Minnesota: Iraqi Muslim’s food stamp fraud costs taxpayers $3.1M

via St. Paul grocer’s food stamp fraud nets 3 years, 5 months; must repay $2.4M – chicagotribune.com.

An Iraqi immigrant who blamed himself for his ex-wife’s death in the Interstate 35W bridge collapse was sentenced to prison Tuesday, May 8, for what one federal prosecutor called “pervasive” food stamp fraud.

Khaffak Ansari, 46, of Arden Hills, owned Stryker Market in St. Paul’s West Side neighborhood. Federal agents alleged he’d cheated the government out of more than $2.5 million (Ansari contended it was less) by trading cash for food-stamp benefits that the government reimbursed him for.

In a hearing in federal court in St. Paul, U.S. District Judge Paul Magnuson sentenced Ansari to three years and five months in prison, and ordered him to pay $2.4 million in restitution.

The prison term was less than the four-year sentence federal prosecutors had sought. Ansari’s attorney, John Lucas, had asked for less than 33 months.

Ansari was indicted in April 2011 on three counts of food-stamp fraud. In a plea bargain with the government in September, he pleaded guilty to a single count; the other two were dropped.

He was accused of cheating the government’s Supplemental Nutrition and Assistance Program, or SNAP, between January 2006 and October 2010.

As part of the investigation, federal agents spent days sitting outside the small market, watching customers enter but noticing that few came out with groceries.

Investigators discovered that in one three-month period, there were more electronic benefit transfer (EBT) transactions at the market than at

a much larger Rainbow supermarket nearby.

In a later affidavit, an agent noted that between 2004 and 2009, the average EBT redemption for stores of Stryker Market’s size was about $322,800, but EBT transactions at Ansari’s store totaled more than $3.1 million.

Much more at Refugee Resettlement Watch including how his doctor father blames Sadaam Hussain among other things. Take some time and read through the posts there.

27 thoughts on “Minnesota: Iraqi Muslim’s food stamp fraud costs taxpayers $3.1M

  1. I posted this quite a while back, is still an appropriate post.

    By Jerome Ennis:

    With the election of Barack Hussein Obama to the U.S. presidency, every leftist and subversive kook fringe in America came out in the open with their subversive views and behavior.

    The Obama election was a green light to the United States of… America’s Domestic Enemies within our own borders and it was also a Green Light to Our Foreign Enemies, Especially in Islamic Countries, that The Radical Muslims Had A Green Light to Overthrow Their Quasi-Democratically Elected Governments and Replace Them With Radical Islamic Law of the Ayatollahs and other Murderous Imams who practice Strict Sharia Laws of The Koran, and that the USA would not lift a hand to defend our allies, and would in fact, arm the revolutionaries.

    The recent Meetings by Obama with China, India, The Russians coupled with Obama’s Earlier Apology Tour To Europe, Africa and The Middle East was a Deal Making Session whereby Obama was Assuring The Egyptian Radicals and Radicals in All Muslim States that they Could Go Ahead and Riot and Overthrow Their Duly Elected Governments and Replace them with Radical Islam and that The USA would not intervene. And, Obama likely has a pact with Russia, China and India that they too, will not intervene. The New USA Agreements with our Enemies is Akin to the so-called Non-Aggression Hitler-Stalin Pact of 1939 where the Fascist Nazis of Germany Made a Deal with the Totalitarian Communists not to interfere with one anothers aim of Expansionism of Their Respective Empires. And, this Deadly Pact Lead Up To WWII.

    (NOTE: sincde I first penned this last year, Obama took Direct Orders from the UN and NATO and attacked Libya by air and supplied intelligence and weapons on the ground for that country to be overthrown, and he totally side tracked the Constitution and bypassed Congress altogether, and got away with, and basically had Leon Panetta tell the U.S. Congress that Obama could do whatever he damned well pleased, and would, if chose to, at least advise them, AFTER THE FACT about his decision, and he believes it is OKAY to do this with orders from the UN and NATO.—This is the First Test of the now and what they found out was, they can get by with it. We no longer have a Representative Constitutional Republic. The New World Order has arrived, and our Congress and Media are not protesting a bit, which should make it obvious is that our Congress is Part of the OWO conspiracy, and it has already been ushered in. And, our own government now is totally FASCISTIC and will enforce any sanctions and destroy anybody in our own government or citizenry who dares to oppose them or criticize them openly.)

    Obama’s Dirty Back Room Deals with our enemies is the reason for this uprising, and you will see these revolutions popping up all over. Not only in the Middle East and Africa but in Central and South America and In Eastern Europe as well.

    NOTE: Obama’s recent trip to Columbia, SC where he also entered us into another Dirty Deal with that criminal enterprise, AKA a government. In the meantime, he continues to not Enforce Illegal Immigration Laws in order to allow as many Anti-American Invaders to invade our country as possible so that when the time is ready, they have a standing Army of Non-Americans already in place. Most of central and south America have been in revolutions for decades and now these revolutionaries move freely about us in the USA and nothing is done, except the Obama Regime sues Arizona, Alabama and any other state if they dare oppose him or to make and enforce their own laws in a responsible manner, while Black Panther and other Terrorist-Criminal Organizations are allowed to threaten and intimidate voters and to put out Death Threats and Bounties while advocating Blood In the Streets of America, and Obama does not lift a finger or say a word. REASON being, he and his regime are behind these Street Gangs, Thugs, Occupy Wall Street, and all the other Radical movements now happening in the United States of America.

    Obama has Entered The USA into Deals With DEVILS, and Most Importantly The Devils of Radical Islam and with The Equally Radical, Chinese Communism.

    Wake Up America, we have an Anti-American and Anti-Western Civilization President Occupying the White House and he is Making Deals With Devils.

    • Well stated, Mr. Ennis, so just what do you propose we do about it, buy weapons and ammo, hoard supplies and go on the counteroffensive? It couldn’t hurt, but we need command and control. I agree with your call to wake up America, but we need to come up with a plan of action and some coffee when they do awaken. Let me know when you have some answers.

      • States Rights Manifesto—-by Jerome Ennis, MA/Tuscaloosa, Alabama
        31 July 2011

        The Debt Ceiling Debates are a SCAM and a SHAM being played out by these corrupt incompetents who now run this country inspired this piece which follows:

        This is the answer and the direction we need to go. I have long said that there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the establishment Republicans and Democrats, that in fact, they are only 2 factions of the totalitarian one-party system that now operates at the Federal Level of government.

        It is time to Return this great nation to a Constitutional Nation and to do that, we have to return to the original Words and Intent of the United States Constitution, which has been totally usurped by Republicans and Democrats for the past 45 years or more.

        If we do not take this country back in 2012, the window of Opportunity To Do So, will have closed permanently as the Obama Regime and the 112th Congress are putting the final Nails Into the Coffin of U.S. Sovereignty and turning our sovereignty over to our Creditors who are Financing Our Default as a Nation.

        We clearly have Federal Obligations of Debt that we will never be able to Re-Pay. Our Creditors know this and that is why the Chinese Communists, The International Bankers of the Federal Reserve, The OPEC Nations, Japan, Germany and others are more than willing to continue to Finance Our Debt because they know that our government cannot Pay this money back, and these Lender Nations will simply Re-Posses the USA and all our assets, including Your Personal Property, Cash and Land.

        Wake up America, that is the end game and that is what Obama and the Congress are trying to do right now. This whole Debt Ceiling Debate is a Sham. They already know that they are going to Raise the Debt Ceiling as high as they can to continue Spending More Than We Have as it deepens the Debt and the USA defaults and the USA falls into complete societal breakdown in which Chaos will Ensue and then Martial Law and the Blue Helmeted U.N. forces come Marching In to Enforce Martial Law while the Chinese Communists and others take possession of the USA in it’s entirety.

        And, our own Federal Government has Purposely Been Engineering this Process at least since the days of Lyndon B. Johnson who became POTUS right after the bloody coupe de etat took place on 22 November 1963—The assassination of JFK, the last Real President of the USA.

        Every POTUS since JFK has been and is a Puppet of the New World Order. Are we going to wait around for the Crash or are we going to Avoid the Crash by Replacing the Entire Federal Government with Patriots and States Rights Candidates and begin the abolishing of the Federal Totalitarian Bureaucratic System that has been constructed by Members of Both of the Political Parties which are actually only One Party disguised as a 2 party system. It is time for an Actual Second Party, not a Third Party.

        That is why you have the Republicans Squawking when some of us mention a Third Party to challenge the make believe 2-Party System. They know that they are all of the Same Federalist Party which supports a Federal Dictatorship to Dictate to the States.

        Well, it is time for We The People to turn this around, one town, one county and one state at a time. We will simply call ourselves the States Rights Party and only say that we are Challenging the One Party System we now have which is made up of 2 factions of the One-Party Fascist Federal Party. All in favor, say Aye!! and let the Games Begin in earnest. Thanks and Happy Trails and May God Bless America and Please Hurry!!!!

        July 31, 2011—–Manifesto To Take The Country Back

  2. Wasn’t it just recently that the main stream media like CNN, the Philly Inquirer, and the Washington Post asserted vehemently that food stamp fraud is so negligible that it can hardly be tallied?

    • That is called double-speak or newspeak, what they really meant was the legitimacy of food stamps is so negligent…

    • Do I detect sarcasm being directed at Jerome? everything he said about Obama is true! and can be encapsulated in one word…TREASON

          • My Dear ANNE,
            I must correct your one word answer and it is this: ISLAM. Otherwise I agree with you and Jerome!
            And to justsayin; I have two questions for you I need answered and no one ever gives me an answer w/o being a smart ass about it. 1): for what reason does a dictator take control of the news media.? 2); why does a dictator seize control of firearms from the populace

        • Just Sayin, what in Jerome’s comments do you see that justifies such sarcasm and disdain. The post if factually correct. You on the other hand use a cliche name tag and sign off with the same trite moniker. If there are meds to be taken, you seem to be the one that needs them. Just saying…

      • Anne in Austrailia, you are right on. Obama and his mob have and continue to commit criminal acts of fraud and worse, as well as being treasonous and seditious. If we had a legitimate congress, they would have already removed him from office. We will have to do it in November at the voting booths.

        • hi jerome, yes, Congress should have already impeached Obama, I am gob smacked at what he has done and gotten away with without as much as a squeak from the US media , where the hell are the GOP, and why arent they monitoring this dictator, who bypasses Congress to achieve his aims by ” presidential fiat” and has replaced elected members with 32 ” czars” to gain control of vital infrastructure that is the lifeblood of America.

  3. I’m on disability, for very serious health problems, and on the day before Mother’s Day, I waited anxiously for a card from my son, and my daughter to come in the mail. (we live thousands of miles apart). But instead of getting any cards, the only thing in my mail box was a notice from Social Services, stating that my $799 monthly income meant that they were dropping my food stamps by $24 a month. I can’t make it as it is, and then good ole Social Services just made my Mother’s Day SUCK BIG TIME!!! THANK YOU MINNESOTA FOR SCREWING ME, YET LETTING THIS FOREIGN IMMIGRANT GET AWAY WITH ROBBERY FOR YEARS! DAMN DEMOCRATIC MINNESOTA !!! VOTE FOR ROMNEY~ANYBODY IS BETTER THAN OBAMA!!!!

    • hay sick mom, I do hope you got those cards from your two children, sorry for your situation and am hoping for a landslide victory for anyone but Obama in the US elections coming up,,the muslims days in the big white house are numbered., I think Americans are genuinely sick of the gangsta government, and the constant pandering to islam of the Caliph-in-Chief.

  4. Back in the mid to late 1980’s to the early 1990’s, jihadists mostly of Pakistani and Saudi origin, amongst others, were running a scam in New York, the Bronx, and probably all over the country where they would get unsuspecting doctors to work inner city clinics under medicaid, and issue prescriptions for what were then expensive medications, such as carafate, zantac, cipro, and many others. The young doctors felt they were doing a public service by serving in these inner city clinics and helping people who would otherwise not be able to get medical attention. As it turned out, the people that came were collecting prescriptions, taking them to a pharmacy, also owned by muslim extremists ( lets say the Khan family for an alias ) and they would get all their expensive medicines filled there for free under medicaid reimbursement to the pharmacist. They then went to a central location in the Bronx and would wait for a car to arrive where they would turn in their bags of unopened medications and collect a few dollars in cash, to buy whatever they wanted. Drug dealers were also omnipresent in this park. The medications were then returned to the pharmacy and reissued over and over. The pharmacy got reimbursed every time. This took place over many years, and huge amounts of money were amassed. Information eventually came to light that much of that money was used for the bom bing of the WTC in 1993. It is also likely that it was used to finance the dis aster in 2001. If you don’t think they are still using our own money against us, think again.

    • Double Damned Dittoes Joseph Golden, MD. These scoundrels have been ripping off this country for decades and are using our own money to destroy us, and we have a POTUS that is aiding and abetting these enemies of the USA. I have said over and over again that Barack Hussein Obama is the biggest national security threat this nation has ever faced, and we spent all that time saying tha Bin Laden was a bad guy when a man a million times more dangerous than Bin Laden is living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in our nation’s capital.

      • I am glad you are aware of the problem. They are using our own resources and money against us. It is time for the american people to wise up and deal with them effectively. I am the author of the note you replied to but I used my real name, I usually sign on as alienation.

  5. if one tiny convenience store can rack up 2.4 million in fraud and the penalty is a slap on the wrist- who thinks the guy will pay back this money?? laughable- and where would this criminal scammmer get the money anyway? who would stop doing this if there is so little consequence to it?
    Our enemy knows they can plant thousands of immigrants here and how easy it is to SCAM Uncle SAM and how little is actually done to stop it, so imagine how many of these guys are still doing the same?? and telling their buddies overseas to come and do same, while sending for their relatives to do more scams??
    The poor lady aboe is just ONE more in a HUGE lineof USA citizens being DENIED rightful and deserved benefits b/c our ODUMBO govt is NOT doing a damn thing to stop this. Justr more bullshit lie we heard ODUMMER speak in his last campaign- I will stamp out fraud in Medicare before i enact Obummercare!!
    and gues who is exempt from buying MANDATORY for you and me insurance?? yup you guessed it MUSLIMS.
    We are falling and failing our own while we make room at the table for enemies with knives behind their backs as they smile to your face and pretned they are just “American” shopkeepers.
    is required by their sick cult- it is OUR OWN RIDICULOUS INEPTITUDE , our own (half of us anyway) unwillingness to REMOVE them, or stop them that will do us in. And our own citizens who have taught them how easy itis to keep doing these scams on the govt. OBummercare will just be one more profit source for CROOKS LIARS and THEIVES.

  6. oops one line is missing after shopkeepers- I do not hate Muslims for doing this as iti s what they are taught about USA and what they are required to to do by……etc

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