Kuwait approves death penalty for cursing Muhammad

Religion of death and destruction. via Kuwaiti parliament approves death penalty for cursing prophet Muhammad | The Times of Israel.

The parliament of Kuwait passed a bill Thursday imposing the death sentence for cursing God or the Prophet Muhammad, Dubai-based news channel Al-Arabiya reported.

The bill, which passed with a 41-6 majority, is the first of its kind in the Arab world, according to the report. The bill still needs to be ratified by Kuwait’s leader, Amir Sabah Al-Ahmad Sabah, before becoming law.

Member of Parliament Ahmad Lari, one of the six who voted against the law, told Al-Arabiya that he did not oppose the idea of severely punishing blasphemers, but that he merely disagreed with the ambiguous wording of the bill. MP Salah Ashour, however, said the law contradicted Islamic Sharia law, and that it was bad for Islam’s image.

The law also prescribes the death penalty for those who curse the Prophet’s wives or claim prophetic abilities.

“Today, we lead the world through this law,” MP Faysal Al-Muslim told Kuwaiti establishment daily Al-Watan. “It is a triumph for the Prophet to execute those who harm him and his wives, and especially Aisha the pure. Cursing them shames us all.”

Endowments Minister Jamal Shihab told Al-Watan that the government does not intend to block the law, and will act to implement it.

That simply invites a response of: Fuck your Profit Muhammad!

16 thoughts on “Kuwait approves death penalty for cursing Muhammad

  1. what a joke; guess it is still ok to breathe in muslim countries; are they nuts; yes, they are; absolutely no freedom. soon the ones who can think intelligently will burst from sheer frustration.

  2. Fakbar U Allah, Fakbar U Muhammad, U Fakbar Muslims too. every body Fakbar Allah, the Fakbar to all the little U Fakbar head hunters! LOL Fakbar this! HAhahahaha, Donkey raping Muslim’s, can’t live with them and don’t want too either…


  4. Kuwait…wasn’t this the raghead country that we “liberated” from Irak? Liberate…means “liberty” doesn’t it? Did we not sacrifice our precious boys lives so these Kuwaitese could enjoy liberty? Freedom? Where is this liberty and freedom in Kuwait? I think we made a mistake and should have left this primative country to Sadaam!

    • Well said, all thoes lives and limbs for what?
      That’s what Ron Paul says…leave each country to themselves.

      Say No 2 Mo!

  5. And yet Kuwait labors mightily to be considered “modern,” “cosmopolitan,” and “a good place to do business?” This made me vow never to set foot in Kuwait.

    Does a single Kuwaiti have a sense of how this makes them appear to the rest of the world? What if someone makes an accusation against someone for something they think they heard? All of this is a witch hunt to rival the worst abuses of the middle ages.

  6. Muhammad doesn’t need cursing as he is cursed already by God for false prophecy. He sure did make things up as he went along to his covienience, as his favorite young wife told him as he added wifes to himself.

  7. The law makes islam look bad? WTK???? islam’s image of murder, pedophilia, women beatings, rape and goat fu#*ing. The law would hurt that image? I think it goes hand in hand. islam was created by Satan.

  8. I have sympathy for those born into these countries with such backward thinking leadership. Childhood on up they live under such oppressive laws no wonder as adults they are filled with nothing but hate and lack the ability to think as an individual. Just pray, recite, follow all the rules, live to see Allah rule the world. Anyone who voluntarily becomes a Muslim mustn’t have read all the fine print.

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