Muslims sue IHOP after being fired

via IHOP Sued After 4 Muslim Managers Are Fired « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth.

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Attorneys filed a federal lawsuit against IHOP and a local franchise owner on Tuesday, claiming that the restaurant owners fired four managers across the Metroplex in 2010 because they are Muslim. The attorneys for the four managers said that their clients are still unemployed because of the damage done to their reputations.

According to the lawsuit, each manager was being fired for a performance issue.

The plaintiffs filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and an investigation completed in January found “reasonable cause to believe that… Arabs were discriminatorily harassed and discharged based on… national origin.” Now, attorneys are suing, hoping that the company will change its ways.

Muslim is not a “national origin.” But this is how the media and lawyers and how Muslims portray it. They want Islam to be a religion, a race, a national origin and anything else they will help to subjugate non-Muslims to the will of Allah.

A spokesperson for IHOP said, “We have a long history of supporting diversity in all aspects of our business. Our franchisee believes the allegations are without merit and looks forward to the fair conclusion of this matter.”

Not a very strong statement of support from IHOP suggesting some type of deal is imminent. It will probably include a whole lot of Islamic indoctrination for IHOP and its employees – likely from a Muslim Brotherhood group – and many more Muslims in Texas IHOP’s. How long before they bacon and sausage has to go?

As usual, these Muslims endured years of abuse but never said a word to anyone. And as usual, the EEOC never met a Muslim that wasn’t a victim.

11 thoughts on “Muslims sue IHOP after being fired

  1. just having a guess what the ” performance issue was,,,, maybe the ridiculous practice of knocking off 5 times a day for facing Mecca!!!!
    Imagine if all the staff took time off for prayers at the same time, there would be no one to serve the customers and they’d have to shut the doors.
    No wonder muslim countries are not productive !!

  2. You can bet bacon and sausage is on the muslim hit list. I predict IHOP will cave in to the craven muzzturds just like self-hating, cowardly westerners do everywhere else in the post modern world of madness we live in.

    • Then the Muslims better be eating there because the test of us won ‘ t be doing so. When the backlash comes its not going to be pretty. It is however long overdue. No other group of citizens get away with this

  3. Two small points: Who stands to gain? The people hired to perform moslemite training and no one else.
    Second, the more I understand about mohammad and his god allah, the less understanding I am.
    Then again, I am old (62)

  4. Here in Florida I find many managers of gas stations are now Palastinians. What does this mean? Are they infiltrating into positions to help bring down America??

    • That is exactly what it means. Islam is going viral in our age, worldwide too and the only way to reverse the trend will require much ordinance and less squemishness i’m afraid.

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