Another Muslim attack on Christians in Nigeria kills at least 15

What are becoming regularly scheduled Sunday attacks by Muslims on Christians. via Attack on Christians in Nigeria kills at least 15: witness | Reuters.

(Reuters) – Gunmen killed at least 15 people and wounded many more on Sunday in an attack on a university theatre being used by Christian worshippers in Kano, a northern Nigerian city where hundreds have died in Islamist attacks this year.

Security sources said gunmen arrived on motorbikes and threw small homemade bombs into the theatre before shooting fleeing worshippers. There was sporadic gunfire in other parts of the city later on from attackers driven from the university by the army, the sources said.

“I counted at least 15 dead bodies. I think they were being taken to the Amino Kano teaching hospital,” said a witness who did not wish to be identified. He said he saw many more people being treated for injuries.

A security source said at least 15 people were dead and a source at the hospital said by telephone he had seen 10-15 dead bodies brought in with gunshot wounds and dozens more wounded were being treated.

Bayero University spokesman, Mustapha Zahradeen, said two university professors had been killed in the attacks.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

Radical Islamist sect Boko Haram, which wants to carve out an Islamic state in northern Nigeria, has killed hundreds in bomb and gun attacks this year. It mainly targets police and authority figures but has also attacked churches.

The army said it had secured the area.

“The attack took place in one of the lecture theatres used as a place of worship by Christians. For sure there are casualties but I can’t say how many,” said Ikedichi Iweha, an army spokesman.

“The elements came, used explosives and guns to attack them. We have repelled them and cordoned off the area,” Iweha said.

Red Cross officials said they were trying to get access and had no details on casualties.

Meanwhile, Muslims behead a British Red Cross doctor kidnapped in Pakistan

Religion of Peace. And if you disagree they will kill you.

9 thoughts on “Another Muslim attack on Christians in Nigeria kills at least 15

  1. And as usual crickets from the muslim appeasing western media about these regular butcherings of non muslims BY muslims,oh thats right, its only Christians so it doesnt matter! imagine if it was the reverse situation and it was christians murdering muslims on a regular basis, wow, the world would be outraged…its so disgusting that Islam gets a pass! i hate this filthy EVIL ideaology that creates monsters!

  2. I am sick and tired of these people being called radical. They are simply doing what the most evil book ever written says for them to do. The word radical means to stray away from the original intent, or moving away from the basic. The only ones that are radical are the few that do not wish to impose Islam upon the world.

    • Exactly, and that is the problem. They are doing what they have long justified as the means to their holy end. How do you convince this country that a real danger is fast moving over us when our own government tells us the jhadist war is over and these fiends are in our government.

  3. OK, on Friday PRAYERS AT THE MOSQUES, SOOT-UM-UP TIME AND SEE HOW MANY OF THESE HEATHENS YOU CAN GET. An eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. Looks like fair play to me!!!! LOCK AND LOAD.

  4. Islams mandate is to make ALL states islamic states. To do that they have to rid ALL non muslims from them. Killing them is the easiest way. Time to stand up and take our countries back, by any means available to us.

  5. My “fiance” is in, Nigeria, at the moment. I “Pray to God!” that He allows her to return to me, healthy and unharmed, in the Name of Jesus Christ, I ask…Amen!!!

  6. When will they start killing in America? Seems they are gaining more ground against us every day. Send it to the white house, and get Al sharpton screaming about this on the media. Make it a black issue and watch nobama scramble to shut him down.

    • “When will they start killing in America?” Uh, 9/11/01? Sirhan Sirhan, 1968. Embassies, hijackings, blowing holes in Naval ships for many decades, numerous “honor” killings, Malvo (the freeway shooter) and his little boyfriend …

      Please don’t take that the wrong way, dad5, but I think it’s important that we take our Islamic blinders off. We are lost and deluded because our elites refuse to recognize, identify and name the enemy. They’ve left that responsibility to us because they are useless and cowards.

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