Welcome to Dearbornistan (video)

Resist Tyranny posted this video of Terry Jones in Dearborn. It’s not clear if this was recent or older but the date is irrelevant. The Youtube description reads:

Dearborn, Michigan, this is what 46% muslim population looks like.

So of course, Obama made Dearborn a campaign stop yesterday.

18 thoughts on “Welcome to Dearbornistan (video)

  1. I personally, and Not So Affectionately, call the Obama Presidency: Barack and Michelle’s Big Adventure at Tax Payers Expense, as this article does a brief summation. Since coming to the White House, The Obama’s have Been On An Extravagant Whimsical Flight Into Conspicuous Consumption and Out Right Display of Arrogance and Incompetence. This is the type governance you get when you Elect Entitlement Minded Marxists and Apologists to positions of power. This kind of Arrogance and Extravagance Can Be Witnessed At Every Level Of Government When an Entitlement Minded Radical is elected. You can witness this sort of Incompetence and Reckless Behavior at the City, County and State Levels Of Government as well as At the National Level. Example: The City of Birmingham, Alabama in 2008, sent a Delegation of 200 to a National Meeting for City Councils, which are mostly Entitlement-Minded Incompetents and Crooks, at tax payer expense, while the City of Atlanta, Georgia’s delegation was about 20. The City of Atlanta, Ga. is about 6 or 8 times larger than Birmingham, Alabama, but has a more Representative, Professional and Honest government. The Obama’s are Birmingham, Alabama’s Incompetence and fraud and Entitlement-Mindedness on Steroids.

    It is time that We, The People, Put Barack and Michelle on Notice. It is time to Stop Your Extended Vacation and Big Adventure at Tax Payers Expense. I, for one, am sick of this incompetent and ungrateful Duo. Let us not forget Michelle Obama’s Hate-Filled Words: “The election of Barack as POTUS is the First Time I Have Been Proud To Be an American.” Well, Michelle, My Dear, The Most Proud of America that I will Be is When You and Your Marxist Radical Old Man return to the Streets of Chicago where Thuggery and Subversiveness Rule The Day. You all are making a mess of things in the good old US of A.

  2. This is the Islamic America where Obama can campaign and create riots in the streets. Dealborn Michigan is a Muslim Controlled U.S. City, and the cops have to be called out for the POTUS who comes to this city to Fire Up his Radical Supporters. This looks like Stalingrad, Russia or Berlin Germany during WWII. Obama is a very dangerous individusl

  3. Keep The Rat Bastards in one place. It will make it easeir to GET RID OF THE TURDs when it comes time!!!!!! PEASE TO ALL NON MUSLIMS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The Thomas More Law Center filed suit against the City of Dearbornistan and won the right to freedom of speech, so that Terry Jones could do this rally(this was last years rally)http://www.thomasmore.org/press-releases/2011/11/victory-pastor-jones-court-rules-pastor-s-constitutional-rights-were-violated

    Here is another win in Dearborn for Thomas More Law Center(http://www.thomasmore.org/news/pastor-terry-jones-speaks-front-dearborn-mosque-amid-opponents-obscenities-free-speech-victory-) and the rally from 2 weeks ago with Pastor Terry Jones in Dearborn. http://bit.ly/HpZErR

    TMLC is fighting Shariah Law and Tyranny in America. Join for free updates on their 148 cases and fight for our Republic http://bit.ly/I61MGf

    • “When the Muslim community is under attack what do we do? Fight back!” From the video.

      Saw what?

      How come they aren’t fighting back in El Cajon, CA for the
      Iraqi Mom who was dishonor killed?

  5. The bottom line is these savages are the evil filth that worships Satan.

    These asslifters should be nuked off the planet only lets put them all back in the sand overseas first, then do it.

    With half camel and goat DNA they are file evil savage filth and the entire world has awakened to the truth about them.

    God Bless Terry Jones and he won his court case against this.

    The courts ruled in his favor after this incident. So camel turds
    go home. There is no place in a civil society for you.

  6. Like a growing cancer that will be too late to cure when symptoms are discovered. They smile at you knowing that it’s just a matter of time til your freedom will be used agianst you to take over your country.

  7. Isn’t it odd that Michigan passed a law to kill all the ‘feral’ pigs and what a surprise 46% of the population is two legged pigs that can’t stand four legged pigs! These are inbred sub-humans that should never have been allowed in this country, just like we don’t let people in with TB, except these are mentally diseased. Mooslems are the disease! Time for the antibiotics!!

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If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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