U.S. Indifference to the Muslim War on Christians

via Hudson Institute > The Salafi War on Christians and U.S. Indifference by Nina Shea

In recent years, we’ve begun to brace ourselves for news of bombings, burnings, and other attacks on churches full of Christian worshipers on religious holy days — for example, in Nigeria, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Ethiopia. This violence comes out of the growing community of Salafi Muslims, adherents of the radical brand of Islam that is Saudi Arabia’s official doctrine and which Saudi Arabia exports throughout the Sunni world. We’ve also come to expect the willful blindness of the Obama administration about the religious implications of these horrific events. Last weekend’s Easter Sunday was no exception.

On Easter morning, a Protestant church in Kaduna, Nigeria, was targeted by a suicide car bombing that killed 39 and wounded dozens, apparently the handiwork of Boko Haram, the Salafi network whose stated aim is to turn Africa’s largest country into a sharia state. Last Christmas, Boko Haram had bombed St. Theresa’s Catholic Church outside the capital Abuja killing 44 worshipers, as well as attacked various Christian churches in the towns of Jos, Kano, Gadaka, and Damaturu.

Four days have now passed and there has been no official comment from the Obama administration about this most recent monstrous example of anti-Christian persecution. However, on April 8, that is, Easter, Secretary Clinton did manage to issue one press release. It announced that “today we celebrate the history, impact and culture of Romani people” (formerly called “gypsies”), and inveighed against Europe, demanding that it become “more inclusive.” But for the northern Nigerian Christians savagely attacked on one of their most important religious days, there has not been a word of condolence.

Even worse, the day after the Nigeria church bombing, at a forum on U.S. policy toward Nigeria held at Washington’s Center for Strategic and International Studies, Clinton’s Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson — overlooking Boko Haram’s self-proclaimed identity, pattern of behavior, statements and very name, which means “Western education is a sin” — publicly denied that Boko Haram has religious motives. He went out of his way to stress: “Religion is not driving extremist violence in . . . northern Nigeria.”

Carson is articulating official U.S. policy. Its theory is that Boko Haram is “exploiting religious differences” to “create chaos” to protest “poor government service delivery,” poverty, and a variety of good-governance concerns. The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (on which I served as a commissioner until last month) finds that Boko Haram’s violence is indeed “religiously motivated.” Even Nigeria’s Committee of Imams of the Federal Capital Territory has acknowledged that the church bombings are done in the name of Islam and condemned them as “deviant.”

Elsewhere, too, the Obama administration has demonstrated a persistent refusal to acknowledge the pattern of Salafi persecution of Christians. On November 1, 2010, Salafis blew up Baghdad’s Our Lady of Salvation Catholic Church during a Sunday Mass, killing or wounding virtually all of the congregation, including three priests. This is what the White House said:

The United States strongly condemns this senseless act of hostage taking and violence by terrorists linked to Al-Qaeda in Iraq that occurred Sunday in Baghdad killing so many innocent Iraqis. Our hearts go out to the people of Iraq who have suffered so much from these attacks. We offer sincerest condolences to the families of the victims and to all the people of Iraq who are targeted by these cowardly acts of terrorism.

There was no acknowledgement that the “innocent Iraqis” targeted in this catastrophic attack were all Christians, that the massacre took place in a church, and that it occurred during Sunday worship. It mistakenly describes as “senseless” what was all too sensibly a deliberate and horrific act of religious cleansing against Christians targeted for their faith. That church bombing — one of 70 in Iraq since 2004 — was the watershed moment for Iraqi Christians: Many then concluded that there would be no future for them in Iraq, and en masse abandoned their ancient homeland.

And in Egypt, in October 2011, when the Arab Spring had long since turned into the Coptic Christian Winter, Egyptian government forces massacred two-dozen Copts as they were staging a peaceful street protest in Cairo’s Maspero area. They were demonstrating precisely to demand religious freedom in the face of Salafi religious violence against Coptic churches and the failure of the Egyptian security forces to protect them from it. After the Maspero massacre, the White House stated: “Now is a time for restraint on all sides so that Egyptians can move forward together to forge a strong and united Egypt.

The statement made no mention of the identity of those who were killed. Nor did it acknowledge that they were attacked while demonstrating against church bombings and burnings in that country on Christmas, New Year’s Day, and many other occasions. And, it drew a moral equivalency between the victims and their aggressors. My Hudson colleague and Coptic expert Samuel Tadros ironically commented: “Perhaps I ought to join the president in his concern and call for restraint: I call upon the security forces to refrain from killing Christians, and upon Christians to refrain from dying.”

It is not as though the administration is reticent in cases involving other religions. On October 4, 2011, and on January 11, 2012, when two mosques were vandalized — though no one was hurt — in Israel, the State Department issued two statements. They were quite specific about the identity of the victims and impassioned in moralizing against the attacks:

The United States strongly condemns the dangerous and provocative attacks on a mosque in the northern Israeli town of Tuba-Zangariyye, which took place on October 3. Such hateful sectarian actions are never justified.


The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms today’s most recent vandalizing of a mosque, as well as the burning of three cars, in the West Bank village of Deir Istiya. Hateful, dangerous, and provocative actions such as these are never justified.

Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia –the fountain head of Salafi thought and our “strategic ally” — King Abdullah retains in his distinguished cabinet as Grand Mufti, Salafi Sheikh Abdulaziz ibn Abdullah Aal al-Sheikh, who recently issued a fatwa declaring it “necessary to destroy all the churches in the region,” including those outside of Saudi Arabia, itself (which, of course, does not have any churches to blow up). The Kingdom will not be hearing from the Obama administration about the need for “inclusiveness” though — here, again, it has fallen silent.

It’s not just Salafi’s, it’s all over the so-called Muslim world:

16 thoughts on “U.S. Indifference to the Muslim War on Christians

  1. The BBC and other mainstream media organisatons in the UK and EU also ignore the worldwide slaughter of Christians by Muslims. It helps them smear EDL and other anti-islamists as bigots.

  2. Obama the Anti-Christ? Islam the Great Beast? It becomes less and less far-fetched every day. Does Obama restrict US oil production for environmental reasons or to help maintain Saudi Arabian revenues?

    • please contact the puppet master in order to understand Earth politics;In order to understand Galactic politics please contact the exterminator division …..oh I forgot the number………..they don’t usually answer calls anyway…….sometimes ………they do……..but…….AND HE REQUIRED ALL TO PAY THE MUSLIM TAX …….NO ONE COULD BUY OR SELL WITHOUT THE SEAL OF;;;TAX PAID;;;; ON THEIR RIGHT HAND OR FOREHEAD.

  3. “The United States condemns this violence……..” Isn’t that nice, what a caring man this Mr Obama is; how thoughtful and decent!

    Words like that mean less than nothing; he’s probably laughing at his buddies killing all those kaffirs. And to think, later this year most of America’s blacks will vote for him again.

    • Yes, it’s a shame that blacks will vote for Obama just because he is black. Well, half black……They do not care what he stands for or against, they just want him in the White House because he is a half black man. That boggles my mind! Most of the blacks that support him are Christians as well, do they just not care about his stance on these issues? The truth of the matter is that most Americans are sheep! Sheeple if you will, that vote based on the latest CNN soundbyte. Their eyes wide shut! And what about Obama’s part in this Trayvon Martin case? For the second time Obama supports the black “victim” without knowing the facts, siding with them because they are black, no other!

  4. obama and crew do not give a shit what the muslims do to non-muslims as they support it. obama is mulsim not Christian. It should be open season on muslims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’d like to at the minimum thank you for distinguishing that these radicals are followers of the Salafi-Wahabi schools of Islam. This fanatical factions of Muslims (which are not representative of the majority of Muslims who call Islam their religion) has not only caused major problems for Christians but they have also targeted Muslims who oppose this radical form of Islam. For example, Salafists have recently killed hundreds of Shia Muslims in Pakistan. It is important that we should distinguish which groups of Muslims are causing these atrocities. I believe that we need to concisely target proponents of this radical Islam and especially their financial backers who continue to increase their influence in areas that were typically free of this barbaric faction of Muslims who interpret the Quran in highly self-serving and destructive ways.

    • ALL MEN ARE BEASTS;WHO IS LIKE THE BEAST AND WHO CAN FIGHT AGAINST IT?Each man has a beast within;when you combine many men together ;2 or more, who have a common ideology ,you have a country or org that is more powerful;a one world ELITE GOVERNMENT has the power of 7 billion people behind it………WHAT BEAST THE UNITED NATIONS IS!WHAT GREAT IRON TEETH!WHAT GREAT AMERICANS WE HAVE IN GOVERNMENT.LOOK HOW SEXY;I MEAN SIXY THEY ARE!

    • Frmmti, it isn’t a matter of interpreting the quran-they take it LITERALLY, word for word. So you think, ho-hum, like so many people that it’s only a tiny percentage of muslims………..! For goodness sake, read the quran!

      As another blogger said recently, and correctly, “the more radical muslims want to enslave or kill you NOW, the so called moderate muslims want to wait until they are a majority before doing so”. That is the only difference.

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  7. Until we get rid of the puppet master and that piece of dog crap in the white house that plays being president we are in for a bad ride….LOCK & LOAD

  8. yes, and now Sen. McCain and Sec. of State Clinton are pleased to back al-Qaeda in Syria against *secular* dictator Assad. 90% of the Christians in the city of Homs have been driven out by the so.called “Free Syria Army.” write your Representative or Senator / tell them you don’t want your tax dollar funding al-Qaeda.

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