Long Island Rail Road jihad plot (video)

via Vlad Tepes.

2009: Long Island man gave Al Qaeda info about NYC subways, LIRR

5 thoughts on “Long Island Rail Road jihad plot (video)

  1. Excuse me… excuse me… it’s everyone aware that our president Obama has stated the the war on terror is over? That Islam is a religion of peace and muslims are not terrorists; it was really Mormon Missonaries or possiibily Amish men who blew up the WTC in 2001 (certainly not,[OMG] peaceful muslims).

    What I want to know is? What are we, those who know this country has been lied to, its freedoms being stripped away (and turned into an Islamic homeland), raped, bankrupted, destroyed and turned into a wasteland… When are “we” those who’s rights and freedoms have been usurpted going to stand and say no more! Tell the truth and demand that the TRUTH be told. Reject the liberal media’s lies!!!

    Obama should never have been elected, he was and still is a liar, a totally inexperienced government official and most important… a man lacking in moral character. He should nerver have been elected, “He” should have been impeached uncountable times…. yet, we not only tolerate, but watch as “if” helpless victims his bid for re-election and possible re-election. We do nothing, we say nothing!

    Obama is just one of the glaring offenses that keeps on offending. For the most part the whole governmental body, Senate, House both federal and local have “caved” to our enemies (those who are destroying our freedoms).

    We watch the media and liberal left and the Islamic forces pick off those who tell the truth, knowing full well that “united we stand and divided we fall” is the only way out. But we are too lazy, chicken scared or uncarring to stand in unity.

    The “Tea Party” with all its faults was an idea who’s time was well over due, but we have all but allowed it to die a horrible death.

    Terrorism its dead, it’s alive and florishing! And we who have been given so much through the shedding of the blood of so many honorable men and women down throught the ages. We… have allowed “evil” (Islam) to florish while we do nothing; our silence condemes us and calls us cowards! Our childrens’ children will curse us.

    • Stand for something or die for nothing. What will it take=people stripped naked over pits and murdered because they are Amer-i-cans Christian/Jews/Homo sexuals/cartoon printers/hurting feelings of Muslims.??????????????

  2. Do you know that the statue of liberty has already debunked the Bible all these years?
    Come undo the secret at

    Or log on here to know why God doesn’t exist.

    Fight terrorism with logic instead of bullets. Wake up the idiots from the delusion of God.

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