Zogby, Hamas-linked CAIR to hold pro-honor killing rally in Dearborn

via Jihad Watch.

Our AFDI/SIOA Jessica Mokdad Human Rights conference is this Sunday in Dearborn, and the defenders of honor killing are planning a rally to oppose our stand for freedom. We also fully expect they’ll be trying to disrupt ours, as they increasingly are adopting the tactics of Hitler’s brownshirts.

“Pro-honor killing”? Yes. Remember: these groups are playing the usual Islamic supremacist Orwellian game, claiming to represent human rights and freedom and demonizing us as hatemongers, when in reality, by doing so, and by ignoring and denying the Islamic justifications for honor killing, they are running interference for the practice, and making sure that more girls will be honor-killed in the United States in the future.

These Islamic supremacists and Leftist tools are claiming that Pamela Geller and others originated the idea that Jessica Mokdad was the victim of an honor killing. In reality, Darwin Jiles, a close friend of Jessica, has said this: “Jessica was someone who wanted to have liberties, like every other young lady that is born in America outside of the traditions of Islam are able to do, to pursue her own happiness and to pursue her own dreams.…Jessica would wear [the Islamic headcovering, the hijab] it when she was with her family, and when she wasn’t with her family, she let it be very known that she didn’t want to wear it, that she did not want to be a part of this forced Islamic religion. She was very clear with that to me. And so Cassandra really is portraying a false picture. And Pamela has every right to place the conference to be named after Jessica in regards to this, because it was Islam that caused her death.”

“Local, National Groups to Host Islamophobia Town Hall Sunday in Dearborn,” by Jessica Carreras for the Dearborn Patch, April 25 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

Local and national Arab American and Muslim groups will gather this Sunday at the Doubletree Hotel just outside of Dearborn in hopes of counteracting an anti-Islamic conference being held at the same time.In a statement sent out Wednesday, the Arab American Institute announced that they will host a community town hall on Islamophobia at 1 p.m. on Sunday with a slew of local and national speakers–including religious leaders, media representatives, and political leaders.

The event they seek to fight is the Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference, also taking place Sunday at Dearborn’s Hyatt Regency Hotel. Hosted by political commentators and outspoken critics of Islam Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, the conference aims to expose what they claim is blatant evidence of the persecution of women in the Muslim faith.

Jessica Mokdad, for whom the conference was named, was murdered in 2011 in Warren, MI. Police arrested her stepfather for the crime, and some–Gellar included–have speculated that the shooting was an “honor killing” due to her rejection of Islam.

The Islamophobia Town Hall will include multiple speakers, including AAI President James Zogby, journalist and blogger Sara Posner, Executive Director of the Council for American-Islamic Relations of Michigan Dawud Walid, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee of Michigan Director Imad Hamad, Imam Sayed Qazwini, state Rep. Rashida Tlaib and several others.

The last paragraph lists a cadre of Islamists and their useful idiots who hold sway in the media and live well.

We covered Zogby back in 2008 when he was fixing polls and manipulating public opinion. Read Obama’s Friend Zogby Fixing the Polls?

Just days ago @MoneyJihad tweeted Zogby just pocketed $200,000 from the Saudi’s in one night:

It’s pretty clear who these guys align with and what their views are on America…and sharia.

9 thoughts on “Zogby, Hamas-linked CAIR to hold pro-honor killing rally in Dearborn

  1. Trap all of them in the meeting room and pump gas into it and send them all straight to hell. islam is a religion of murder, rape, incest and beastility, it truely is Satan’s religion.

      • There is a big difference between sounding like Hitler and having to get RID of Hitler, and that’s what Keith M is saying. It is NOT evil to destroy evil, in whatever way is necessary.

        By your logic, it would have been immoral to gas Hitler. In reality, it would have rid the world of one of the most evil creatures ever to live and millions and millions of lives would have been saved including millions of innocent children.

        As far as the Islamists, there is no “just send them home” because the entire world is now their home. Due to the internet and modern transportation, let alone the UN, the EU, and a US government which allows Islamists to wage their legal jihad through American and European courts.

        Like a cancer, it has spread in the USA and around the world, there is no “home”, as this cancer intends to subjugate the entire world.

        In a case like this there is only one way to rid the earth of this kind of evil, and that is to destroy it. There is no sending a cancer cell to another part of the body and tell it to “stay home”. It is NEVER evil to destroy evil in whatever way is available and efficient, just like destroying a cancer.

        If it isn’t destroyed the people of the earth will experience horrendous subjugation under Islam, very much like what happened to mankind under Christianity’s Dark Ages, complete with the violence, the tortures, the religious dictatorship — only Islam will do it on so much more a massive scale now in our modern times.

  2. Think we’d better start saving our pennies and support (till it hurts!) Geller and likewise individuals who are brining the truth out about the Islamic aims to take over this country. Congressman Peter King also needs to hear from us to telll him to keep up the fight. It’s frightening how sure of themselves they have become. Such evil has to be stopped.

  3. Why are our officials so in love with this? I just don’t get it. How much more do they need to see and hear? Would a few beheadings in their districts wake them up? Will more honor killings wake them up? When it is proven a honor killing why is it the MSM not reporting every honor killing as such? When the majority of Americans what these people out of the us, why aren’t our leaders listening? Money and power is what our leaders crave and they must be getting this from somewhere. It is time to clean all the politicians out and make sure that all the politicians are vetted thoroughly. We need to ask why so much information on Obama and others is no longer available on the net? We are in deep poop!

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  5. If we are to maintain OUR honour, surely it’s OK for us to knock off muslims who want to take over our countries; well, isn’t it?!

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