Cartoon: “War on Terror” Over

War on citizens and liberty rages on. via GrrrGraphics_home_page.

The ‘War on Terror‘ was declared ‘over’ last week, but we now know it’s a permanent operation aimed at the American people. This cartoon, drawn by Tina Norton, illustrates how absurd and pernicious the TSA has become. Molesting frightened little girls is supposed to prevent ‘terror?’ The TSA are the real terrorists. They are performing government terror on citizens. The TSA must stand for “Terrorize the States of America,” or “Testicle Squeezing Assessors,” or even “Troubled Sadists Agency.” This type of job is a magnet for child abusers and perverts. The trouble is, the groping and microwave frying won’t be confined to airports. Obama wants a Civilian Security Force as strong as the military in order to suppress and harass Americans themselves. This means the TSA will be coming to bus and train stations, malls and schools. Random checkpoints with malicious TSA gropers everywhere will be the final nail in the coffin for the 4th Amendment. Add in Big Sis’s tattle-tale spy force and we’ll be no better than East German or the old Soviet Union.

The fear-mongering by big government is part of their game plan to take more rights and liberties away. They create false flag events to speed their agenda along. The TSA groping is meant to condition Americans into accepting the permanent loss of their 4th Amendment rights. The TSA will keep pushing the boundaries until Americans push back. We don’t advocate violence at GrrrGraphics, but we DO believe in our First Amendment right to speak out LOUDLY against their tyranny. All Americans should. –TINA

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” –Thomas Jefferson

15 thoughts on “Cartoon: “War on Terror” Over

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  2. The ‘war on terror’ is as old as mankind wherever people are threatened by others. This is only one of its many heads, a 1,400 year old history which reads like the sickest child/wife abuse case ever permitted to be published.

  3. America’s war on terror is like swatting a few mosquitos here and there and refusing to drain the swamp or even acknowledging the swamp exists, even in its own backyard.

  4. Now you know why my wife and I absolutely refuse to visit friends in America–we’re sick of being insulted.

    And ALL because of the “religion of peace!” Wake up America, far from being the hope of the Western world; you have actually become one of the worst places to visit. Pity.

  5. Have there been any reports of people taking physical action against Terrorist Society of America members on their way to of from their locations of harassment and child abuse???

  6. Obamas slogan for the 2012 elections should be the words of islams muhammad, you know, the guy who invented the terrorist religion Obama so openly and arrogantly admires and financially supports , who uttered these telling words ” I HAVE BEEN MADE VICTORIOUS WITH TERROR” great heading for his campaign, huh!

    • ho por pres is so cool????l. He can sing(kinda) he can, he can , well lets see
      he can–uh uh uh uh, well well huhuhiuhiu. So where my telleprompt

  7. I’m really surprised one of these nut squeezing, clit flicking, titty feeling, child molesting, elderly lady groaping TSA perverts hasn’t gotten pemanently decked yet. When are the state and local police going to take action against these commies and enforce the laws that are in existance in every state, city and town in America to stop these behaviors? Does the 10th Amendment ring a bell?

  8. It really is surprising that local law enforcement haven’t gone after those sexually molesting children, but what shocks me is the parents that STAND there like SHEEPLE and LET them do it! That is why they get away with it. People are letting them do it!

  9. Muslims are excluded from groping. You even see muzzies doing the groping now. Muzzie bro-hood cannot even be inspected. Obama made them ALL diplomats, even as we watched former GC holders, known child molesters, go though. 1+1 does Not equal 2 under the mighty muslim, OZ

  10. One reason why I will never fly again unless & until this TSA insanity stops! So, why, if we’re so concerned about “terrorists” (right.), we’re not establishing profiling & interviewing policies a la the Israelis? Now, THAT’s a system that really works – and the only “groping” & “feeling” going on is verbal! Apparently (and I’ve never flown El Al and/or into Israel), the Israeli security is VERY thorough and they can ask the traveler/flyer anything that they feel will elicit the relevatory responses.

  11. This is just another form of letting Americans know they are DHIMMIDDI of islam. Get them acostomed to obeying orders and becomeing slaves.

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If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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