Somali Muslims, Occupiers unite to demand MN banks allow funding to terrorists

If you’ve never experienced a Muslim enclave in the U.S., get active or get used to it. via Protesters seek bank’s money-wiring help | h/t Sheik Yer Mami

Hundreds of people marched through downtown Minneapolis on Friday afternoon, stopping traffic and forcing officials to block off several streets and divert traffic.

The protest, which began around 2:45 p.m. outside the Wells Fargo Center building, was aimed at getting Minnesota banks to resume business with local money transfer shops, which are used by many Somali-Americans to send dollars to their loved ones back in Somalia.

As part of the protest, an unknown number of people also closed their accounts at the bank. The demonstration was tied to a May 11 deadline for banks set by supporters of the Somali money-wiring businesses. They have been pressing Wells Fargo, where many Minnesota Somalis bank, to provide banking services to the struggling money-wiring outfits.

Organizers estimated the crowd at 500; Minneapolis police said 200 to 300 people were involved.

One person was arrested for obstructing traffic, according to police spokesman Sgt. Steve McCarty.

For months, members of the Somali American Money Service Association have been lobbying officials at Wells Fargo and U.S. Bancorp for help.

Years ago, several Minnesota banks had accounts with the Somali money-service businesses. But in recent years, amid tightened federal regulations designed to crack down on funding streams for terrorists, the banks have cut ties.

Friday’s protest was not the first time Somali customers have showed up en masse at Wells Fargo to close their accounts in response to the money-wiring crisis.

In January, scores of people staged a similar protest at a bank branch just off E. Lake Street in Minneapolis.

But the event on Friday, which included members of Minnesotans for a Fair Economy, SEIU Local 26 and Occupy MN, was by far the largest demonstration since the money-wiring crisis began in December.

Chanting, “Yes, we can!” and alternately “Haa waa karna!,” which means the same thing in the Somali language, the crowd outside Wells Fargo was eclectic and included other grievances against banks.

Wells Fargo locked its doors, but a customer service counter was set up outside where people lined up to close their accounts.

“We made a business decision in 2008 to exit those business relations,” Gunn said. “… There are federal rules and regulations that banks have to abide by, and that’s what we’re doing.”Asked what the risk was in providing banking services to the Somali money-wiring businesses, Gunn said only: “We made a business decision. No financial institution in Minnesota is providing those types of services.”

She added that Wells Fargo believes it strongly supports the Somali-American community by offering financial support to Somali community organizations and employing many Somali people. “We agree that it’s unfortunate they’re having difficulties finding a way to fulfill their need and desire to send money to their homeland,” she said. “We have met with the community and we are always willing to do so.”

Abdulaziz Sugule, a consultant for Somali American Money Service Association, said more than half of the Minnesota money-wiring businesses were recently notified by a bank in Seattle that their accounts will be closed in June because they can’t handle the volume of money-wiring business they’ve been receiving from Minnesota’s Somali community since local banks cut ties last December.

“We keep the pressure on,” he said of the ongoing protests. “This is a message to the banks that we’re not going to go away.”

They aren’t going away and neither are their demands for sharia and their funding of jihad. Check Keith Ellison’s twitter account – he’s working to allow Muslims to continue sending money home…to jihadists.

9 thoughts on “Somali Muslims, Occupiers unite to demand MN banks allow funding to terrorists

  1. Look at all those “I am moving my money” signs.

    How about they simply move themselves back to Somalia.

    Of course they won’t because as indigenous Africans, they lack Arab DNA which leaves them vulnerable to the ethnic cleansing of Arab janjaweed.

    When will these ignorant fools awaken to the cult of Arab supremacism which they blindly follow and support despite all the centuries of bloody evidence as ‘abeds’ they are considered a contemptable lower creature mocked, abused and loathed by this profiteer and his creed?

  2. RE: Previous post at 10:09….Some clarification to your comment. The Janjaweed are in Darfur, Sudan….not in Somalia. There is no Arab – Somali conflict in Somalia.

    • I stand corrected. Thank you.
      Somalia = al shabaab
      Sudan = janjaweed
      Nigeria = boko haram
      To which I quote Hugh Fitzgerald:
      ” Islam always has been a vehicle for Arab supremacism”. “. . .in the Arab and Muslim world. of shifting alliances and misalliances, of promises solemnly made and just as solemnly cast aside, of all the calculations that are made, depending on local winds — as in “which way the wind is blowing” among the circumambient Muslims — but made against a backdrop, or resting on a substratum, or relying on the main explanatory narrative that fills the minds and hearts of all those who are involved — the backdrop, the substratum, the explanatory narrative, of Islam, Islam, Islam.”

      Lan astaslem.
      Know Islam = no peace
      No Islam = Know peace

  3. Hurray for the bank! The muslims and occupiers need to have someone get their attention, like slapping them in the side of the head with a 2 x 4.

  4. George on commented on the Wells Fargo Somali protests “…don’t sit down in front of my car'”. Think France and England where traffic is stopped when Muslims take to the street for prayer.

    I made a bumper sticker with an American Flag with those exact words…DON’T SIT DOWN IN FRONT OF MY CAR!

    Say No 2 Mo!

  5. I deal with WELLS FARGO and I am proud that they stood up to these idiots. Let them close their accounts , hopefully the will get on a plane back to the Sh-t hole the came from.

  6. OK Halloween is over take the costume off ! where is the NOW Group “National organization on woman”. Oop ‘s they only come out against republicans and anybody wanting an abortion.

  7. these festering sores on the face of America are the THOUSANDS of Somali muslim ” refugees” s jetted in by Obama to change , disrupt , and break down the fabric of the Judeo-Christian society of America…thats his one purpose, to weaken and destroy the US from within, ” to transform it” were his actual words in the 2008 elections..
    notice how muslims love to quote their best buddy in the White Kabba? ” Yes We Can” ,,please wake up America and vote the muslim out in this election 2012

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