Two Egyptian Presidential Candidates Endorsed Jihad Against US

Obama’s legacy. William Bigelow writing at Big Peace, via Two Egyptian Presidential Candidates Endorsed Jihad Against US.

Two Egyptian presidential candidates have endorsed jihad against the United States and one of them even supports al Qaeda. MEMRI TV (the Middle East Media Research Institute) has released archival footage of Al-Mun’im Abu Al-Futouh and Hamadein Sabahi from 2004 and 2005 which show them stating their hatred of the United States in absolutely unequivocal terms.

Abd Al-Mun’im Abu Al-Futouh, who is calling himself a “Moderate” Islamist, was a leader in the Muslim Brotherhood. He co-founded the Al-Nahda party, which sees Islam as central to Egypt. Supported by Salafi Islamists, Gama’a Islamiyya, the Islamist group Wasat, and Google executive Wael Ghonim, he said in 2004:

“Like all members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and around the world, I personally hope to have a chance to bear arms to confront the U.S. occupation in Iraq… This is a matter of religion, not of politics. When a Muslim land is occupied, jihad becomes an individual duty”

Al-Futouh is currently polling second in the presidential race.

Hamadein Sabahi, a former journalist, helped found the Al-Karama party, and was elected to parliament in the 2000 and 2005 elections. He stated in 2005:

“When a weapon is pointed at the Americans, it is good. Any weapon that kills an American is good. Any gun pointed at the Marines is good. Any kidnapping or slaughtering of an American in Iraq is good . . . One must salute this organization [Al-Qaeda] when it kills any American soldiers – a soldier, not a civilian. The presence of Al-Qaeda in Iraq as part of the resistance is a positive phenomenon that should be supported. I support Al-Qaeda when it kills Americans.”

This is the face of the Arab Spring. And this is the face of the “legitimate” Islamism that the Obama State Department wants to embrace.

5 thoughts on “Two Egyptian Presidential Candidates Endorsed Jihad Against US

  1. These folks are Obama’s buddies. The so-called Arab Spring, which was nothing but the takeover by Jihadists, would never have happened without the encouragement and Material and Other Aid provided by the Obama Regime.

    • yup! Obama sends them all money! Just like he takes advice on terrorism from members of the Muslim Brotherhood!!! What an idiot. But to be honest, Obama WANTS this country to fail! If you don’t believe that then you’d better do more research!

    • The aim of Islam is world domination. Nothing more and nothing less. I have talked to seemingly nice, moderate Muslims who run convenience stores, etc. right in my neighborhood, and they will openly say that USA politics and actions is irrelevant, that “it is Allah’s Will that Islam is to dominate the entire Earth.” I have heard it right of the mouth of a man from India, who is a Muslim, tell me this, and he says it as if it is absolute fact. There is no such thing a moderate Muslim as they truly believe that it is Allah’s Will that they dominate the entire world. If this does not alarm you, then go back to sleep and don’t act surprised when we have been taken over by our enemies with the aid of our own government if it continues as it is now under the Obama Regime.

  2. A prophetic message!
    “Islam stands as the eternal enemy against Occident” (San Luis, King of France, 1226/70).
    After one thousand years has passed by, the message had failed to get into the head of our glorious politicians and Main Stream Media, all of them immersed into the mea-culpa and the dulce-farniete, now saying: “we all deserve it”.
    Lets hope that the wreaths of God will fell upon them, and a right place be soon be found in the Inferno for all those people! That will be fun so see!

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