Muslim cleric announces bounty on American, State Dept condemns…American

Who is the bigger enemy?

Muslims on verge of literally killing Terry Jones in Dearborn, Michigan

via Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan – Cleric announces head money on American pastor.

PESHAWAR: A cleric on Wednesday announced Rs 1.5 million head money on the American pastor who allegedly desecrated the holy Quran.

“We cannot allow anyone to desecrate the holy Quran. A person involved in such blasphemous act stands liable to be killed,” the cleric, Yousaf Qureshi, said during a news conference at the Peshawar Press Club. “Our sentiments have been badly hurt, and we will avenge this,” Qureshi said, adding, “The United States is encouraging humiliation of Muslims.”

The US State Department condemned the pastor for hurting sentiments of Muslims around the world, saying his act “does not represent the American values”.

Free speech doesn’t represent the American values?

30 thoughts on “Muslim cleric announces bounty on American, State Dept condemns…American

  1. The koran is not at all ‘holy’. In fact it is the most UNHOLY work that has ever appeared in print on the earth. ‘There will be no peace on the earth as long as there is this book’. – A quote from a British Prime Minister in a speech before Parliament while holding the koran over his head. Burn them all.

  2. The Government stands up for the muzzie SWINE all the while the obama regime condones all of the world wide attacks of Christians & Jews. obama’s trying to make the U.S. a islamic country, HE is a traitor & an enemy of the United States and Israel no doubt about it.

    • I wouldn’t wipe my arse with this crappy paper, it isn’t even good for that. All it is good for is burning but just make sure that you stand upwind so you don’t have to breath any of the sick smelling smoke. Also wear gloves when handling this sick book so you don’t get sick from touching it..Peace to all non-moslems who know what this book is worth, nothing.

  3. America needs to issue a bounty on all 1.5 billion Muzzies. Then, the world can finally have some peace.

  4. What’s Rs1.5 million worth in American? About ten dollars and fifty cents!
    Need to take their bounty and their Shitquaran and stuff it up where the sun don’t shine! Burn on Terry Jones!

  5. Why is violence considered “Islamic” to protect a book if it espouses “nonviolence?”

    Western nations should be forcefully condemning Pakistan for their violent clerics. No one is trying to harm a person in Pakistan who has not engaged in harm against the US. We will live and let live, but will the whole Muslim world do the same?

  6. We need to get these animals out of the US. Shame on the US. State ept. for not take this chance to state that we have freedoms, instead of condeming them.

    This whole left govt. needs to go, you come to the US and you live with OUR values and laws. You don’t like it get the hell out!

    • Put this unholy imam in a dark alley with any American who has read the koran and you can bet the sanctified coward would be the first to demonstrate that in Muslim holymen bladder and bowel control is non existent when faced with a good old fashioned American azz. whooping. You have to remember that all those Imams emulate muhammud. He hung out behind the lines till the battles were won. Only showed up to claim allah’s share of the spoils. All stone idols need a lot of being.

  7. There’s no place in the U.S. for the koran; this is a Christian nation and we live by the Bible. All you muslims get your korans and go back to your own countries!

  8. I’ve got news for you buddy. There are hundreds if not thousands of the evil korans desecrated on a daily basis. Some are used for toilet paper & others burned. Ask me if I care.

  9. There should be a bounty on mullahs and clerics that preach desecrating the Bible and churches and calling for murder of Christians. Those that wrote jihadist messages and other terrorist communications on those Qurans are hypocrites and hide behind their religion. Those that advocate murder and killing of the innocent will face God’s wrath. May they be cursed !!

  10. R U kidding me?? Irrespective whether someone burnt a koran- It is not a “holy Book” to everyone ONLY muslims..AND Tell me why the President of the US is consoling muslims when their “leaders” Openly incite violence,murder & hate??? How the hell can a “leader” of the religion of Peace Offer a REWARD of 1.5 Million for any Muslims that Kill this Pastor?? Obama should be lettin them know that although he does not condone the burning of the So Called “holy” koran, He Does Not condone Murder in the name of a religion & that it will not be tolerated!!! Geezzzzz I cant believe this man supposedly the president of the united States of America laying down his country & its people just to appease a Fanatic,oppressive & violent religion! Obama really needs to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Muslims can massacre Christians which seems to happen every day but you can’t burn a book….that’s a really bad thing. There is so little value of human life but a whole lot on a book.

  12. The US State Department condemned the pastor for hurting sentiments of Muslims around the world, saying his act “does not represent the American values, but the truth is, it does represent the Wests feelings”. No one in the west wants a group condoning sex with the dead, child sex and marriage, and the unending violence they bring. Only the extreme left wants such dangerous people here, and they hate America more than the terrorists.

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  15. Holy Koran the oxymoron that should be the most laughed at word construction in the world. Holy ? Not in any language ancient or modern. To hold one up is like wearing a Swastica it is just as heinous a symbol as that was when Hitler adopted it as the logo of the Nazi Party. It’s the kind of book that in an earlier time would have Hung from a cord in every outhouse in the country.

  16. I’m afraid the day the Pastor is killed by muzzies is the day many Patriotic Americans take up positions outside mosques across the country and, well, let’s just say it will be open season on muslims. I don’t condone this sort of action (cough cough) and I fear for their safety (cough cough cough cough). On the other hand, I would also not lift a finger to stop it. (grin).

    This is just my opinion and me exercising my 1st Amendment rights.

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