Seattle Muslim threatened FBI agent’s family

via Charge: Would-be terrorist tipster threatened Seattle FBI agent’s family –

A Seattle man previously convicted of throwing his shoe at a King County judge is now accused of threatening to kill an FBI agent after claiming to have information about a terrorist believed to have been killed in Somalia.

In court documents unsealed earlier this month, federal prosecutors claim Abdi Ali Abukar, 24, threatened to harm a Seattle FBI agent’s family if the agent didn’t deal with harassment charges pending against Abukar.

According to charging documents, Abukar offered information about Ruben Shumpert, a Seattle barber previously investigated by the FBI for ties to a radical jihadist group. Writing the court, an FBI special agent noted Shumpert is believed to have been killed in Somalia during fighting there.

The deal Abukar hoped to broker didn’t go through. He was sentenced earlier this month to two years in state prison for threatening to kill a young woman, and will likely see even more prison time if convicted of threatening the FBI agent.

The most recent allegations follow years of legal trouble for Abukar, a mentally ill man with a criminal history dating to his teenage years.

Abukar, who moved to the United States from Somalia as a child, was previously sentenced to a four-year prison term for a 2008 crime spree that saw him hold up a girl at gunpoint, fire a gun at the home of a young woman and arrange a home invasion on his own mother. He was convicted of misdemeanor assault for throwing a jail-issued slipper at a King County judge in 2010, and was most recently sentenced for threatening to kill the young woman whose house he’d previously shot.

Court documents show Abukar has previously threatened to kill Seattle police, judges and attorneys. He also threatened to kill Americans as “jihad,” though state psychiatrists uniformly dismissed the statements as a bid by Abukar to stay at Western State Hospital.

At issue in the federal case are allegations that Abukar threatened to kill a Seattle FBI agent while free on bond and facing state harassment charges.

Writing the court, the investigating FBI agent said Abukar called his alleged victim in July and, identifying himself as “Miller,” claimed to have information about Shumpert. Abukar asked to meet the agent at Seattle Public Library’s flagship branch downtown but an agreement wasn’t reached.

Days later, Abukar sent the agent an email demanding the agent to clear his warrants and outstanding charges and pay him $6,000 for “terrorist information,” the investigating agent told the court. Abukar is alleged to have gone on to mention members of the agent’s family by name while threatening that “things will go wrong and violently” if he was followed or watched.

6 thoughts on “Seattle Muslim threatened FBI agent’s family

  1. I’ll bet he walks, but if thrown in jail, we could really see for ourselves how serious the *I Kill You* threats were meant. Lotsa guys in there will want violence with a raghead.

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  3. If you think that threat is not true then let him be free and see what he is capable of.? Never trust a muslim

  4. I was just in District court the other day and they said that there was a trial that was going to happen in Tacoma because a man threatened a judge and they had to change venue because they can’t try it in Seattle… I KNEW that sounded familiar. I will see when it is and see if I can go to the trial.

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