Muslim Brotherhood groups grows at Eastern Michigan Univ

Stealth infiltration by the Muslim Brotherhood-founded and Saudi-funded Muslim Student Association at Eastern Michigan University. Propaganda via The Eastern Echo.

What started out as a small branch of the Center for Multicultural Affairs has grown into a very promising student organization, with an active and dedicated membership. The Muslim Student Association at EMU has sewn itself tightly into the fabric of our community.

…In addition to dinners and lectures, MSA tries to involve students in more “day in the life” type of experiences and hosts events like A Walk In My Shoes and Fast-a-Thon.

The former is a day in which non-Muslim women wear a hijab and dress modestly for a day, as would a Muslim woman, and then discuss their experience and observations. “We want people to ask why they’re wearing a hijab. We get asked that all the time. We want people to openly discuss these kinds of things,” said Al-Kalby.

Fast-a-Thon is based on an Islamic tradition and is another annual event which calls on participants to fast for a day, from sunrise to sunset. There is a dinner held in the evening, which features a guest speaker. “One year we donated one meal to a family in need for every person that participated in Fast-a-Thon,” said Aggour. They were unable to make those food donations this year, but did collect for Syrian relief aid at the event. “We’d like to try to donate to families in need again because hunger is a real problem in the community.”

The Muslim Student Association places a great importance on giving back to the community. “We don’t want to just host dinners and lectures and have it end there,” said Al-Kalby. “We want to let the good spread outside of the room.”

Unfortunately, like most Muslim groups in America, they only give back to Muslim communities and most often not even in the U.S.

Steve Emerson and others have profiled the Muslim Student Association:

MSA was founded in the United States in 1963 by members of the Egyptian-based Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood seeks a global Islamic state and has spawned leaders of a series of Sunni terrorist groups, including al-Qaida, Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The Muslim Brotherhood motto established by founder Hassan al-Banna is, “God is our objective, the Quran is our Constitution, the Prophet is our leader, jihad is our way, and death for the sake of God is the highest of our aspirations.”

MSA members remain faithful to Brotherhood ideology. At the closing session of the MSA West conference in January 2011 at UCLA, attendees recited a pledge, “Allah is my lord, Islam is my life, the Quran is my guide, the Sunna is my practice, Jihad is my spirit, righteousness is my character, paradise is my goal. I enjoin what is right, I forbid what is wrong, I will fight against oppression, and I will die to establish Islam.”

Numerous MSA leaders have been convicted of or killed waging jihad. But why litter a good student newspaper propaganda piece with history and facts.

5 thoughts on “Muslim Brotherhood groups grows at Eastern Michigan Univ

  1. I spent most of my adult work life at universities, not including the three I attended to earn my bachelor’s degree. The attitude on campus varies from group to group but, I think, the overall attitude cultivated and protected by school administration is one of hands off student activities. Activities have sponsors who in turn have MONEY and it is a goal to attract MONEY to the campus while educating some students.
    The upshot of this is that students are DESENSITIZED to dangers such as islamism, all in the name of multiculturalism. No longer will you hear students agree to disagree except in rare cases where students actually know what they are talking about. They need to have their university acquired attitudes challenged rather than reinforced. This is everyone’s responsibility. Hopefully it will lead to better informed students, unless the moslemites are given to green light by government to terrorize/murder those who are doing the challenging.
    I think Robert Spencer’s books about mohammad and Geert Wilders’ book should be required freshman reading and discussion by both moslems and non-moslems.

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  3. I just witnesd the placing of the beam on the NEW FREEDOM TOWER in NYC. They knocked us down and we now stand AS AMERICANS once more. BIGGER, BADDER and one hell of alot more BALLS intact.
    Try it again and see what happens…..GOD BLESS THE USA!!!

  4. Have you noticed how it’s always one way? It’s always about muslims and them trying to make you see their point of view. It’s NEVER about seeing our point of view or trying to assimilate…..spit…

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