10 #CreepingSharia AM Reads

Get your coffee.

– We are doomed: Paranoid, Orewllian-named hate-group finds a mere 25 counter-jihadists in the U.S. and Canada!

– Really doomed: New Jersey’s first Muslim Supreme Court judge previously created a course on “Islamic Law and Jurisprudence” and the terrorist-defending lawyer who helped him devise the course has a new website promoting, you guessed it: SHARIA IN AMERICA!

– Refusing to be one-upped by a Muslim lawyer in dirty Joisey, Saudi-funded Harvard found its own Muslim lawyer and created its own website, Islawmix, to…you guessed it: bring “clarity” to (and promote) Islamic law being practiced in the U.S.!

– What could be more sharia-compliant than Sisters Only Swimming in Tysons Corner, Virginia? For the still wet, that means Muslim women only. Anyone have time to find out what outfit hosts this burkini fest?

– And “Just When You Thought Islam Could Not Get Any More Pathetic,” YouTube shuts down another user account exposing Islam – in this case Muslim clerics clarifying that wife-beating is permitted in the Koran

– The American Spring goes back to its Muslim roots to protest the ‘Islamic Apartheid Conference’ in Philadelphia (The Blaze)

– The UK will make its’ ‘Terrorist Offenders’ Registry retroactive to include “ALL those to have served a year or more for a terror offence since 2000″ (The Sun) and simultaneously give inner-city neighborhoods power to hold sharia ‘street courts’ (Daily Mail). Avoid Tower Hamlets.

– Muslim North Sudan threatens war against non-Muslim South Sudan…but the Washington Post says it’s only over an oil field

Angry Muslims beat a veiled woman panhandler holding a one-year old after suspecting she was non-Muslim; police arrested…the beaten non-Muslim

Lastly, the New York Times commented on a Twitter campaign intended to mock the threat of creeping sharia but incidentally sent a significant amount of traffic our way. Unfortunately for them, newspaper publishing is #2 on the list of top dying industries in the U.S. (Wonkblog). But thanks.

What are you reading?

(Let us know if you like this style of post)

7 thoughts on “10 #CreepingSharia AM Reads

  1. My teen and I are reading:
    “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and The Crusades)”
    “Muslim Brotherhood in America”
    The Bible
    Times247 “The Rise of the Black Klan”
    Finished “The Grand Jihad” and “Experiencing Prayer with Jesus”
    AFLC twitter
    JihadWatch on line and ProphecyNewsWatch.com
    “Survivalist” magazine
    Joel Rosenberg’s blog
    Israel 101
    For fun:
    Just watched Pear Buck’s “The Good Earth”
    Pressplay NYTLA
    Building 429
    Britt Nichole

    Hey, get your kids reading and educated NOW! Talked to a couple of UCLA college students and asked them what they thought about Sharia Law. They had never heard of it!!

    Thank you creepingsharia.

  2. I suspect there is a large swath of humanity in the West that know diddly-squat about Islam, Muhammad, and Sharia law. They are still in the mode to watch the Super Bowl or Dancing with the Stars. Oh, when will they ever learn?

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  4. ‘Islamic Apartheid Conference’

    is that where they will discuss the gender and religious apartheid that exists in every Muslim nation? where they will cry about the Fakestinians they do not allow to have passports or jobs and force to live in encampments? will they discuss allowing non Muslims entry to Mecca? or allowing women to drive and get an education? will they discuss removing the religion designation from ID cards and passports? will they discuss allowing bibles and preaching of other faiths? will they discuss the deaths of Christians, Bahai and more by Friday night mobs?……………………………….

    NAH it’s just one more bitch fest to denounce Isarel the only democratic multi culti state in the Middle East

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If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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