Muslim assaults US Marshals after judge allows Ft. Hood jihad plot confession

via Judge allows Abdo’s confession to be used in court – KXXV-TV News Channel 25

WACO- A federal judge on Friday denied Naser Abdo’s lawyers’ motion to keep out of court his confession to planning an attack on Fort Hood soldiers last July.

The AWOL soldier, who had been based in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, is accused of plotting to bomb a Fort Hood restaurant popular with soldiers, and then shoot and kill the surviving troops. Killeen Police, among other agencies, busted the then-21-year-old Abdo at the America’s Best Value Inn in Killeen.

After the hearing, Abdo reportedly spat on U.S. Marshals while he was being transferred in the elevator. Additional U.S. Marshals, Waco Police officers and medical technicians arrived to secure the scene and make sure Abdo was physically and mentally fit to head back to jail.

Another unsourced version of events, Soldier assaults US Marshal and Deputy Sheriff with bloody spit:

In what can only be described as disgusting behavior, PFC Naser Jason Abdo bit through his lower lip yesterday and then spat on a U.S. Marshal and a Deputy Sheriff who were escorting him back to jail in Waco, Texas.

Abdo is the Soldier accused last year of plotting to detonate a bomb in a restaurant frequented by U.S. Soldiers; a crime for which he previously confessed.

Apparently angered by Judge Walter Smith’s decision not to reject that previous confession,  Adbo, 22, spat on the two officers in the elevator of the Waco Federal Building after a pretrial hearing in U.S. District Court.

Examiner’s Note:  It is not known if Naser Jason Abdo is infected with any blood borne diseases.  It is routine procedure for the officers to be tested following an incident involving bodily fluids.

15 thoughts on “Muslim assaults US Marshals after judge allows Ft. Hood jihad plot confession

  1. He needs to be schooled in good old RED NECK DIPLOMACY like used to be taught ON THE PLANTATION years ago!!! Daily lessons would be appropiate.LOCK AND LOAD.

  2. We know that all moslems are braindead and not fit to do anything, they all are crazy. If he spit on the marshall now they can get him for assault. Throw his arse into jail.

  3. I’m sure the C.A.I.R. will now step in and want to file some type of BS lawsuit to tie up the system and cry out that the muzzies rights were violated or something. Stop ALL Muslim immigration before it is to late.

  4. All these posts are very good and well for informing others of creeping Sharia and the steady growth of Islamic totalitarian rule. However, I have yet to see an alternative; a positive response to the root of these encroachments. Here’s what I mean. Creeping Sharia is indeed deadly and largely ignored by many in North America, but it is still growing. Why? If evil is prospering, despite its evil, then why is no one standing in the gap to stop the invasion? What is the gap?

    The deeper evil is not totalitarian Islam, as rotted and corrupt as that is, the real corruption lies in the heart of Americans who know of the corruption and allow it, compromise with it, appease it. But why? What possible motivation, moral or intellectual position would allow for this kind of invasion right before everybody’s eyes?

    It is not the hard-working, decent, and independent American that allows this domestic invasion, but professionals in law, politics, and business. What in their education or training allows them to shrug off a relentless, murderous regime with little, if any fanfare? What is blinding the professionals of North America to Islamic totalitarianism?

    Most people in North America see the dangers, but it is the professional and academics who have actually buffered against the identity of Islamic evil. How?

    One major method established is multiculturalism and diversity that both perverts the identity of man, and whitewashes corruption.

    If the Judas, the back-stabber, the scoundral, the betrayer of all good values were to exist, it would be anybody today who upholds multiculturalism and diversity. Eliminate this corrupt principle and you will leave people free to judge for themselves the rotted regime of Islam – and to properly deal with it.

    Evil (irrationality) cannot stand on its own. It depends on sanction and “allowance” of the good.

    May I suggest a very good book that has helped me properly identify the rot of sanction: The Return of The Primitive.” The author is Peter Schwartz.

  5. He should have been a bloody pulp by the time the elevator doors opened. The old time Marshals would not have put up with this. They should just keep a spit mask on these goons all the time. If they spit, taser them. Or better yet … well, you know the rest.

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