Obama Admin Talks With Muslim Brotherhood About “Small Business”


While waging war on small businesses in the United States, Obama Administration Says It Talked With Muslim Brotherhood to Promote Small Business | CNSNews.com. That is promoting business for Muslims.

(CNSNews.com) – The Obama administration says that it has talked with members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood in order to promote small business.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which was banned in Egypt during the regime of former President Hosni Mubarak, leads the Freedom and Justice Party which, according to the Congressional Research Service, won 235 of the 498 seats (47 percent) in Egypt’s new People’s Assembly, which convened in January. The fundamentalist Islamist Alliance won another 125 seats (or 25 percent of the assembly).

In an online briefing for foreign reporters last week, Undersecretary of State Robert Hormats said that the State Department is trying to promote collaboration between small and medium-sized businesses in the United States and businesses overseas.

In this context, he said he had talked to members of the Muslim Brotherhood about promoting smaller enterprises. He said he would be having similar discussions this week with leaders from Middle Eastern and North African countries.

“America’s a big economy with a number of big companies. We also have a lot of small and medium-sized companies. And we know in many parts of the world, there is an effort to support small and medium-sized enterprise,” said Hormats.

“Just one example: I’ve been spending a lot of time in the Middle East and North Africa in support of the kind of reforms that are now going on in that region,” said Hormats. “And one of the things that I have picked up by people throughout the region is their emphasis on support for small and medium-sized enterprises. American companies would like to buy from and collaborate with small and medium-sized enterprises in North Africa, the Middle East. I’ve had conversations in Egypt, with business people members of the Muslim Brotherhood; the same is true in Tunisia, and other parts of the world.

“So this is not an ideological issue. This is not a political issue,” said Hormats. “This is a practical issue of collaboration between the United States and companies around the world and governments around the world, all of whom want to create jobs, want to work together, and to improve the living standards of their citizens. American business is very supportive of this.

“The State Department is very supportive of American business and of cooperation between American business and businesses in other countries who want to create jobs, who want to innovate, and want to strengthen their global ties in a mutually constructive way,” said Hormats.

More Taxation for Islamization from Caliph Obama.

7 thoughts on “Obama Admin Talks With Muslim Brotherhood About “Small Business”

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  2. To put it in very plain ‘Down Under’ english: “What the bloody hell is wrong with Obama?” As if I didn’t know. Nice, that he’s talking with his buddies and stealing money from Americans to help the Caliphate. Why has this treasonous president not been impeached?

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