind the skirt of religion, and America has too much a love affair with religion and respect for religion even if that religion has a specific goal to destroy all religions in its wake.


    • First they will take your rights by legal or illegal means (see Patriot Act, NDAA & others), then they will limit the guns and ammo you can have, then they will totally disarm the masses or at least the law abiding – simultaneously Muslims will out procreate non-Muslims and at sooner or later there will be a tipping point…besides the fact that it won’t be a conventional war by invading Muslim armies

      Clearly all those private gun owners don’t vote the same way if they vote at all or we wouldn’t be in this situation. Hence the term “creeping sharia.”

      • They can try. But limiting the ammo is the way they will go. In canada, muzzies are recruited into the toronto police force under the watchfull eye of CAIR, and muzzie bro hood. Muzzie commitees dominate on the left. Like you could trust a muslim to decide over you and another muslim. Hand out the swastikas with a cresc. moon.
        Hitler is back.

  3. I wish people would wake the hell up. Political correctness is no way near as important as the truth. Who cares if some idiot calls you names? Grow up!

  4. I wonder if our politicians and legal/law enforcement officials are struggling to define just what the threat is. It is not religious but is so entangled with the religious theme it is almost impossible in our system to separate the two. And therein lies the crux of the problem. Molsemites REFUSE to separate the two, using the definition to COLONISTS across the world to destroy existing political and social systems.
    The end of islamic conquest is worse than any war, plague or natural disaster because it destroys the soul of its willing and forced adhereants. I’d like to be wrong about this…

  5. And so quite predictably CNN (Crescent News Network) has gone on the warpath versus Allen West- yesterday on Blitzer began the hachet job- since he can’t cry RACIST b/c West is a black man- he was able use ad hominem’s like RADICAl & EXTREMIST!! And even though it was not part of thet opic being discussed he was able to get another dig in about West’s comments re; Dhimmie Wasserman Shitz .

    see how that works? dare to say the truth if you are to the right or actually right about any topic on which a Dumcrat disagrees the entire MEDIA ARMY we get the posse after ya…then they build a strawman in your yard (by re-framing what you actually said to say what they think they heard) and they BURN IT – to scare

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