Scotland: School kids visit mosque, perform Islamic prayers (video)

Child endangerment if not child abuse? Reminiscent of the Massachusetts sixth-graders forced to pray to Allah during field trip to radical mosque without their parents knowledge.

These sneaky Muslims made the children recite the Islamic declaration of faith (shahadah) which is all that is needed to become a Muslim. Luckily these kids had no clue what they were saying and no intent to become Muslim, but it’s akin to introducing kids to the benefits of narcotics while ignoring the evils.   h/t @MoneyJihad

They also put head scarves on the young girls and made kids perform Islamic prayers. One can only guess what was in the goody bag, but the intent is clear.

Update: Original video evidence removed by Youtube, more evidence below. Mirror it.

More on Scotland.

The forced submission to Islam takes place across Great Britain. Notice the girls are segregated (second class citizens) and even though they are non-Muslim, forced to wear head scarves.

30 thoughts on “Scotland: School kids visit mosque, perform Islamic prayers (video)

  1. It’s diabolical!!!! To have this trip without parents consent, would a crowd of Muslim kids be allowed to visit a Christian church and dress for the occasion???? NO IT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. We are a Christian country,and we live by them rules,don’t try to brainwash our kids into believing Muslim culture,if they want all this balony go back and preach it in their own domains!!!!!!!.

      • TONY DAVIS ” When x-factor and soaps are on TV., most parents don’t give a shit about their kids ” You are 100% right. Now go to YouTube and Tye in 2 while 20 million watch and worship x factor ” And listen to it carefully. See who the real traitors are?

    • We will be fighting for our lives. We must take every article or video showing how muslims behave when their numbers go over 2% of the population. Europe is now Eurabia and the dhimmis act as though they ate handcuffed, crippled, blind,deaf, and mute. Guess there are no dark allies, no Sharp knives,no blunt objects and no men with courage or women with spines. Europe gave away their patrimony to the lowest bidder. This cannot be tolerated here. We must first outlaw Sharia throughout the US and any judge who allows it in his court should be heavily fined and if he persists, removed. from the bench.

      • Right on Taliesin! In Oslo they now form 27% of the populace, and I’ve been saying since Breivik’s slaughter of the socialists, that PM Stoltenberg is a worse traitor than Quisling ever was.

        Eurabia is a mess, right enough, and getting worse; and the maddening thing is that eventually the dhimmis will wake up, but the muslim population will have grown, and the task will be so much more difficult–as Churchill said.

  2. It’s getting harder and harder to hold onto my sanity while following all this Islamic cunning. For every school activity that invites children to spend an “educational” afternoon experiencing Islam, a mandatory visit to every other religion’s place of worship should be planned. If that can’t be arranged, then no mosque visit. Hard to believe there was no parental disagreement about the visit.

    • It isn’t very cunning–a child could see what’s happening, but not the traitors in our midst; our own people, who are letting it happen!!!

  3. SCOTLAND,alowing these DIAPER HEADS into a beautiful country of my heratege!!! NO NO NO, stop them now. NO MORE OF THESE THUGS ALLOWED. LOCK AND LOAD.

  4. Hey! where are the Christians inviting Muslim kids to church services? Tit for tat, you know. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. No wonder the Muslims are winning the battle for the mind. However, as a Skeptic, I reject all forms of worship in a school setting. Keep your religion in your home, period. One can learn about a religion without practicing its methods of worship. Read a book or watch a DVD on any particular faith.

  5. What would happen if Christian schools in Iran or other Islamic countries brought Muslim students into a church and had them recite the sinners prayer, or the Our Father? MSM would have a field day with it. There would be accusations of Islamiphobia at best. When are we, as Christians going to stand up and fight this jihad against us, against our children? Muslims want one thing, world domination. They are like the Nazis. And, we are sitting on our asses letting it happen.

    • I keep saying, the Western world has no end of traitorous ‘dhimmis’ who give in to muslims at every opportunity. But the worst traitor of all is the MSM, who are keeping absolutely silent about things like this–and coming down hard on US if we say anything.

  6. The Scots are the biggest supporters of the fakestinians in the UK, they are addicted socialists who are living off English taxpayers – they get totally free college education, we have to pay. They get totally free care and homes for the elderly, we have to pay! Scotland, like Ireland will cave to islam completely!!

  7. Is there anything these muslims WONT do with our kids, paedo gangs now forced conversion to Islam. I think the ONLY reason they wanted these kids to visit us so that the nen can perv and drool over 10 year olds. Theyl try every trick in the entire book to get theur grubby hands on them. A truely sick race.!!!

  8. So now these kids are all muslims are they going to be classed as apostates if they deny the Islamic faith. Time for an overhall of the Education Department and their teachers. I can tell you that if that had happened to one of my children I would have organised a protest outside the school and the mosque by now. Speak out now parents whilst you still can and make it loud.

  9. Sounds very one sided, have they planned an exchange? Next week Muslim children attending a church service, or reciting mantras at the temple? Doubt it! I really think it would be more helpful to show school children videos of stoning and have a visit from Amnesty to talk about Islamic abuse of human rights. Perhaps ten years old is a bit young so just leave them alone and let them play, they are kids and they’re precious.

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  13. Our son came home with a consent form asking permission to attend a mosque to learn about Islam, I wouldn’t allow it and told them why, stand your ground, if muslims aren’t happy about it . . . .tough!

  14. All the parents are on the dole and spending their hard earned dole money at the pub! I used to live there… they have become pathetic!~

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