Muslim nations agree to media blitz in fight against…Islamic jihad and sharia

Not in this lifetime.

Rather than attempting to resolve the root of the problem and convince Muslims to disavow jihad proscribed in the Koran, Hadith and by countless Muslim “clerics,” the perma-victims of the sharia-promoting OIC will wage a media blitz against those who speak the truth about Islam. Here’s hoping they spend a lot of money waging their media jihad and giving their detractors ample opportunity to expose their lies. via Muslim states agree to media blitz in fight against Islamophobia.

The largest platform representing Muslim countries has agreed to launch an aggressive media campaign with the purpose of raising awareness of anti-Muslim hate movements in the world, while keeping tabs on the problems that are being faced by Muslim citizens in Western and Asian countries.

In the final communiqué, adopted at the 9th session of the Islamic Conference of Information Ministers in Libreville, Gabon, the representatives from 57 member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which is the largest intergovernmental organization after the UN, has empowered the Turkish secretary-general of the organization with a new tool to go after Islamophobic movements in the world.

The meeting saw strong messages voiced by member countries at the OIC meeting in Gabon. As representative of the hosting country and chairman of the conference, Blaise Louembe, the Gabonese minister of digital economy, communications and post, told the audience that there is a need to support the initiative of dialogue, solidarity and consultation among the OIC member countries, stressing that addressing Islamophobia through diplomatic dynamism is important. He proposed the launch of an awareness-raising campaign to eliminate violence advocated by some extremist movements. Louembe said Gabon is ready to lead the charge on these projects.

Morocco’s Minister of Communication Mustapha Khalfi warned that Islamophobia is rising and campaigns targeting the image of Islam and Muslims in international media are increasing. He underlined that media institutions in the Muslim world have more responsibility to confront these smear campaigns against Islam. Khalfi also noted that OIC should be a conduit in coordinating media action among Muslim countries as well as within the UN.

The OIC Secretary General, Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, also highlighted Islamophobia as one of the most pressing issues that needs to be tackled by the OIC. He said that Islamophobia is fuelled by a misconception about Islam and Muslims and incites hatred and discrimination against them on religious and ethnic grounds.”

In other words, the more non-Muslims learn about Islam and the bloody history of Islamic conquest – as well as Islamic justification and requirements to wage physical jihad against non-Muslims – the more they know the under-manned and far outfunded counter-jihad is winning. They’d be much better off attempting to reform Islam but without coercion and violence the Muslim population would drop dramatically. So jihad it is.

The OIC meeting in Gabon has adopted a number of resolutions to strengthen media coordination among the 57 member countries.

It can be summed up as “cry Islamophobia loud, cry it often and when that fails cry racism.”

OIC members also approved the establishment of a “Muslim Journalists’ Forum” among member countries in order to “unite journalists and foster communication between them so that it becomes a forum for facilitating cooperation and developing specific mechanisms in joint Islamic media action.”

The OIC will also open media coordination offices in some key countries to project the true image of Islam. The OIC general secretary will use these offices to implement media plans on many issues of utmost importance such as Islamophobia, the Palestine issue, development, trade, environment, tourism and the fight against poverty as well as other major issues. The OIC conference discussed a proposal for training journalists to counter stereotypes about Islam and Muslims in Western media.

Be sure that Muslim in Chief Barrack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton will do the ribbon cutting of the OIC office in Washington, DC. when it opens.

Launching an OIC satellite channel was also another novel idea proposed by Gabon and approved by all members at the conference in Libreville. OIC TV will be an official media outlet, which can help the organization reach out and affect the public’s opinion of Islam by conveying its messages. The OIC meeting also approved the Turkish proposal for establishing the OIC Broadcasting Regulatory Authorities Forum (IBRAF) among Muslim countries.

And the Islamists will attempt to revive the global sharia blasphemy laws to prosecute non-Muslims.

Noting that the recommendation made by Morocco on “Countering Defamation of Religions” was important, the meeting called on all Muslim countries “to support tabling the proposal at the UN so that a draft recommendation could be adopted calling on all states to respect the image of religions in all the various media and not to cause prejudice to religious symbols and sanctuaries, in demonstration of Islamic solidarity.”

The African takeover.

Another resolution acknowledged a proposal for implementing a media program for Africa to highlight the continent’s position and role in the Muslim world. Participants hope that this program will contribute to Africa’s economic, cultural, tourism and natural potential.

The conference has set up a committee to follow-up on the resolutions adopted at the conference. The committee members include Morocco, Gabon, Iran (past, present and next chairmen) and the OIC Secretary General. Iran will host the next meeting in 2014.

Maybe this will coincide with the initial air raids on Iran.

Brace yourself for the blitz as major media lapdogs like al-Reuters, CNN, Associated with terrorists Press, and others will promoting this Islamic propaganda more than they already do.

11 thoughts on “Muslim nations agree to media blitz in fight against…Islamic jihad and sharia

  1. And here in Australia , Australias Obamaphile Prime Minister Julia Dhimmi Gillard is planning legislation to ban free speech criticizing will be illegal and a punishable offence under law and labelled as ” hate speech” …please fellow Aussies, dont forget to attend the Freedom of Speech demonstration against mad Julias disgusting pandering to Obamas agenda and that of the OIC and the United Nations ..Melbourne Friday April 27th

  2. Media blitz by Muslims?…Really?…Why bother? The “kuffars” and/or Useful Idiots in Western society, that is the Powers That Be (with exception to those brave souls who are fighting for our freedom), are already silent enough that there is no need for a blitz. Extapolating the events as I see them unfold, its “Good Bye Charlie” for the West. Now its just a matter of time or so it seems. Ladies…start sewing your burkas before prices rise or the material for them runs low.

  3. “Did Muhammad Exist?” Robert Spencer’s new book proves Arabs created Mo & Islam theology after the empire.

    Lay your swords down!
    Take off your burqa!

    Lets fight IOC fire with fire. We need to expose MuHAMmed & Islam for the fraud it is via the same media blitz. The Islamics probably won’t buy into it right away but fellow Americans (real ones who love our Constitution) will become educated and not fear standing up against Sharia Law, prayer rooms, gals only

    Just say No to Mo!

  4. Islamophobia is a false claim being used in order to control speech and thoughts. I only know of Christians being persecuted in Muslim countries, churches burned, stone age punhishments still practiced, vows to have the world under Sharia laws persistantly argued over and over again in this country and in Europe. But the fight to prevent the success of this plan starts with contact to our legislators. When we hear of appeasement to unreasonable demands we need to let our voice be heard. If we believe it won’t matter then it won’t.


  5. if you know your enemy and are perpetually prepared against harm;then there is no need to fear;there is no islamophobia amongst those wise.they fear not………IT IS ISLAM ‘S warriors and governments who should be afraid………..there planet is not the only one in the universe;….its getting cold……… ice baby.

  6. I read something about islamism daily-book, blog, article reaffirming my conviction that islam is an ideology of hate wrapped, albeit thinly, in religion, I follow rep. West injunction to take them at their word. This is most recently demonstrated in Geert Wilder’s’ book just released, ‘Marked for Death’ and Robert Spencer’s ‘Did Mohammad Exist?’.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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