West Point Cadets Spend Night in Jersey Mosque (video)

We posted on this annual pilgrimage of dhimmitude back in 2008. According to this year’s video, these West Point cadets spent a night in the mosque.

Cadets from The United States Military Academy at West Point went on a mission this week, to New Jersey. The Cadets are part of a post-9/11 effort to build cultural understanding within the U.S. Military.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The mosque’s website lists among its goals:

  • To help Muslims in the United States to carry out Islamic activities in pursuance of Islam as comprehensive way of life.
  • To present Islam to people of other faiths and to make and to make known the ideology of Islam and its teachings.

Does that include the ideology of jihad? Maybe to the faithful but not to these cadets.

Most of these cadets were probably a year or two old, if even born, when in 1993, Muslims in Jersey City planned and carried out the first bombing of the World Trade Center. Are they aware Muslims continued plotting not far away in Journal Square right up until 2001 and remain active to this day?

17 thoughts on “West Point Cadets Spend Night in Jersey Mosque (video)

  1. Did a basic google search on Ahmed Shedeed – You won’t believe what I found – but then again you probably will.


    It’s not much but it does show Shedeed has some anger and anti-Christian issues. The story also shows that he is quick to anger when questioned or when Islam is challenged.

    I hope our West Point grads are also getting a lesson in Dawa, Taqiyya, and that Quranic Divinely inspired law, Muslims believe supersedes all man made laws and all corrupted by man religions that preceded Islam.

    Of Course not – Lets sing Kumbaya and pass the smores

  2. The armed forces are picked because they are used to taking orders; they can be turned against the native populace. If that is not forced indoctrination, I don’t know what is. Pure proselytising!! As above, puke-making!!

  3. Does it get any more despicable than this, your military being forced to pander to the enemy by your own government? Welcome to the alternate universe.

    • We hope that the Arab’s counterpart will respond (RECIPROCATE) to this unsolicited demonstration of good will from our military. If isn’t the case, then, we better pack and go……., the sooner the better………!

  4. The president of Muslim brotherhood is also the US president, elected by saudi money and greed votes for sale by corrupt huse members.

  5. A little government approved state religion/Satan worship, anyone?
    Any other would be a violation of church and state. Islam is the only govt approved religion.

  6. May that mosque in Jersey City burn to the ground!! If I had supernatural powers, I’d put a REAL hex on that blot on our land and it would simply implode in a big boom!! Collateral damage? There is none in our war with pisslam…

  7. Warning;Pursuant to Regulation 291-A You are in violation of rotten potato procurement and storage.It is noted that this weapon of mass stinkage is aimed at area Jihadists .This violation shall in no way be tolerated by the COUNCIL TO DECEIVE .THE PEOPLE OF NEW JERSEY.YOU ARE HEREBY REQUIRED TO CEASE AND DESIST ROTTEN POTATO JUICE PRODUCTION OR ELSE YOU WILL GET A SPANKIN.

  8. who even heard about muslims, sharia, islam before Obama got in the White House. They were all sneaking it in and now it is in your face.

  9. Hahaha… oh wow. Muslims hate, discriminate, persecute, threat, assault, rape. incarcerate, bomb, kill, massacre… etc non-muslims and non-muslims are the ones who need to “build cultural understanding”.

    Surreal and nauseating!.

  10. Ignorance is not bliss….however, hopefully, Romney is mormon enough to withstand the islamic world….there is no hope for America with Obama in office…and hopefully, there will be a big bang and out the islamic thought from the christian america…What the hell ever happened to the the Christian Bible pounding Blacks of America….and their Amazing Graces?????….

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