Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Protects Islam (video)

h/t @CausingFitna

Atlas Shrugs comments:

Islamic supremacist groups and their operatives have infiltrated the senior level of DoD, DoS, DoJ. They are disarming our military and law enforcement, and deceiving the American people through their operatives in the media. Islam is at war with the West, in Europe, the US, the Philippines, Israel, Thailand, Chechnya, Lebanon, Somalia, Nigeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Thailand, and all over the world. It’s violent, bloody, brutal, but the stealth war is in the information battle space. And we are are losing.


Here’s a link to the purported training document from which is doing its best to aid and abet the enemy. “So What Can We Do” A Counter- Jihad Op Design Model” which asks the most important question first:

How do we define the threat if we aren’t allowed to talk about it?

In war, “intelligence” must first begin with an assessment of the enemy’s doctrinal template, not what we say they are but what THEY say they are.

Political Correctness is Killing Us:

How can we properly identify the enemy, analyze his weaknesses, and defeat him, if we are NEVER permitted to examine him from the most basic doctrinal level?


24 thoughts on “Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Protects Islam (video)

      • Why fire the Lt. Colonel when he was teaching a course approved by the JFSC? Why not punish the Commander of JFSC? The Lt. Colonel was only teaching the elective course which was his job. Something sounfs fishy. The Lt. Colonel was punished for doing his job. What can we do to put blame…if there is any….where blame is due? Start at the top! Save the Lt. Colonel & his Army position. He did NOTHING wrong!

  1. There is only one word for what is happening in the top ranks of the military in the once great United States of America….TREASON!!

  2. And this treasonous cretin calls himself an American? As I keep saying, the Western world has a unlimited supply of dhimmis.

    • He no longer defends and protects the Constitution.Thanks to traitors like Palette and Clinton he now kowtows to the Alinsky Liberation Army. aka, NATO. Congress can be bypassed. If anything bad for the USA is in the works the scared little boy in the WH can be sent out to a foreign. country to play golf until he is needed to address the American people with another litany dealing with all his accomplishments. The people can respond at cyclic intervals with.” Deliver us from evil, Dear Leader “.

  3. Ge, Martin Dempsey’s logic must be carried through. If identifying the enemy, Islam as totally objectioanable, not academicallysound, then it must follow that academics will not identify the enemy as Islam as totalitarianism – no matter if it is true. The refusal to see will not dispel the enemy but encourage the enemy to further and greater attacks. A refusal to see is not American values.

  4. There is one little book which few are aware of: Brig. S.K. Malik’s “The Qur’anic Concept of War”, a Pakistani strategy manual. It is out of print, but can be found on the web.

    Our military, security & intelligence personnel should be reading that book along with the Qur’an, Sahih Bukhari’s books of Jihad, Khumus & Expedition and Reliance of the Traveller, Book O, Chapter 9. They should also be reading Guillaume’s The Life of Muhammad.

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  6. These Muslims are incorrectly called operatives because they are being put into these positions by the Socialists in the Democratic Party in order to lure the rest of Muslim terrorists and their Muslim terrorist supporters into their voter base and to include their anti-Israel and anti-Christian ranting on college campuses and in orchestrated protests into their Socialist anti-Christian/Semitic agenda in the USA and in the world. The Socialists in the Democratic Party share a common hatred towards Christians and Israel with the Muslim terrorists, which the leaders of the Socialists propagandized into the unsaved sector of American society through the same propaganda techniques that Hitler used to cause the Germans to hate and want to participate in the holocaust.

    • True, but Hitler could never have achieved his aims without the complicity of a compliant German media which waged an insideous anti- semitic propaganda campaign on Hitlers behalf, which brutalized the consciences of the German populace..
      Obama is attempting to do likewise in his attempt to Islamize America, that is to control the media, and the internet

      • In this case the media is calling lying to the Socialist voter base telling them that Islam a peaceful religion and that they have a reason to hate the Jews and their Christian supporters regarding the state of Israel while calling anyone that speaks against them Islamaphobic so that they can get away with putting Muslim terrorists in government positions.

      • Let us not forget that it was Granddaddy Bush that assisted the Nazi helping them come into power. That we (the corporate United States posing as a lawful government) have been killing men, women and children of other countries for years. That we (corporate) have intentionally left our borders wide open. That we (corporate) have been run, as have other countries, by international banking interests and fed propaganda for years being boiled slowly in our thinking (just like the proverbial frog) so that we remain compliant to their establishment takeover of the planet. The good general should be applauded for his bravery of standing up against such evil. When will we the people start to think for ourselves in place of allowing the Rush Limbaughs and Bill O’Reillys, Alan Combs and others of their ilk think for us. One should consider reading the fact based book “Other Losses” that addresses the atrocities inflicted on the German People.

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  11. His value is that the Socialists are conspiring with the Muslims against Christians, Jews and the State of Israel and that class was counter to this scheme, even though it was the truth. This is how governments that are run by evil people operate. The Socialists are bringing Muslim terrorists and their supporters to the USA to build their voter base among them, knowing that in the countries where they come from are calling for the killing of US soldiers and that occasionally they will kill US soldiers, which took place when one of their Muslim terrorist voter base that they let into the Army killed 13 and wounded 31 fellow US soldiers and these jerks covered up that it was a terrorist act to hide their voter building scheme from their voter base and from Christians.

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