Philippines: Pastors Face Death for Ministry to Muslims (video)

via CBN

The Philippines is a mostly Christian nation. But in the south, Muslim extremists are trying to build an Islamic state, even putting some Christians to death.

6 Responses

  1. May Christs continue to strengthen these beautiful, brave people.

  2. This will soon be happening in America. We need to make our elected officials aware that these are not terrorist groups, they are devout believers of Islam that do exactly as the qur’an teaches. The only difference between those that commit these atrocious acts and the so-called “moderate’ Muslims is the way in which work to achieve their goals. Many politicians are receiving huge sums of money from Muslim Brotherhood front groups such as CAIR and The Muslim Students Association. Let them know you will not stand for these treasonous acts!

    • I believe that the govt. does know. I don’t know how they could have missed it all. The stand the Americans must make is at the voting booth. Investigate and don’t fall for the smoke and mirrors.

  3. Makes no difference who is running the country, REPUBLICAN OR DUMOCRAT they came from the same bag of GREEDY POLECATS looking to fill there pockets with MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD MONEY and to hell with THIS COUNTRY. Voting one way or the other we still end up with the same program heading into thr NEW WORLD ORDER to wit many big money boys and GOVT. officials are pushing us into. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Learn who these TRAITORS are and HARRAS them to no end till they get lost for ever. Time to get back to our ROOTS as set forth by our forefathers who set up our REPUBLIC GOVT. and fought and dyed for our FREEDOM OF TODAY. LOCK AND LOAD.

  4. […] Philippines: Pastors Face Death for Ministry to Muslims (video) « Creeping Sharia. Share this:TwitterEmailPrint April 15, 2012 by News4Christians Categories: 0 | Leave a comment […]

  5. The Govt. in the North lets them do it……………!

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