Segregated swimming for Muslim women creeps in Nashville & Virginia

Creeping under the guise of “Sisters Only Swimming.”

In Nashville at the city’s taxpayer-funded South Knoxville Community Center:

If you’re not down with government supporting sharia you might want to let them know (Center: 865-573-3575) in a well-reasoned and courteous manner. Or email Nashville’s mayor office and tourism office here.

There is segregated swimming for Muslim women in Tysons Corner, Virginia too although the host has not yet been identified. Any readers in the area want to find out where?

When Muslims and those who defend them claim Muslims are just like you they are lying. More and more, Muslims are not interested in assimilating into American culture rather they are segregating. As the Muslim population grows taxpayers will be funding sharia compliance as they do in England and France and elsewhere. And don’t be fooled. If you ain’t Muslim they might let you in, but you ain’t the sister they’re referring to. Yet.


49 thoughts on “Segregated swimming for Muslim women creeps in Nashville & Virginia

  1. If it is “women only” and not “Muslim women only” it is less of a problem. If the group in question paid to reserve the pool and other groups have been given the same accommodation then there is less of a problem as well. If they demanded special treatment without reserving or paying then yes it is special treatment and shouldn’t be allowed. Also if they are demanding stuff like special curtains, other women be dressed in special swimsuits or over the top stuff like that then a line needs to be drawn.

    • believe me, you go down there for women only and you can get the crap kicked out of you. Better bring body guards if its mostly muzzies. They won’t like you being there. Watch for knives. You don’t understand. Its Sharia law being forced on us by the politically correct, and they hate America more than these terrorists forcing sharia on us.

      • Believe me if I saw that the mass majority were Muslims or the schedule stated “women only” and I was glared at or even asked to leave I would complain to the front desk. The gym I go to has a glass wall on all sides of the pool so the Muslims would not even consider using it since there wouldn’t be the degree of privacy that they would want. Modern architecture is good for something!

  2. Tried to email the mayor and it wouldn’t go through. I’m not the brightest bulb with regards to the computer but I also know that I’m not the dumbest either!!! And JRB is correct. The article concerns Knoxville not Nashville…..any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance…Peg

  3. The best line I know of on this item is to not give special treatment to MUSLIM WOMEN . SPECIAL TREATMENT!!! SEND THEM ALL BACK WHERE THEY CAME FROM. MUSLIM’S NOT WELCOME. LOCK AND LOAD.

    • Ur not welcome! STOP HATING! u wanna stop bullying in schools nd here u r ! U wanna say stuff about Muslims wat we ever done to u ! SO SHUT UR CRAP HOLE ND GET A LIFE HATERS!

  4. Take over is moving faster and faster and they are giving birth to new US citizens that they can train to blow things up. You rarely see a muzzie women that is not walking with little ones and/or pregnant. They sure know how to make money

  5. funny these communities have enough money to fund laviosh and large mosques, and yet they have no community centers for recreation like swimming.

    Jewish families need special facilities for ritual bathing and somehow seem to be able to fund their own facilities without having to demand it from other people- they found place to pray and ways to observe Sabbath without demanding it from govt and public places-

    imagine if white people demanded a pool time where no blacks were allowed – or maybe Chinese————–

    separate and equal was struck down by people who put their lives on the line to eliminate discrimination- our nation was founded by men who KNEW how dangerous it is to have a dominant religion that can persecute a person for speaking out against it

    and I’ll be damned if these Muslims think we should go back to such draconian ways of living- there are 57 countries who do live under dar el islam – and they are free to MOVE TO THEM anytime- that is not the way we do things in USA

    • Ok. I don’t understand how this is a problem. If someone is renting a pool for their friends, then how is that demanding? Isn’t it just like when someone rents a pool for a pool party? They just invite who they want.

  6. At many municipal pools if you pay a special fee for a private party you can rent the pool for an hour, couple of hours, 1/2 a day or even a whole day.

    If these Muslim groups do that, then it is ok. If they are demanding it without pay, forget it.


  7. Would love to see the non-muslim women in this community go in mass or join this event and then go in their “western pool attire” and see what happens! Then we will see what this is really about.

    • I would too! If questioned about it I would simply say that it was “women only” swim time, not “Muslim women only” swim time and since I am a woman and my daughter is a girl then we are entitled to swim. If they had a problem then they could speak to my attorney the next day. I agree with whomever said that if the Muslims can afford to build these extravagant mosques then they can build their members rec centers with segregated pools or swim times. Unfortunately Muslim women don’t really rate so they would probably be relegated to an hour or two a day while the men used the pool at their leisure.

    • I’m not muslim and I went to one of these women’s only swimming events to see how they’d react lol. I wore a bikini and none of the other girls even minded. We even played with a beach ball together. They had no problem with me even though I’m a full-blooded Western girl. They just don’t like the idea guys checking them out in the pool. Anyway they were wearing regular swimsuits but they told me they don’t wear them in front of men because it shows areas they wouldn’t normally show in public, and I think that’s just fine.

  8. It’s happened in Oz long before Nashville & Virginia:

    (When this was 1st touted it was to help with “integration”!)
    Love this comment “But Ratepayers Victoria president Jack Davis said it was disgraceful for councils to subsidise programs that segregated people.

    “People come to Australia because it’s a better place,” he said.

    “So then you should become Australian and abide by the customs of Australia, not change Australia to suit your customs from another country.”

  9. It’s sharia plain and simple. This special swimming for muslimas is just another excuse to shove sharia down your throats.

    Do you really think muslims care enough about muslim women to fight for their right to swim in private? No! It’s the satisfaction of forcing sharia on people who are too smart to choose islam.

  10. Muslims want their religion to dominate. They are using brthrate and left wing idiots as their weapon across the globe. European populations are approaching breaking point. So will you guys. The discrimination against indiginous populations is getting worse from muslims, They are intolerant of us and our values.

  11. They are so prevalent with having children in this country because they know once that child is born it’s a natural born U.S. citizen. And one that can still study/worship all that Muslims do because we have that Constitutional Right. I know America is to be ‘The Melting Pot’ of so many, but times have changed ‘so’ much that it practically makes that whole idea archaic. They’re using our own shit against us to get what they want. A means to an end. The swimming pool thing is just the tip of this disastrous iceberg.

  12. You Americans are late, as usual. We progressive PC multiculturalist Looney Lib-Left Brits have for several years had segregated swimming for Muslim women – and for Muslims – though it seems your own PC multiculturalist Looney Lib-Left lamestream media have decided to keep you ignorant.

  13. I looked online at the pool and it says you can rent it out for private events…I think the community center makes money off this. i am a little confused.

  14. You guys are seriously afraid of letting women swim in the pool only? It doesn’t say you have to be muslim to swim in the pool, it just says women only. If girls want to be able to swim in the pool without getting checked out by pervs that should be fine! Are you seriously calling this Shariah law? Do you wake up in the morning fearing the day that you’ll not be able to look at a woman in her bathing suit? Because THATS what you’re crying about right now. If women want some privacy stop being bigoted sexist cowards and let them have it. Pigs. You really need to get out of America, you don’t even understand the fundamental concept of compromise that its politics are based on. These are citizens of America just like you and you should make space to let them feel comfortable instead of insulting them for being different from you.

      • look at how afraid you are because a couple of girls wanted to rent out a pool. you are a sad little coward.

    • Other NONbelievers women like myself may also llke to have separate pools. But we nonbelievers tend not to make it into a political or religious issue.
      We NONbelievers must NOT let islam dictate to us NONbelievers what modesty is and what modesty is not. We NONbelievers already know what real modesty is.
      Eastern people and.islamic people (whenever they have the upper hand),
      tend to be too unpleasantlly obssessve or unpleasantly extreme in anything or hate anyone that disagree with their extreme and obssessive islamic ways,

      • how are they making it an issue? they’re paying to use the pool, they aren’t picketting the white house and threatening to kill the president. just because theyre a specific group you think theyre protesting somehow. what if some guy told you that you and your “nonbeliever” friends were making a political issue because you rented out the pool for only girls to use, do you see how ridiculous it sounds now?

        • Islamic are making everything into a n islamic issue, ie from banning of alcohol to self-imposed apartheid system. It is them that is ridiculous and most unfair. Many nonbelievers avoid alcohol too and us nonbelievers never say we nonbelievers avoid alcohol because of our nonbeliefs. We avoid anything that is unsuitable due to our own personal discretion and not from any totalitarian imposition. Even if those islamic sisters are paying for it, there is no need to make other people of other faiths or nonfaith uncomfortable due to the islamic obssession with separatist agenda.

          • And another thing is , please tell your islamic sisters that if they want to have an islamic pool , fine, but please don’t spread it to all pools . It is like in certain parts of asia, they want their halal sign everywhere or put their halal sign almost everywhere and that makes nonbelievers like us uncomfortable because there is almost no choice for us nonbeieers who wish to have NOTHING to do with their islam.

          • IT is a fact that islamic people worldwide are making their biased support for their islamic tribes into a huge political issue, whether they still burn
            American flags or not. I noted they always mix their religion or their religion impositon with politics. They expect suport from nonbelievers or of other faiths but they will never support nonbelievers right freely or of other faith, whenever they have the upper hand.

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  19. Ok to all u Muslim haters out there GET UR FACTS STRAIGHT ! It’s not special treatment its us following our religion! We nva say nothin about Christianity about jews about Catholics! So y u guys hate on us cuz were from different countries ! So wat women can’t go swimming with men it is how we choose for our time on this planet we choose to study the quran we choose to belive in Allah nd his prophets! So?! Stop hating u guys wud be talking abput peace nd all ur giving is hatered? I’m not saying anything about ur religion or June being better or anything! I’m just saying WE HAVE OUR THING LET US DO IT U HAVE URS GO AND DO IT ND STOP HATING! U guys wanna prevent bullying in ur schools well rite now ur a very bad example !

    • We nva say nothin about Christianity about jews about Catholics!

      NEVER EH?? guess you didn’t read your war manual
      “O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends;
      “And KILL them (the unbelievers) wherever you find them,
      “Jews are the people of the Sabbath, whose young people God turned into apes, and whose old people God turned into swine to punish them.” “As cited in Ibn Abbas: The apes are Jews, the keepers of the Sabbath; while the swine are the Christian infidels of the communion of Jesus.” (P. 83)

      and these words have inspired ACTIONS by MUSLIMS who like to get stirred up on Fridays and burn churches, most of those place long ago ran off their JEWS, they show their love by kidnapping and raping non Muslim girls who are then forced to marry them and bear Muslim sons who do the same as their fathers and forefathers- rape pillage loot and destroy the Islamic way- Jihad

      Quran {2:216-217} –
      “fighting is prescribed for you and YOU DISLIKE IT,

      now you will say- war is only permitted if Muslims have been persecuted or oppressed- no innocents may be killed- so who is innocent- well according to Muslims no unbeliever is innocent and therefore they can be not only justified but required to war on them

      you exist as traitors in our lands go back to Dar El Islam or realize you are here as OUR GUEST(protected by OUR LOVE AND LAWS and our generosity)

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  21. It’s literally a group of friends planning a day to go swimming. Calm down. It’s as if you reserve the pool for a birthday party or something. You wouldn’t want strangers there either. Not to mention I’d be awful for them if a man accidently walked in.

    • Actually it’s literally Muslim women being forced to swim only with other Muslim women by their Muslim husbands who will beat them, possibly kill them, if they are seen swimming with or talking to other men – especially non-Muslim men. This is what you are defending.

      In the process they are forcing the general public and public facilities to cater to their very specific needs – blocking out windows and providing female only life guards and denying men access to the pools at these times and denying male lifeguards work opportunities at these times.

      If you hold a party in a city-run public facility you don’t get to keep everyone else out of said facility.

      Your pretzel logic makes you feel better though.

      • Ya know, not for nothin’, but since when do NON-MUZZLUM facilities (built for, by and with NON-MUZZLUM contributions and taxpayer funds) have to kowtow to these G-DAMND MUZZPIG MOOCHERS????? CAN ANYBODY SAY…. GO TO HELL????? AND DO NOT PASS “GO”!!!!

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