Brooklyn: Albanian Muslim pleads guilty, wanted to kill US soldiers overseas

Missed this a few weeks ago and saw it at Julia Gorin’s blog, via Brooklyn architect pleads guilty to aiding militants in Pakistan whom he hoped to join  – NY Daily News.

A BROOKLYN architect pleaded guilty Thursday to providing material support to militant fighters he hoped to join in Pakistan.

Agron Hasbajrami did not have to admit he hoped to kill American troops under the deal his lawyers hammered out with the Brooklyn U.S. Attorney’s office.

Instead, Hasbajrami copped to conspiring with the militants to kill “people” overseas, said prosecutor Seth DuCharme.

Hasbajrami, 28, an Albanian national who lived in Bay Ridge, was arrested at Kennedy Airport carrying a one-way ticket to Turkey, a tent, boots and cold-weather gear. Previously he had sent about $1,000 to the militants overseas.

“I tried to help a group of people who I believed were engaged in fighting in Pakistan,” he told Federal Judge John Gleeson.

The wannabe jihadi faces up to 15 years in prison – far less than the 60 years behind bars he faced had he been convicted after a trial, according to defense lawyers Steve Zissou and Michael Bachrach.

Hasbajrami has agreed to deportation to Albania after completing his sentence.

Before his arrest, he had professed a desire to “marry with the girls in paradise,” a reference to martyrdom by terrorists, court papers state.

The DOJ let him off easy, Albanian Muslim Arrested at JFK Airport en Route to Wage Jihad.

5 thoughts on “Brooklyn: Albanian Muslim pleads guilty, wanted to kill US soldiers overseas

  1. Yes I agree, take him up to the AUBURN PRISON and introduce him to old SPARKY. This way he can get his JOLLIES OFF on how it would feel to get WHACKED VIA A 30-06. OH WHAT A GOOD TIME HE WOULD HAVE feeling the exhileration of the experience. LOCK AND LOAD.

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