Muslim who attacked Danish cartoonist gets 10 years & deportation

Note that the Vancouver Sun doesn’t even have the courage to use the words Muslim, Islam, sharia or jihad. Because that is what this was all about. A Muslim waging jihad for Islam in accordance with sharia. via Danish cartoonist attacker has 10-year sentence confirmed.

The Somali man who attacked a Danish cartoonist for caricaturing the Prophet Muhammad will serve 10 years in prison before being expelled from Denmark, the Supreme Court confirmed Wednesday.

“There is no reason to change the 10-year prison sentence,” Denmark’s highest court ruled, stressing that Mohamed Geele, who attacked cartoonist Kurt Westergaard at his home on January 1, 2010 with an axe, was guilty of “attempted terrorism.”

The court also confirmed that once he has served his sentence the now 30-year-old Somali citizen would be expelled from Denmark and banned from ever returning.

Geele, who has been living in the Scandinavian country since he was 14 and has a wife and four young children there, had appealed his sentence to the Supreme Court, insisting the attack had nothing to do with terrorism and that he had only been trying to frighten Westergaard.

He was initially sentenced to nine years behind bars in February 2011, but an appeals court hiked his sentence four months later to 10 years.

“I feel somewhat sorry for this Geele. But it is satisfying for me to see an end to this case,” Westergaard himself told the Ritzau news agency Wednesday.

“Such an action is indeed terrorism. He attacked me, but he affected all of society,” he said.

The Somali broke into 76-year-old Kurt Westergaard’s home near Aarhus in central Denmark on January 1, 2010 wielding an axe and screaming, “You must die! You are going to hell!”, according to the cartoonist’s testimony last year.

Geele, who is suspected of having links to the Somali Islamist movement Al-Shebab, had threatened police arriving on the scene with his axe and knife and was shot twice before being placed under arrest.

Wednesday’s ruling came as four people face trial in Denmark for “attempted terrorism” for allegedly plotting to massacre staff at the same paper over the cartoons.

Again, four Muslims.

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10 thoughts on “Muslim who attacked Danish cartoonist gets 10 years & deportation

  1. How can Danes, and Europeans, be certain this thug will not resurface as a refugee of conscience in, say France?

    • David.” certain this thug will not resurface as a refugee of conscience in , say France.” You are 100% right. We in the West are so naive , that stupid that we frist put him in prision and feed him for 10 years and then deport him. He should be hanged . Period

      • I’m with you, Omega; why should Danes have to feed this sub-human and let him watch TV, etc.? Take him over the Red Sea, cut him with a knife, and push him out!

        Hmmm, maybe even Red Sea sharks are too fastidious to eat them…………

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  3. I do not understand why they can not use religion in the description!! never stopped them with the Irish, it was quite common to use Catholic and Protestants.

  4. So as not to incite Muslim’s delicate sensibilities and damage the ethos that Islam is a religion of peace, we must avoid mention of Muslim, Islam, Sharia when talking about Muslims attempting murder by following the Islamic Sharia. I wonder if any newspapers publish satirical cartoons about Islam these days? I doubt it. Do they fear axe wielding Muslims? Probably.

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